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Midsummer Fire Event: The Flame Warden Event Guide – World of Warcraft

Midsummer Fire Festival is close, so here comes the next guide. In the first part I’d post all the know locations of the fires. As of now, most of them are based on last years event. The chances are next to zero that there are some significant changes in the event/achievements.

For the moment, they aren’t sorted or optimized for the shortest route. I have much to do at the moment and I’ll try to find some more time to calculate the optimal route and update the guide according to this.

Eastern KingdomsDugi's Ultimate World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King PvP and Leveling Guide

  • Arathi Highlands (Refuge Pointe 50, 44)
  • Arathi Highlands (Hammerfall 74, 41)
  • Badlands (Kargath 4, 49)
  • Blasted Lands (Nethergarde Keep 58, 17)
  • Burning Steppes (Morgan's Vigil 80, 62)
  • Burning Steppes (Flame Crest 62, 29)
  • Ironforge (Hall of Explorers 64, 25) **
  • Dun Morogh (Kharanos 46, 46)
  • Duskwood (Darkshire 74, 51)
  • Elwynn Forest (Goldshire 43, 65)
  • Eversong Woods (North Sanctum 46, 50)
  • Ghostlands (Tranquillien 46, 26)
  • Stormwind (The Canals 41, 61) **
  • Silvermoon City (Court of the Sun 70, 43) **
  • Silverpine Forest (The Sepulcher 49, 38)
  • Hillsbrad Foothills (Southshore 50, 46)
  • Hillsbrad Foothills (Tarren Mill 58, 25)
  • Loch Modan (Thelsamar 32, 40)
  • Redridge Mountains (Lakeshire 24, 59)
  • Stranglethorn Vale (Booty Bay 33, 73)
  • Stranglethorn Vale (Booty Bay 32, 75)
  • Swamp of Sorrows (Stonard 47, 47)
  • Tirisfal Glades (Brill 57, 52)
  • The Hinterlands (Aerie Peak 14, 50)
  • The Hinterlands (Revantusk Village 76, 74)
  • Undercity (Ruins of Lordaeron 68, 9) **
  • Western Plaguelands (Chillwind Camp 43, 82)
  • Westfall (Sentinel Hill 56, 54)
  • Wetlands (Menethil Harbor 13, 47)

KalimdorWrath of the Kitchen King & The Tauren Chef Cookbook!

  • Ashenvale (Astranaar 38, 54)
  • Ashenvale (Splintertree Post 70, 69)
  • The Exodar (The Crystal Hall 41, 26) **
  • Azuremyst Isle (Azure Watch 44, 53)
  • The Barrens (Crossroads 52, 28)
  • Bloodmyst Isle (Blood Watch 55, 69)
  • Durotar (Razor Hill 52, 47) **
  • Darkshore (Auberdine 37, 46)
  • Desolace (Nijel's Point 65, 17)
  • Desolace (Shadowprey Village 26, 76)
  • Dustwallow Marsh (Theramore Isle 62, 40)
  • Dustwallow Marsh (Brackenwall Village 33, 30)
  • Feralas (Feathermoon Stronghold 28, 44)
  • Feralas (Camp Mojache 72, 47)
  • Orgrimmar (Valley of Wisdom 47, 38) **
  • Mulgore (Bloodhoof Village 51, 60)
  • Silithus (Cenarion Hold 57, 34)
  • Silithus (Cenarion Hold 46, 44)
  • Stonetalon Mountains (Sun Rock Retreat 50, 60)
  • Tanaris (Gadgetzan 52, 29)
  • Tanaris (Gadgetzan 49, 27)
  • Teldrassil (Rut'theran Village 55, 91) **
  • Teldrassil (Dolanaar 55, 60)
  • Thousand Needles (Freewind Post 41, 52)
  • Thunder Bluff (Spirit Rise 21, 26) **
  • Winterspring (Everlook 62, 35)
  • Winterspring (Everlook 59, 35)


