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World of Warcraft: Ulduar Heroic Achievements

This are the achievements for the 25-man version of Ulduar. To see the normal 10-man Achievements, check out Ulduar Normal Achievements.

Update: Added Miscellaneous Achievements, General Vezax, Yogg-Saron and Algalon! Scroll down for the latter three.

Miscellaneous achievements

  • The Siege of Ulduar/The Antechamber of Ulduar/The Keepers of Ulduar/The Descent into Madness/The Secrets of Ulduar - Defeat every boss in Ulduar on Heroic difficulty
  • Crazy Cat Lady - Defeat Auriaya while doing something cool on Heroic Difficulty. This is just an unfinished achievement- they haven’t plotted out what they want to do for Auriaya yet
  • The Immortal, Part Two - Within one raid lockout period, defeat every boss in Ulduar on Heroicl Difficulty without allowing any raid member to die during any of the boss encounters.

    Thankfully, as Immortal is a poorly-conceived achievement, Blizzard has announced that it won’t be included in the Ulduar 310% drake meta achievement
  • Glory of the Explorer - The Ulduar meta. The achievements this contains have yet to be revealed.

Flame Leviathan (see the Flame Leviathan Guide)

  • Heroic: Unbroken - Defeat Flame Leviathan on the first try without anyone repairing their vehicle on Heroic Difficulty
  • Heroic: Three Car Garage - Defeat Flame Leviathan while in each of the following vehicles on Heroic Difficulty. (Siege Engine, Demolisher, Chopper)
  • Heroic: Take Out Those Turrets - Destroy a Flame Leviathan Defense Turret on Heroic Difficulty
  • Heroic: Shutout - Defeat Flame Leviathan without causing a System Shutdown on Heroic Difficulty. This involves not using Demolisher passengers to overload Flame Leviathan’s circuits. This should probably be done when Flame Leviathan is not in hard mode
  • Heroic: Orbital Bombardment/ Heroic: Orbital Devastation/ Heroic: Nuked from Orbit, Heroic/ Orbit-uary - Defeat Flame Leviathan with 1/2/3/4 Orbital Defense System(s) active on Heroic Difficulty. These are Flame Leviathan’s “hard modes” based on the number of towers left alive in the area before the boss

Razorscale (see the Razorscale Guide)

  • Heroic: A Quick Shave - Defeat Razorscale without allowing her to fly into the air more than once on Heroic Difficulty
  • Heroic: Minimal Casualties - Defeat Razorscale without any friendly NPCs dying during the fight on Heroic Difficulty
  • Heroic: Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare - Defeat 1000 Iron Dwarves with Razorscale’s Flame Breath within 2 seconds on Heroic Difficulty. The numbers for # of dwarves and # of seconds are most likely placeholders

Ignis the Furnace Master(see the Ignis Guide)

  • Heroic: Shattered - Defeat Ignis the Furnace Master while shattering 77 Iron Constructs within 5 seconds on Heroic Difficulty. The number of Iron Constructs is definitely a placeholder. The challenge of this achievement seems to be coordinating the movement by the Construct tanks into Scorch and then moving all the Constructs over to a pool and shattering them close together in time
  • Heroic: Hot Pocket - Survive being thrown into Ignis the Furnace Master’s crucible on Heroic Difficulty. “Crucible” is likely the replacement or an earlier name for the “Slag Pot” mechanic. This is an RNG achievement that will be picked up by members of the raid over time
  • Heroic: Stokin’ the Furnace - Defeat Ignis the Furnace Master in 2 seconds on Heroicl [sic] Difficulty. Time is obviously a placeholder

XT-002 Deconstructor (see the XT-002 Guide)

