Monday, May 18, 2009

Buff Low Level Players With Level 40 Sorceress – Warhammer Online

It’s possible to buff your low level group mates with buffs from a level 40 Sorceress granting them an unfair advantage in PvP/RvR. This probably works with other characters too, but I was only able to test it with my Sorceress.

  • Meet your mates in a war camp
  • Make sure none of you is RvR flagged
  • Complete Goblin Guide for Warhammer Online Invite your mate
  • Buff both of Sorceress group spells (Frozen Touch and Daemonic Chill)
  • Both characters will get the buff. They last for 1 hour or until the character dies
  • So far it’s normal. Normally the buff will be disabled when the Sorceress is there. Now comes the trick: The buff will only be disabled if the sorceress is alive.
  • Now let the Sorceress die and the buff will be activated again
  • DO NOT RELEASE THE SORCERESS! Stay on ground until the timer runs out.
  • This time the buff will do full damage (as it does on level 40)
  • For full 5 minutes you will now have an significant advantage over everyone other in the low-level zone

Have fun pwning Order!

This little exploits allows following advantages:

  • If you get hit, you will deal reflect 200 damage to the attacker. As a tank you can rape your enemies this way and they will kill themselves by hitting you!
  • If you attack an enemy you deal additional 180-300 damage, which is HUGE amount of damage in Tier 1 where most people run with only 1000-1500 HP! 

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