Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The MMO-Worlds Social Network Contest!

Hello out there. From today on, we’ll start an monthly contest here on MMO-Worlds! Among all participants, we will be draw of two winners who will be able to choose between between one of the featured guides and get it for free!

The Rewards!

World of Warcraft

wow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide

This “Dugi Ultimate WoW Guide” consists out of


This guide is similar to Dugis Ultimate Guide, it’s also one of the oldest Guide collections available and offer many things in one package

wow warcraft formula - I made 34.163 gold from last patch Warcraft Formula has it’s main Focus on earning massive amount of gold and PvP/PvE specs for best performance in any PvP situation or during extensive and professional high-endgame PvE content.

They also offer guides to the latest raid bosses and the best tactics to beat them. It’s updated on a monthly base.

This guide/service is subscription based. The Winner will receive a 4-month free access to the service
image This Guide is specifically aimed to making as much gold as possible. It includes best strategies for Auction House trading, Twink Profits (How to make huge amounts of gold with Twinks or items for Twinks) and a Fishing Guide
image Joana’s Guides are one of the oldest guides available on the internet and one of the most popular one.

Joana was one of the first people to hit max Level and it’s considered to be one of the best WoW Guides available out of there.

The only catch: This Joana’s Guides are exclusively for Horde players. There is no Alliance Guide available.
image Arenapwnage is the first, the only, and the MOST PROFITABLE instructional arena site in the world. Im not gonna lie to you, this is a marketer’s dream product… Why? Because its not just a SINGLE product. Our site is a full blown content membership site. We spend thousands of dollars a month sponsoring the best Arena players in the World to provide updated content for our site.



It’s one of the first and best Guides available for Rift Online, the latest MMO to face the light of the world. It’s basically a WoW clone (everything is almost identical to WoW, Classes, Quests, Battlegrounds, Gameplay with some gems copied from Aion (Rifts) and Warhammer Online (Tome Book and exploration system, as well as Public Quest system)).

This guide contains:

Interested? Then join the contest

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Facebook instructions

If you have a Facebook Account, you can join us by simply hitting on the “Like” button and confirming and/or posting a comment.

Click on the


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Twitter Instructions

Twitter is almost as easy as Facebook, but there are a few things you have to take care to qualify for the contest!

First you need an Twitter account, of course.

In the top right of each page you will find a this button


Click on the “tweet” button. This will open a window where you can see and edit the message to be sent to your twitter timeline!


The first part will be auto generated (“MMO Worlds http://bit.ly/eBNXCG”). After that you can edit your own custom text, you’d like to tell your followers about it. After that, you have to add at least the tags “#mmorpg” and “#mmoworlds” in order to qualify for the contest. The other two tags (#mmo #warcraft) are optional, when there’s enough room for it.

Also if you’re not following us yet, you have to follow @mmoworlds, so I can contact you in case your won the contest.


Cool, what do I have to participate?

Currently there are two ways how you can participate.

First, if you have an Facebook Account, you can like this page. By doing so, you will automatically be granted a vote to participate into the contest.

If you don’t have a Facebook Account, but own a Twitter account, you can also retweet the page, but make sure you follow us on @mmoworlds so we can contact you in case you won.

How do I get notified?

You will be contacted on either Facebook or on Twitter, so make sure you follow us (on Twitter @mmoworlds) or join our MMO-Worlds Group on Facebook.

I don’t have Facebook or Twitter account, are there other methods to participate?

No, currently these are the only two options. However we’re taking mail subscriptions into consideration, but this hasn’t been decided yet and will depend on the feedback we receive for such an feature.

Can I like/retweet more than one page?

Yes you can. In fact you’re even encouraged to like or retweet more. For every Page you like or have been retweeted, you will receive one vote. The more votes you have, the more bigger your chances are to being drawn.

However, we don’t encourage the sending of many retweets or to many likes within a short time spam, so if someone is catched of spamming or liking too many pages within a short period of time they will be disqualified from the current and all future draws.

A limit of 2-4 tweets/likes within a 24 period seems reasonable enough. If you do more, you risk of being disqualified.

Can I chose the reward myself?

Yes, you choose the reward yourself, but it has to be one of the featured products. A list of featured products is listed above.

Can I pass the reward to someone else as a gift?

Absolutely. Since it’s your reward, you can decide what to do with it.

Can I get the rewards value in cash?

No, that’s not supported yet. But it may be an option in the feature. It all depends on your feedback and some internal considerations. Your feedback is welcome.

Are there other rewards than the ones listed above?

Basically yes. Basically everything that can be found on the ClickBank Marketplace can be also issued as reward. However, the max. value shall not exceed 75$ and it has to be related to MMOs (World of Warcraft, Rift, Aion, etc.).

