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Zygor WoW Leveling Guide 1-80 Review – Alliance & Horde in-game Guide

Zygor Guides

Maybe you’ve heard of it maybe you haven’t. If your a player of World of Warcraft I’d be surprised if you haven’t. Either way you really need to take 5 mins to educate yourself, because this could be the answer to all and everyone of your Leveling Hold ups!!! The reasons why you can’t quite get through that time barrier that makes the difference between leveling in 12 days, to leveling in 7. Yes we did say 7 that’s not a typo :). Firstly you need to ask yourself why you need a guide? Is it because….

  • You find it difficult to keep up with others and they’re leveling speeds? We’re talking about the top guys on your server and in your guild
  • Tired of Alt tabbing out of the game to get your info, on which quests to do, how to do them and where to go?
  • Fed up with having all of your time taken up with leveling and grinding
  • Not being able to enjoy the full fruits of the game while in the process of leveling, like PVP Battle Grounds, raiding etc.

These are just a small snippet of some reasons you may be looking for a Wow guide. Lets see if  Zygor Guides can provide an answer to them and more……..


What is Zygor Guides?

Ok well for starters it is a 100% in game guide for Blizzards’, World of Warcraft. Basically what this means is you use the guide as you play, similar to the mods and add-ons that many players utilize in Wow.

  • It is by far the most economical and fastest Leveling Guide to date for Wow. The route that you follow for leveling is mathematically the quickest possible. (But this is not the only reason it is blisteringly quick)
  • Zygor Guides operates very similar to satellite navigation. You know, the type you use when on a journey in your car.  Although unlike a Sat Nav system, the guide doesn’t just simply point the way, it does so much more
  • It is a highly credited guide. It has been endorsed by the likes of, American Chronicle, RP Guides, Wow Den etc. You can read some of these by visiting the Official Page for the guide, (scroll down you will see them)
  • The guide was created not by a noob or someone who saw an opportunity. The guide was created by Jon Cook , a Wow veteran, who has played the game from it’s beta stages, back when the first version of World of Warcraft was released

So how does the guide benefit me and my speed of leveling?

  • It gives you the ability to power level any toon in Wow from 1 to 80 in 7 days?
  • It blows your previous leveling time out of the water! (Period!!). Stripping away hours of wasted time
  • Enables you to apply this, to any race or class within Wow. You see, all starter areas have guiding path included. (Unique to Zygors)
  • Zygor Guides automatically tracks you quest. It knows when you have completed it and updates itself automatically, moving on to the next step
  • Includes Class quests. This is something that no other guide provides at present. So no matter whether you choose a Paladin or a Rogue, then the specific quests for the chosen class is automatically added to the guide and show at the relevant and best time to complete
  • 24 Hour technical support. If you have a question or need support then it’s there for you
  • Vibrant and buzzing community forum where you can find even more tips and tricks from the users and staff of Zygor Guides
  • Co-ordinates and dots on your map. The guide places a dot and gives you a co-ordinate to your current step. Zygors guide only places the relevant dot required on your map, to save confusion. Thus speeding you up
  • Gathering Quests are included when they are beneficial for you to complete. The great thing is though the guide explains exactly what you are looking for and …yup …you guessed it, guide you to where the items are most abundant. There’s nothing more frustrating, as you will know if you’ve ever done one f these quests, that the items required can be almost invisible if you don’t know what to look for
  • Sat Nav Function. As mentioned earlier the guide acts like a satellite navigational system. It places an arrow on your game screen, which guides you and informs you of the distance to you destination. What separates this function from other guiding tools is that the arrow is not guiding you to a range of quests you think are best. It updates as per the guide and guides you to the selected location Zygor Guides chooses. Big difference when your talking abut speed leveling
  • Flight Paths are included. Where and when to take them. Important for economizing your time and  travel etc
  • Hearth Stone. When and where to hearth stone. Again a huge time saver and your not simply told, the guide shows you where

Bonuses Galore. Not going to go into detail about these, since I cannot guarantee that they will be there. Some of the are limited in supply. Just a teaser of these are…

  • Free lifetime 1 to 80 updates
  • Talent Guide Bonus
  • Netherdrake Epic Mount Guide Bonus
  • Death Knight Class Guide Bonus (Limited supply)
  • Inscription Leveling Guide Bonus -This one alone can earn you mega amounts of Gold. (limited supply)

Level completely in-game! No tabbing back to Desktop to read what to do next

What Zygor Guides Is Not !!!