  • Heroic: Nerf Engineering - Defeat XT-002 Deconstructor without him recovering any health from XS-013 Scrapbots on Heroic Difficulty. This is a “strong play” achievement; it’s very possible to destroy all the Scrapbots before they reach the boss
  • Heroic: Nerf Scrapbots - Defeat 1000 XS-013 Scrapbots within 12 seconds using XE-321 Boombots on Heroic Difficulty. The number of Scrapbots is a placeholder, the time might not be. Since Boombot explosions can affect Scrapbots this is a matter of timing and some RNG (Boombots that spawn in the right places at the right times)
  • Heroic: Nerf Dark Bombs - Defeat XT-002 Deconstructor without any raid member dying from a Dark Bomb on Heroic Difficulty. Dark Bombs was likely the playtest name for Gravity Bomb
  • Heroic: Must Deconstruct Faster - Defeat XT-002 Deconstructor in 20.5 seconds on Heroic Difficulty. The time is likely a PH
  • Heroic: Heartbreaker - Defeat XT-002 Deconstructor after destroying his heart on Heroic Difficulty. This is XT-002’s “hard mode”

The Iron Council (see the Iron Council Guide)

  • Heroic: I Choose You, Runemaster Molgeim/Stormcaller Brundir/Steelbreaker - Defeat the Iron Council with Runemaster Molgeim/ Stormcaller Brundir/ Steelbreaker as the last member alive on Heroic Difficulty. These are the difficulty modes associated with the Iron Council. The current assumption is that Stormcaller Brundir last is the easiest difficulty, followed by Runemaster Molgeim and Steelbreaker
  • Heroic: But I’m on Your Side - Defeat the Iron Council while under the effect of a Steel Boot Flask on Heroic Difficulty. “Steel Boot Flask” is most likely a typo for Iron Boot Flask. Unless something is changed about the behaviour of Iron Boot Flasks with druid forms, this achievement will be very difficult for Druids to attain
  • Heroic: Can’t Do That While Stunned - Defeat the Iron Council without allowing Stormcaller Brundir to cast Chain Lightning or Lightning Whirl on Heroic Difficulty. Involves having a dedicated interrupter or two on Stormcaller Brundir, but otherwise not very difficult, particularly if Stormcaller Brundir is killed first in the lineup
  • Heroic: Overload Overlord - Defeat the Iron Council without any raid member being struck by Overload on Heroic Difficulty. Not very difficult, as Overload has a long cast time. A basic “idiot check” achievement. Probably best to do with Stormcaller Brundir dying last, as the majority of the raid will not be close to him until the time he stops casting Overload altogether

Kologarn (see the Kologarn Guide)

  • Heroic: With Open Arms - Defeat Kologarn without destroying either of his arms on Heroic Difficulty. The way Kologarn currently is on the PTR as of 12 March 2009, this is actually the default approach
  • Heroic: Disarmed - Destroy both of Kologarn’s arms within 12 seconds and then defeat Kologarn on Heroic Difficulty. This achievement will take more effort than Open Arms, since Kologarn’s Stone Shout does quite a bit of damage and there will be a lot of Rubble up concurrently
  • Heroic: Rubble and Roll - Defeat Kologarn with 6000 Rubble creatures alive on Heroic Difficulty. The number of creatures is a placeholder. This achievement can probably be done concurrently with Disarmed
  • Heroic: If Looks Could Kill - Defeat Kologarn without any raid member being hit by Focused Eye Beams on Heroic Difficulty. Another “idiot check” achievement to see how quickly your raiders move

Hodir (see the Hodir Guide)

Heroic: Cheese the Freeze - Defeat Hodir without any raid member being hit by Flash Freeze on Heroic Difficulty. A basic execution check

Heroic: I Have the Coolest Friends - Defeat Hodir without any friendly NPC dying on Heroic Difficulty. Requires players to babysit the annoying and not-very-useful NPCs, but as long as the raid isn’t going for the hard mode timer this doesn’t seem like a very difficult achievement either

Heroic: Getting Cold in Here - Defeat Hodir without any raid member having more than 3 stacks of Biting Cold on Heroic Difficulty. Requires that no player be Frozen or Flash Frozen for very long, nor staying in place for more than one or two spellcasts. Probably not very fun

Heroic: Staying Buffed All Winter - Possess the effects of Toasty Fire, Storm Power and Starlight at the same time on Heroic Difficulty. As the fight currently stands, this achievement is very, very RNG since there’s no reliable way to ensure the NPCs will be very close to each other or who gets Storm Power. Hopefully the fight and this achievement will see some revision.

