Monday, May 4, 2009

Curse Premium Client Crack

Well actually it's no real crack yet, but a first step. Will update this post to help to counter the greedyness of Curse.

Tip 1: Remove the Ads

Open C:\Windows\System32\​drivers\etc\hosts file (if you're under Vista its necessary to open it with admin rights) and add the following lines akamai.smartadserver​.com

Update: As i noticed today, the last entry could cause problems when a new version is out, as the host is also used to download client updates. In this case chance the line temporary to


Get the update and remove the # again. This of course only, if you’re not using the “ad-free” client from The Goddess below.

This will stop the advertisements from showing in the regular version.

Gain: You save bandwidth and show curse your attitude to their paid version.

Update 12-06-2009: The Goddess posted a new version of the client in the comments below. Current version: 3.0.6

there are 2 versions please try it
i hope that this was a little solution for the update problem
have fun

Your help is needed!

Dugi's Ultimate World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King PvP and Leveling GuideMy boyfriend (who's a programmer) had a look at it. He said maybe it's possible to fake the curse client so it thinks it's logged in as premium where in reality it's only a regular account. But for it to work, he needs some data which is sent and received by the premium account.

So if you got a premium account and want to help, Wireshark. It's a tool which can save the data which is sent between the Curse Client and the Curse Server.

  • Once downloaded it
  • Install and start it
  • Before you can start, close as many applications as possible which use your internet (i.e. ICQ, Web browser, etc)
  • Start Capturing (more accurate instructions to come, when he gets some more time)
  • Start Curse Client now and wait until it's logged in and checked for updates
  • Once it's done checking, stop capturing and type "http" inside the filter text box and hit enter (or apply)
  • Next you may want to remove one of the data packets sent to the server, which contain's the Login and Encrypted password. He don't needs this and it's for your account security (more information later)

Dugi's Ultimate World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King PvP and Leveling GuideIt would be best if someone who already had experience with Wireshark and has access to the Premium Curse Client do the data capturing. Otherwise, he'll need an access to the premium account to get it himself. As far as I know, developers on Curse Gaming get a free Premium Account if they have an Addon there which is downloaded at least 1000 times.

Anyone willing to help to stop this scum exploiting people and filling their money with things which are free, when there are so many ways to make money with such a website.