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The MMO-Worlds Social Network Contest!

Hello out there. From today on, we’ll start an monthly contest here on MMO-Worlds! Among all participants, we will be draw of two winners who will be able to choose between between one of the featured guides and get it for free!

The Rewards!

World of Warcraft

wow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide

This “Dugi Ultimate WoW Guide” consists out of


This guide is similar to Dugis Ultimate Guide, it’s also one of the oldest Guide collections available and offer many things in one package

wow warcraft formula - I made 34.163 gold from last patch Warcraft Formula has it’s main Focus on earning massive amount of gold and PvP/PvE specs for best performance in any PvP situation or during extensive and professional high-endgame PvE content.

They also offer guides to the latest raid bosses and the best tactics to beat them. It’s updated on a monthly base.

This guide/service is subscription based. The Winner will receive a 4-month free access to the service
image This Guide is specifically aimed to making as much gold as possible. It includes best strategies for Auction House trading, Twink Profits (How to make huge amounts of gold with Twinks or items for Twinks) and a Fishing Guide
image Joana’s Guides are one of the oldest guides available on the internet and one of the most popular one.

Joana was one of the first people to hit max Level and it’s considered to be one of the best WoW Guides available out of there.

The only catch: This Joana’s Guides are exclusively for Horde players. There is no Alliance Guide available.
image Arenapwnage is the first, the only, and the MOST PROFITABLE instructional arena site in the world. Im not gonna lie to you, this is a marketer’s dream product… Why? Because its not just a SINGLE product. Our site is a full blown content membership site. We spend thousands of dollars a month sponsoring the best Arena players in the World to provide updated content for our site.



It’s one of the first and best Guides available for Rift Online, the latest MMO to face the light of the world. It’s basically a WoW clone (everything is almost identical to WoW, Classes, Quests, Battlegrounds, Gameplay with some gems copied from Aion (Rifts) and Warhammer Online (Tome Book and exploration system, as well as Public Quest system)).

This guide contains:

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Are there other rewards than the ones listed above?

Basically yes. Basically everything that can be found on the ClickBank Marketplace can be also issued as reward. However, the max. value shall not exceed 75$ and it has to be related to MMOs (World of Warcraft, Rift, Aion, etc.).

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Everything You Need to Know about WoW Dailies

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideWoW dailies are the best way to earn reputation, purchase some must-have items and enchantments, and have a stable way of earning WoW gold. However, sometimes it can be difficult knowing which daily quests to do or which part of Northrend to focus your efforts in. A WoW dailies guide like Dugi’s Dailies and Events Guide can really help you out in this respect. Just start your daily quest effort by asking yourself what will help your character the most right now: gold or reputation?

WoW Dailies for Gold or Reputation

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideThe beautiful thing about some of the WoW dailies is the fact that they earn both reputation and large stacks of gold. Some of the highest paying WoW dailies are located in the Storm Peaks, and they earn you about 13 gold per quest, plus 250 reputation points with the Sons of Hodir. Most classes will need to be exalted with the Sons of Hodir for a variety of reasons. This faction offers shoulder enchants for most classes, in addition to exclusive recipes for some gems and an exclusive tailoring recipe for the glacial bag. The Sons of Hodir daily quests should be among the first ones you do. In fact, you may even be able to begin doing some of them before you reach level 80, as long as you complete the prerequisite quests so you can become friendly with the Sons of Hodir. You won’t be eligible for the WoW dailies for the Sons of Hodir if you are not friendly with them. Also remember that you can keep doing these daily quests for gold even after you reach exalted status with the faction. That 13 gold per quest is among the highest gold dailies in the game.

Just the Reputation

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideIn some cases, you may want to complete some WoW dailies just to earn reputation with a faction. The best way to go about this is to check a reliable WoW dailies guide like Dugi’s Dailies and Events Guide. This will show you where you need to go to earn the reputation you need. Perhaps you’re seeking an achievement for reputation or there is something very specific you need from a smaller faction in the game. These scenarios are no problem at all when you have a WoW dailies guide to help you out.