  • Blade's Edge Mountains (Sylvanaar 42, 66)
  • Blade's Edge Mountains (Thunderlord Stronghold 50, 59)
  • Hellfire Peninsula (Honor Hold 62, 58)
  • Hellfire Peninsula (Thrallmar 55, 40)
  • Nagrand (Telaar 50, 70)
  • Nagrand (Garadar 51, 34)
  • Netherstorm (Area 52 31, 63)
  • Netherstorm (Area 52 32, 68)
  • Shadowmoon Valley (Wildhammer Stronghold 40, 55)
  • Shadowmoon Valley (Shadowmoon Village 33, 30)
  • Terokkar Forest (Allerian Stronghold 55, 55)
  • Terokkar Forest (Stonebreaker Hold 52, 43)
  • Zangarmarsh (Telredor 69, 52)
  • Zangarmarsh (Zabra'Jin 36, 52)

**) This entries are objective of the King of the Fire Festival achievement.

This covers majority of the achievements from Midsummer World event, like:Dugi's Ultimate World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King PvP and Leveling Guide

if you’re Alliance and the below ones if you’re Horde:

King of the Fire Festival

The King of the Fire Festival achievement is one of the easier one and can usually got by doing the achievements above. Basically you just have to walk into the enemy city, use the big fires there. Once you got all three you can start a quest to turn them in. Will add screenshots, when i got some time.

Burning Hot Pole Dance (link)

There is not much to say. Find a pole, target it and dance.

Ice the Frost Lord (link)

Summon and kill Lord Ahune - The Frost Lord in Slave Pens. He spawns an Ice Chest after his death which contains Shards of Ahune. This starts a quest which can be turned in to get one of two tabards.

However, I’m pretty sure there was some pre-quest. I think it was a quest called Unusual Activity which is give by Earthen Ring Elder which can be found at any capital city near the fires.

Torch Juggler

40 torches in 15 seconds. Pretty easy one, just get 40 Juggling Torch by doing Torch Catching daily quest. A good hint: Enable shadows (at least step 1 or 2). Then all you need to do is, toss the torch. The shadow will tell you where it will land so just place your character below it.

Once you got enough, drag them to a free and easy accessible action button (for example on the action button which is bound to 1-key). Then simply spam it while selecting a target in the world (you get a small circle like in AoE spells).

Dugi's Ultimate World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King PvP and Leveling Guide

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Darkfall G15 Autoloot Script – Darkfall Online

There are two useful Macros if you’re a proud owner of a G15 keyboard and Darkfall Online player.

The first macro is to find out the screen coordinates where the item should be dragged. Bind this macro to a key, go in-game and move the mouse course to where your bag (or bank) is and click it.

function OnEvent(event, arg)
if (event==”G_PRESSED” and arg==1) then
local x, y = GetMousePosition();
local sFmt = string.format(”Mouse is at %d,%d\n”, x, y);
*Use this to get x,y

It will tell you the coordinates. Write down the two numbers as you will need it for the next macro.

function OnEvent(event, arg)
if (event == “G_PRESSED” and arg == 6) then
x, y = GetMousePosition();
MoveMouseTo(41882, 46793)
MoveMouseTo(x, y)
OutputLCDMessage(”Looted”, 2000)

Replace the “MoveMouseTo(41882, 46793)” part with the number you’ve written down in step 1. Bind it to a key and next time you loot someone, simply execute the macro and the item will land in your inventory without you having to drag it there.

There are three main advantages using this macro:

  • No annoying work of pulling loot in your bags
  • Very fast looting of enemies (especially if there are other people who try too loot it too)
  • Last but not least: Saves much time, this also means, that you don’t have to spend much time with your looting and the probability is lower that someone will ambush you from behind while you’re looting

[Rogue] Get 2 CP with Hemorrhage exploit – World of Warcraft

The latest World of Warcraft exploit is about Hemorrhage! Usually if you spec in to Hemorrhage, you only get 1 Combo Point (CP). But if you have a Glyph of Sinister Strike in your second Dual Wield spec, this will also work when you use your first spec.

This allows you to insert another Glyph in your main spec and put Glyph of Sinister Strike on your second spec and replace it with something else, like Glyph of Adrenaline Rush to maximize your dps even further!