Wednesday, January 14, 2009

World of Warcraft Exploit: Get 300% Healing Power With Druids

  1. First of all make sure you have the tree of life form
  2. Get the item Bloodberry Elixir from doing the quest Open for business. (It will increase all your stats by 15 for 2 hours.  Note this only works on sunwell plateau)
  3. Go into your tree form skill you have.
  4. Take the Bloodberry elixir you acquired previously from doing the quest.  Now drink a battle elixirs.
  5. The tree forms aura will have a 300% jump in its ability to heal powers.  Normally you should only have 6% if you are curious
  6. When your adepts elixir goes away you will still have the 300% effects.
  7. Make sure not to get rid of your form or you will loose your 300% buff.
  8. You can log out and log back in and you will still keep the 300% aura, just make sure not to enter the arena.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Warhammer Exploits: AFK at PQ and Get Great Contribution (Warrior Priest)

  1. Play as a Warrior Priest first of all.
  2. Get in a group of 5 melee players in the game.
  3. Activate your ability for Prayer Of Devotion.
  4. Move your character to the middle of all the melee players you have.
  5. Now go AFK in the game.
  6. Come back and you will see you have 450+ to the roll over all the other players in the group.
  7. This is because Prayer of Devotion gives you 20% to chance to heal party members when they hit a NPC in the game.
  8. Then the healing is added to your contribution in the game. (hence make sure you have 5 melee players in your group.
  9. Enjoy all the extra contribution you can easily get AFK

World of Warcraft Guides - Easy Gold As Armorsmith After Patch 3.0.8

As Dream Shards are going to be worth a ton of gold after 3.0.8 patch (key ingredient for enchanting), there is a easy way to get a lots of em quite cheap. All you need is a character which can both, Blacksmithing and Enchanting.

As Blacksmith use the recipe called Legplates of Conquest and craft this item. It costs you 3 Saronite Bars and 2 Crystalized Earth. On most servers Saronite costs around 40-50g per stack and Eternal Earth ~6g (can be split in 10 Crystalized Earth).

The total costs are somewhere around 8 gold and will always give a Dream Shard when disenchanted. The actual price of Dream Shard is ~12-15g and probably will get much higher after 3.0.8.

You can also sell the Leggings to the vendor for 9.61 gold which gives you a little profit too.