Just the Gold

If you’re all about earning WoW gold and could care less about reputation, then you can complete any of the WoW dailies you want. However, you may want to focus on the ones that earn you the most gold. The highest paying gold dailies pay out 22 gold per quest, but these quests do require that you have a group of five people. The next step down is 20 gold per quest, and most of these are solo dailies that are available in the Sholazar Basin area. The next step down is 13 gold per quest, and these are available in Sholazar Basin, the Storm Peaks, and the Icecrown Skybreaker.

wow warcraft formula - I made 34.163 gold from last 


Daily Quest Guide for World of Warcraft

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideWorld of Warcraft players have been writing various guides for the game since it began, and this constant desire for information keeps all of us wanting more guides about pretty much anything with the game. Many players are already very familiar with the 1-80 leveling guides and profession leveling guides, and now there’s even a new guide for instance leveling. However, one area that some players overlook is the daily quest guide. After all, as soon as you reach level 80, you stop doing quests, right?

WoW Dailies for Gold

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideActually, many players do stop questing at level 80, but the fact is that there are so many bonuses to be earned through daily quests. For one thing, daily quests provide a reliable source of income for the player who got all the way to level 80 without saving any gold up. Of course you don’t really need a lot of gold before you reach level 80, but you should still make efforts to save it up as you level. However, even the small amount of gold you save as you go won’t be enough to support your level 80 character. You will constantly be looking for gear upgrades, and some of your gear will need to be crafted. You will also need plenty of gold to spend on enchantments and gems to enhance your gear. You won’t believe how much gold you’ll end up spending just to get your toon geared enough to enter Icecrown Citadel, where all the top level gear will drop off of the bosses.

Daily Quests for Professions

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideAnother reason you will need to keep doing daily quests is if you have certain professions. Jewel crafting does require you to complete daily quests in order to earn rare gems and patterns. Also cooking and fishing require daily quests, especially if you want to get the recipes for the fish feast, which is commonly needed for raids.

Daily Quests for Reputation

Another common reason for running daily quests is to earn reputation with the various factions on World of Warcraft. Reputation allows you to purchase special designs and recipes for your profession, in addition to enchantments you won’t be able to get anywhere else. There is even a quest chain and set of dailies to earn the right to purchase one of the fastest mounts in the game. Purchasing the Netherdrake requires an exalted status with the Netherwing.

Before you begin your daily quest routine, figure out what your character needs the most. If you’re a new level 80, then a great place to begin is with the daily quests in the Storm Peaks. These quests earn you a decent amount of gold, in addition to earning you reputation with the Sons of Hodir, a faction which every class and race can benefit from being exalted with. You’ll want to consult a WoW dailies guides to determine which faction would help you the most if you were exalted with it.

wow warcraft formula - I made 34.163 gold from last 


Dailies Guide for Gold Farming

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideDaily quests are an important part of World of Warcraft. They’re used for gold farming, reputation farming, and professions. Dailies are the quests that appear as a blue exclamation point instead of the standard gold one, and they can be done once a day, every day. Each of your characters can complete up to 25 daily quests per day, so you’ll want to pick and choose which ones you complete.

All daily quests will grant you some gold, but some will grant you more gold than others. Here’s a quick dailies guide for gold farming to help you pick out the daily quests that bring in the most gold. The highest paying gold dailies pay out 22 gold, but they do require having four other people to complete them, so we’re focusing this dailies guide on daily quests you can complete on your own.

Dailies Guide for Sholazar Basin

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideEach of the daily quest areas in Northrend have about the same number of dailies available, but Sholazar Basin has a couple of quests that do pay 20 gold. There are 15 gold farming dailies in Sholazar Basin, although seven of them only pay 6 gold each. However, three of the gold farming dailies in Sholazar Basin do pay 20 gold, and the rest of them pay 13 gold each. This makes Sholazar Basin one of the highest ranking places for gold farming through daily quests. Just remember to check both of the two daily quest areas in Sholazar Basin. They are the Rainspeaker Canopy and Frenzyheart Hill. One good thing about these two areas is that you will also earn reputation with either the Oracles or the Frenzyheart Tribe.