  • The guides are perfectly legal. They are not hacks or bots that mess with either the game play of Wow or it’s programming. They work on the same principle as the many add-ons available for Wow. They are written to enhance the whole game experience
  • The guides do not play the game for you as mentioned above, they are not in any form a bot. A bot is a program that essentially plays the game for you. Some players use these bots leaving them run for hours clearing areas, it’s not only illegal, but can spoil the gaming of others. If your considering using a bot, plain and simple, DON’T!!!! you’ll not only get a bad name for yourself if found out, but also the possibility of  your account being closed by Blizzard
  • Zygor's Guide are not e-Books and neither do they come in the form of video’s. This old style of  supplying a guide to you takes up precious time to go through and study. Zygor Guides comes to you in the form of an add-on which as stated above works inline with you as you physically play the game.

How Does Zygor Guides Compare to Other Guides

Simple take a look at this comparing graph……

One Ticket To Instant  Speed Leveling

To Sum Up

We have been using the guide extensively and one of the biggest benefits we have found from the guide, is how it unbelievably enhances your enjoyment of  Wow. Through the simple fact that no longer, are you Alt-tabbing out of the game. Your time is spent as it should be, not fact finding but playing and leveling. One thing that dawned on us after starting to use the guide, was that before using Zygor Guides, the subscription that we paid to Wow was taken up by continually being out of the game fact finding our next steps. Now however we get 100% of our moneys worth out of the game. You’ll find your knowledge of the game and it’s content will explode dramatically. A great feature is the lifting of the Map Fog. All areas become visible to you whether you have visited them or not. Another refreshing benefit was the fact that we are able, whilst leveling to take time out and enjoy all the other aspects and content of Wow. Such as PVP, Raiding, Instances and Leveling up our professions, without really harming our leveling speeds. Many players are in such a rush to get to 80 that they miss a lot of this content, but because you level at such a rate with Zygor Guides, taking time out to do other things doesn't really harm your leveling time that much. But one of the great, brilliant, amazing, fantastic side effects of using the guide is what it does for your ego. How can we put this? Well you end up becoming some kind of leveling god. If your part of a guild you honestly do become know as a Wow Guru. Think about and picture this in your mind……..

You get to level 80. You also have leveled a Death knight to 80, got to level 450 with the inscription trade (using bonus guide), with an epic mount and loads of  $$$$$$$$$$. All in the same amount f time it has taken you’re guildie mate to simply get to level 80. With a single character

But it doesn’t stop there! Nope when you help some of your mates, to level up they’re characters. Just as they send a message to your group saying “I’m just off to find out the next quest” or “Hang on, will Alt tab out to get co-ordinates”. You pop up and say nope, this is the quest we need, this is the way to go and here’s how to do it. Imagine. You really do get given the status of   “Wow Leveling Guru”…hehe. There are loads more benefits to using Zygor Guides but this page would just go on to long to go into the full detail. You really need to act fast to ensure you secure the brilliant bonus’s however so head on over to Zygor Guides Official Page by clicking on the picture below, and start your new World of Warcraft career as an official, undeniable super sonic, earth shattering, World of Warcraft speed leveler.

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Odessa Silverberg said...

By all respect, but i disagree.

Zygor is no book, which you have to read and scroll throu it until you find the right quest or position. Zygor is an in-game only Guide which always shows you the exact location where you have to go (in game arrows pointing the direction and showing it on the map) also it always will display the next task/quest you have to do.

This means, you don't need a paper or ebook (with ebooks you always have to switch out of the game to the desktop to read it unless you have 2 monitors/desktops or print it out). All you need to do is, install this addon in your wow interface folder and log in into the game and you will see the apporpiate quests and optimal routes to solve your quest with the lowest time effort possible!