Mimiron (see the Mimiron Guide)

Heroic: Mind the Mines - Defeat Mimiron without anyone in the raid triggering a Proximity Mine on Heroic Difficulty

Heroic: Strike Out - Defeat Mimiron without anyone in the raid being hit by a Rocket Strike on Heroic Difficulty

Heroic: A-bomb-inable - Defeat Mimiron without anyone in the raid being hit by a Bomb Bot on Heroic Difficulty

Heroic: I’ll Form the Head! - Force Mimiron to combine the parts of his greatest creation within 20 minutes on Heroic Difficulty. The time requirement could be a placeholder, or else the fight could be really really long

Heroic: Set Up Us the Bomb - Complete the following Mimiron achievements on Heroic Difficulty. This likely combines some or all of the preceding Mimiron achievements and is probably included in the 310% drake meta

Thorim (see the Thorim Guide/Guide 2)

Heroic: Don’t Stand in the Lightning - Defeat Thorim without being affected by Lightning Charge on Heroic Difficulty. This is an execution check for the final phase of Thorim when he’s inside the arena

Heroic: I’ll Take You All On - Defeat Thorim, the Ancient Rune Giant and the Rune Colossus on Heroic Difficulty. I have no personal experience with the fight, but this seems like the default approach- not exactly sure what’s going on with this achievement

Heroic: Who Needs Bloodlust? - Defeat Thorim while under the effect of Aura of Celerity on Heroic Difficulty. We’re not currently sure what gives the Aura of Celerity in this fight

Heroic: Siffed - Force Thorim to enter the arena and defeat him while Sif is present on Heroic Difficulty. This is Thorim’s “hard mode,” and requires engaging him within 3 minutes after starting the fight.

General Vezax

Heroic: Shadowdodger - Defeat General Vezax without any raid member being hit by Shadow Crash on Heroic Difficulty. This is simply an execution check

Heroic: I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning - Defeat General Vezax without being affected by Saronite Vapors on Heroic Difficulty. Supposedly this is General Vezax’s “hard mode.”

Heroic: Never Stand Near the Faceless Dude - Defeat General Vezax without allowing him to regain health from Mark of the Faceless on Heroic Difficulty. Another potentially tricky execution check involving players not standing within 12 yards of Vezax when he casts this AoE spell


  • Heroic: She’s Not Bad for an Old God - /Kiss Sara in Ulduar on Heroic Difficulty. Just a fun achievement the entire raid can knock out in phase 1 of Yogg-Saron
  • Heroic: Drive Me Crazy - Defeat Yogg-Saron without any raid member going insane on Heroic Difficulty. Most likely an execution check
  • Heroic: He’s Not Getting Any Older - Defeat Yogg-Saron within 22 minutes on Heroic Difficulty. Ghostcrawler has confirmed that the time on this achievement is a placeholder.

Algalon the Observer

  • Heroic: Observed - Defeat Algalon the Observer on Heroic Difficulty
  • Heroic: Supermassive - Defeat Algalon the Observer while destroying 4 Black Holes within 10 seconds on Heroic Difficulty. Black Holes are likely some sort of add in the encounter. The achievement title is a reference either to the astronomical phenomenon of supermassive black holes or the rock band Muse’s song of the same name
  • Heroic: He Feeds On Your Tears - Defeat Algalon the Observer without any raid member dying on Heroic Difficulty. A sort of “mini-Immortal” for Algalon. I suspect this one is required for the Ulduar meta.

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