Dailies Guide for the Storm Peaks

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideIf you’re looking for consistency as far as gold earned per daily quest, then you should check out the Storm Peaks. There are 13 daily quests available in the Storm Peaks, and most of them pay 13 gold each. Most of the dailies in the Storm Peaks are located in either Dun Niffelem or Brunnhildar Village, but there is also one located in K3 and one located in Frosthold. Completing the dailies in the Storm Peaks is a nice way to do several quests all at once and walk away with some nice bank in a short amount of time. Another note about the quests in the Storm Peaks is that most of them earn you reputation with the Sons of Hodir.

Dailies Guide for Icecrown Skybreaker

Another great place to do gold farming through daily quests is the Icecrown Skybreaker area. There are 11 daily quests on the Skybreaker, although two of them do require groups of five people. Those two pay out 22 gold, while the other 9 quests can be done on your own and pay out 13 gold each. The nice thing about the Skybreaker is that all of these quests are located in a rather small area, so there’s less time running around and gathering up your daily quests.

wow warcraft formula - I made 34.163 gold from last 


Completing Your WoW Dailies as Quickly as Possible

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideHow quickly do you think you could complete your daily quests on World of Warcraft? How about two hours? That’s the power of good WoW dailies guide like Dugi’s Dailies and Events Guide. A daily quest guide is a valuable tool that any World of Warcraft player can benefit from.

Each character can only complete 25 daily quests per day, so you will have to pick and choose the WoW dailies you want to do. You should begin by setting your priorities. Think about what your character needs next, and then go from there. If you’re a new level 80, then you will probably want to look for dailies that grant both reputation and gold. The Sons of Hodir daily quests in the Storm Peaks are a great place to start because virtually all classes can benefit from an exalted status with the Sons of Hodir.

Help Planning Your Routes

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideOne of the most important things you can do when planning a strategy for daily quests is to plan your route. You can’t be effective if you don’t have a plan laid out, and you’ll lose valuable minutes by not planning ahead. A WoW dailies guide will help you figure out which daily quests will benefit you the most and help you lay them out so you can get them done in a timely fashion.

A Complete Breakdown of All the Dailies

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideAnother very helpful part of a WoW dailies guide is the breakdown of all the daily quests that are available. It is very difficult to choose which daily quests will help you out the most if you don’t know the benefits of each one, so looking at a complete breakdown is vital to determining which ones you should do. All of the daily quests are a great, stable way to make gold, but some of the WoW dailies will earn you more gold than others. A good WoW dailies gold will help you make sure that the gold dailies you run are maximizing the amount of gold you make on a daily basis.

The Reputation Grind

Another important part of running daily quests is farming for reputation, and not all classes and races will benefit from earning reputation with the same factions. For example, melee DPS will want to build up reputation with Knights of the Ebon Blade, but tanks will prefer to build up reputation with the Argent Crusade. This is because these two factions each offer a very helpful enchantment, but the enchantments they offer are only good for DPS and tanking classes respectively.

Also some factions are in opposition to each other, so checking out your WoW dailies guide will help you make sure you’re not working on reputation for two factions that detract from each other. One example of this is in Sholazar Basin, where completing the daily quests for the Frenzyheart Tribe will cause you to lose reputation with the Oracles, and vice versa.

wow warcraft formula - I made 34.163 gold from last 


Argent Tournament Daily Quest Guide

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideThe Argent Tournament Grounds are located in the northern part of Icecrown, and they hold a gold mind of daily quests that any World of Warcraft player is sure to enjoy. There are several reasons WoW players might choose to complete the daily quests at the Argent Tournament Grounds. Of course these are the usual reasons like gold and reputation, but the Argent Tournament dailies work a bit differently than other WoW dailies.

The Argent Tournament

To become eligible for the daily quests at the Argent Tournament grounds, you must first complete prerequisite quests. You’ll start with “The Argent Tournament,” and then move on to “Mastery of Melee,” “Mastery of the Charge,” and Mastery of the Shield-breaker.” After this quest chain is complete, then you move on to “Up to the Challenge” and are eligible for the daily quests at the Argent Tournament Grounds.