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Everything You Need to Know about WoW Dailies

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideWoW dailies are the best way to earn reputation, purchase some must-have items and enchantments, and have a stable way of earning WoW gold. However, sometimes it can be difficult knowing which daily quests to do or which part of Northrend to focus your efforts in. A WoW dailies guide like Dugi’s Dailies and Events Guide can really help you out in this respect. Just start your daily quest effort by asking yourself what will help your character the most right now: gold or reputation?

WoW Dailies for Gold or Reputation

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideThe beautiful thing about some of the WoW dailies is the fact that they earn both reputation and large stacks of gold. Some of the highest paying WoW dailies are located in the Storm Peaks, and they earn you about 13 gold per quest, plus 250 reputation points with the Sons of Hodir. Most classes will need to be exalted with the Sons of Hodir for a variety of reasons. This faction offers shoulder enchants for most classes, in addition to exclusive recipes for some gems and an exclusive tailoring recipe for the glacial bag. The Sons of Hodir daily quests should be among the first ones you do. In fact, you may even be able to begin doing some of them before you reach level 80, as long as you complete the prerequisite quests so you can become friendly with the Sons of Hodir. You won’t be eligible for the WoW dailies for the Sons of Hodir if you are not friendly with them. Also remember that you can keep doing these daily quests for gold even after you reach exalted status with the faction. That 13 gold per quest is among the highest gold dailies in the game.

Just the Reputation

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideIn some cases, you may want to complete some WoW dailies just to earn reputation with a faction. The best way to go about this is to check a reliable WoW dailies guide like Dugi’s Dailies and Events Guide. This will show you where you need to go to earn the reputation you need. Perhaps you’re seeking an achievement for reputation or there is something very specific you need from a smaller faction in the game. These scenarios are no problem at all when you have a WoW dailies guide to help you out.

Just the Gold

If you’re all about earning WoW gold and could care less about reputation, then you can complete any of the WoW dailies you want. However, you may want to focus on the ones that earn you the most gold. The highest paying gold dailies pay out 22 gold per quest, but these quests do require that you have a group of five people. The next step down is 20 gold per quest, and most of these are solo dailies that are available in the Sholazar Basin area. The next step down is 13 gold per quest, and these are available in Sholazar Basin, the Storm Peaks, and the Icecrown Skybreaker.

wow warcraft formula - I made 34.163 gold from last 


Daily Quest Guide for World of Warcraft

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideWorld of Warcraft players have been writing various guides for the game since it began, and this constant desire for information keeps all of us wanting more guides about pretty much anything with the game. Many players are already very familiar with the 1-80 leveling guides and profession leveling guides, and now there’s even a new guide for instance leveling. However, one area that some players overlook is the daily quest guide. After all, as soon as you reach level 80, you stop doing quests, right?

WoW Dailies for Gold

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideActually, many players do stop questing at level 80, but the fact is that there are so many bonuses to be earned through daily quests. For one thing, daily quests provide a reliable source of income for the player who got all the way to level 80 without saving any gold up. Of course you don’t really need a lot of gold before you reach level 80, but you should still make efforts to save it up as you level. However, even the small amount of gold you save as you go won’t be enough to support your level 80 character. You will constantly be looking for gear upgrades, and some of your gear will need to be crafted. You will also need plenty of gold to spend on enchantments and gems to enhance your gear. You won’t believe how much gold you’ll end up spending just to get your toon geared enough to enter Icecrown Citadel, where all the top level gear will drop off of the bosses.

Daily Quests for Professions

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideAnother reason you will need to keep doing daily quests is if you have certain professions. Jewel crafting does require you to complete daily quests in order to earn rare gems and patterns. Also cooking and fishing require daily quests, especially if you want to get the recipes for the fish feast, which is commonly needed for raids.

Daily Quests for Reputation

Another common reason for running daily quests is to earn reputation with the various factions on World of Warcraft. Reputation allows you to purchase special designs and recipes for your profession, in addition to enchantments you won’t be able to get anywhere else. There is even a quest chain and set of dailies to earn the right to purchase one of the fastest mounts in the game. Purchasing the Netherdrake requires an exalted status with the Netherwing.

Before you begin your daily quest routine, figure out what your character needs the most. If you’re a new level 80, then a great place to begin is with the daily quests in the Storm Peaks. These quests earn you a decent amount of gold, in addition to earning you reputation with the Sons of Hodir, a faction which every class and race can benefit from being exalted with. You’ll want to consult a WoW dailies guides to determine which faction would help you the most if you were exalted with it.

wow warcraft formula - I made 34.163 gold from last