Reputation from the Argent Tournament Daily Quests

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideThe major difference between the Argent Tournament daily quests and the WoW dailies in other parts of the game is that it’s not always cut and dry which faction you’re earning reputation for. You can eventually earn reputation with all five of your faction’s capital cities, but you will start out earning reputation for your home capital city. For example, dwarves will be earning reputation with Ironforge and Tauren will be gaining reputation with Thunder Bluff, and so on. You can later earn the right to also represent some of the other capital cities in your faction. Some of these quests will also give you reputation with either the Silver Covenant (Alliance) or the Sunreavers (Horde).

Rewards from the Argent Tournament Grounds

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideThe Argent Tournament Grounds also has its own hierarchy as far as reputation goes. You have to earn titles for your character before you can be eligible for the higher daily quests. For example, you have to begin by earning the title of Champion. Next, you’ll work on the title of Crusader, and each of these levels within the Argent Tournament Ground has its own rewards, which include heirloom gear that’s bind-on-account and some level 200 gear. All rewards in the Argent Tournament Grounds are purchased with Champion’s Seals, which are earned by running the Argent Tournament daily quests.

Most Importantly: Have Fun!

The most important thing to remember about the Argent Tournament Grounds is that they can be a lot of fun. Many of the daily quests in the Argent Tournament Grounds involve jousting and battling opponents in an arena, and these daily quests are quite a bit different than other WoW dailies. Of course there are the quests that involve going to an area and killing a specific type of creature, but many WoW players simply enjoy the unique nature of the daily quests that are available at the Argent Tournament Grounds.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Daily Quest Guide for World of Warcraft

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideThere are so many parts of World of Warcraft to explore that it can be easy to miss out on some areas, but one part of WoW that no player can afford to miss out on is the daily quests. WoW dailies are the ones that appear as a blue exclamation point from the quest giver. If you can complete the daily quest, then it shows up on your mini map as a blue question mark. A daily quest is one that can be repeated once a day, every day, for as long as it benefits your character. Now you might be asking why any WoW player would repeat the same quests for several days, and there are few reasons.

Special Rewards

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideOne of the most important things gained from completing WoW dailies is reputation, and the bonuses that can be purchased after reputation is earned with various factions are phenomenal. Of course not every class and race will benefit from earning reputations from all of the factions, so it’s a good idea to check out a WoW dailies guide like Dugi’s Dailies and Events Guide. These guides will highlight which classes and races will benefit from reputation with the various factions. For example, tanks will want to earn reputation with the Argent Crusade so they can purchase a special head enchantment, but melee DPS would be better suited to earn reputation with the Knights of the Ebon Blade because the enchantment offered by that faction increases attack power rather than survivability.

Plenty of Gold

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideAnother reason so many WoW players complete daily quest chains is because they are a very stable way to earn gold. The WoW auction house is much like the real stock market because some items will soar in price, while others will crash to the ground. It’s all based on supply and demand, and the auction house is a very risky way to make gold in World of Warcraft. Of course if you play that risk correctly, you have the opportunity to make a lot of gold in a short amount of time, but there’s just no stability in making gold on the auction house. This is why WoW dailies make a lot of sense when you’re talking about gold runs.

Access to Rare Designs, Patterns, and Recipes

WoW players of certain professions will also need to complete daily quests, although these quests are a bit different than other daily quests. Jewel crafting is the only primary profession that requires daily quests, and jewel crafters need to complete them to earn their jewel crafter’s token. These tokens are used to purchase rare and epic gems, so it would be silly to miss out on them.

Players who are leveling fishing and cooking will also need to complete daily quests so they can eventually be able to make the fish feast, a cooking item used in raids to help increase overall DPS, healing, and life of all raid members.

wow warcraft formula - I made 34.163 gold from last 


A Dailies Guide for World of Warcraft

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideIf you haven’t taken advantage of the daily quests on World of Warcraft, then you’re missing out on a lot of important bonuses, gear, and enchantments. Many players believe that they should stop doing quests altogether the moment they reach level 80. However, level 80 should be the time to really focus on doing daily quests to earn gold and reputation with various factions. Of course you’ll always need gold to purchase crafted gear, gems, and enchanting materials so you can gear up to run Icecrown Citadel, and WoW dailies give you a steady source of income, which is perfect for those players who just don’t understand the auction house system very much. Running WoW dailies can earn you an average of 300 gold for running all of your daily quests. Each character can run 25 quests per day, and many of them pay an average of 13 gold per quest.

The Importance of Reputation

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideOne thing that’s often overlooked on World of Warcraft is reputation. It may seem like reputation just isn’t worth the time, but there are some factions that have rewards which make it very helpful to have an exalted status with them. Reputation isn’t too important as you’re leveling, but when you reach level 80, you’re going to need to purchase special enchantments from certain factions. Even enchanters will want to work on their reputation with these factions because the enchantments offered as rewards cannot be handed out by enchanters.

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideOne of the first reputations you should work on through your WoW dailies is the Sons of Hodir. These daily quests are located in the Storm Peaks area, and you may even have completed some of them while you were leveling your character. The Sons of Hodir offer enchantments for pretty much every class, in addition to special gem designs for jewel crafters, rare and epic mounts, and the tailoring pattern for the 22-slot glacial bag. To purchase any of the rewards from the Sons of Hodir, just visit the quartermaster in the Storm Peaks area.

Planning Your Route

Since you’re able to do 25 daily quests per day, you might be wondering just how quickly you can get them done. After all, you probably don’t want to spend all day playing World of Warcraft, no matter how much you enjoy the game. However, you can actually get your WoW dailies done in two hours or less if you plan your route carefully. You can’t waste any time traveling between daily quests, so you’ve got to do as many of them in one area at the same time as you possibly can. It’s really not a bad idea to check out a WoW dailies guide like Dugi’s Dailies and Events Guide. Getting started with a regular daily quest routine can be overwhelming, but a WoW dailies guide can really help you sort out your thoughts and figure out how to create a speed gold run.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Warrior Leveling Guide

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideSome players really enjoy tanking and see no problem in leveling their Warrior as a Protection Warrior. Shield Slam and Revenge do decent damage and also Shockwave is nice at later levels. If you want to speed up your leveling though, you should definitely explore the Fury talent tree. Two one-handed weapons should be used until you can equip two two-handed weapons.

I have made two builds. One will also take the Impale and Deep Wounds of Arms while the other is even more focused on Fury. It is up to your preferences which ones you would choose.

Warrior Leveling Build With a Little Arms

Warrior Leveling Build Fury + Imp Charge

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideI would advise you to at least first take Improved Charge in the Arms Tree. Then you can continue with 5% crit rating in the Fury tree and go on down from there. Aim to get Death Wish, Precision and Weapon Mastery asap so you don’t miss that often and Deathwish is a nice damage boost. Flurry is extremely nice and after you take this ability you really get that ‘Rogue-in-plate’ feeling because you really make sushi out of your opponents.

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideNext in line is Blood Thirst which does not only do a great amount of damage, but also restores health over time. This ability is just great for leveling because it is one of the few life-giving abilities a Warrior has.

Now you will get to choose between some nice damage dealing abilities. Do move down in the tree though and pick up the remaining ones at later levels. Get Rampage as soon as possible, it is a great ability that boosts your damage significantly and only costs one talent point.

You can see that Blizzard wanted to improve the ever so useless Slam ability of the Warrior and you can see that they succeeded. You will have a 20% to instant cast Slam and its damage gets improved to. Whirlwind and Cleave as well get a damage boost in this three which makes the Warrior more capable to deal with multiple mobs at once.

Finally you got Titan’s Grip. Man did I love to see my Warrior looking ba%&$s with two two-handed weapons. Of course, it doesn’t only look great but it will also give you a whole different game play. Ok, you will need to get a lot of hit rating to make up for the hit rating loss but it is kinda cool that the Warrior, the weapon master that always could wield all weapons, can now wield two two-handed weapons instead of the Death Knights in example, which the words once spread before the release of WoTLK.wow warcraft formula - I made 34.163 gold from last 


Warlock Leveling Guide

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideWarlock can be capable to level up really fast. Mana brakes is not a word you can should find in a Warlock’s dictionary because you should use Life Tap to convert health into mana and then use Drain Life to fill it up, if necessary, because most of the times your health will restore gradually while your pets are taking the hits or you are fearing the mobs.

Two great abilities that you should use all the time are the Create Healthstone and Create Soulstone abilities. Consuming a Healthstone will save your life many times and when you do die you have your Soulstone on you so you can resurrect on the spot.

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideAs a Warlock you should stay Affliction until you reach level 70.

Warlock Leveling Build 1-70 Affliction

With the Affliction talent build you will increase all your DoT spells and will also gain a few great spells. It starts off nice with Improved Curse of Agony. Suppression and Improved Drain Soul will give you less mana problems. Soul Siphon and Improved Life Tap will also help you to maintain your health and mana.

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideThen you got Amplify Curse and Fel Concentration that will help you cast better and faster. Then you increase your range and some damage of some spells. Curse of Exhaustion is an option, handy for PvP realms. Siphon Life and Shadow Mastery are extremely good.

Two other great spells you will learn are Unstable Affliction and Haunt. Both are great damage spells. Improving your Felhunter goes well with Dark Pact.

Once you enter Northrend you should switch your build to a Demonology - Affliction build.

Warlock Leveling Build 70-80 Demonology - Affliction

So basically this build is about having a Felguard and Siphon Life. While boosting your Demon Pets you can still do good damage with the DoT’s the Warlock has. The Affliction tree offers a lot of health gains which you can of course convert to mana so basically a lock with this talent build will have no down time.

The Demonology is to mana consuming to be an effective leveling build. The Affliction tree is great though to preserve mana and deal a lot of damage. With an Affliction talent build however you should place all your dots on several mobs so the leveling speeds up a bit. You will have a lot of survivability through the Affliction tree and Demonology tree at later levels. The Felguards are also really nice and do add up to the damage. They can affectively tank a few mobs with their Cleave for a bit while you start placing the DoTs.wow warcraft formula - I made 34.163 gold from last 


Shamans - Spiritual Casters With Lots of Totems

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideShamans are a nice class with a lot of different spells and abilities. You can play a Shaman in several ways. You can choose to be either a Melee or Spell casting damage dealer or become a Healer. The Shamans could only be played by the Horde races until the release of the Burning Crusade when the Draenei of the Alliance made it possible to become an Alliance Shaman. Shamans can wear all weapons except swords and are dependent on leather armor till level 40 and can then wear mail armor.

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideShamans are well known for their ability to place totems that boost both themselves and party members. There is a great variety of totems that can be cast and these are divided in four schools: fire, water, earth and air totems. Only one totem of each school can be active at a time. Besides the totems, a Shaman also has another great ability called Blood Lust, or Heroism for Draeneis, which boosts all party and raid members haste rating by 30% for 40 seconds. Not to forget, the Shaman can also summon a Fire and Earth Elemental from time to time.

Then there are several abilities that the Shaman can benefit greatly from during leveling and basically in any kind of scenario. The Shamans have an ability called Reincarnation which comes with a cooldown of one hour. The Shaman will be able to resurrect the moment he gets killed if this ability isn’t on cooldown. It does require a reagent called ‘Ankh’. The Shaman can also learn Ghost Wolf at level thirty which improves his running speed which is nice for leveling, even though mounts can be used at level 30 now as well. Shamans also have Astral Recall which basically serves as another Hearthstone, this one has only 15 minutes cool down though and doesn’t cost you a spot in your bag!

wow warcraft alliance horde 

leveling guideAs you can read above, the Shaman truly does have some great abilities. The talent trees will provide you with even more cool spells and abilities.

To begin with there is the Elemental talent build which is meant for casting damage dealers. You will use lighting and fire attacks to maximize damage. A nice AoE spell that becomes available later is Thunderstorm which does nice damage and knocks back enemies.

Then there is the Enhancement talent build. This build is created for melee damage dealing Shamans. This build will allow the Shaman to equip two one-handed weapons and will also give him some great melee attacks. If the Enhancement build is followed to the end you will be able to summon two Spirit Wolves which are extremely powerful both in PvE and PvP.

Finally there is the Restoration build which is focused on healing. Shamans can be great healers with their Earth Shield, Chain Heals, Healing Waves, Mana Totems and Riptide. The Restoration talent tree does not only give new abilities but also gives great boosts to already existing abilities.

A Shaman is easy and fun to level with all these abilities. Another nice thing a Rogue in example does not have is that you can switch between melee damage, being a caster and a healer whenever you like.wow warcraft formula - I made 34.163 gold from last