Sunday, January 11, 2009

World of Warcraft Guides - Easy Gold As Armorsmith After Patch 3.0.8

As Dream Shards are going to be worth a ton of gold after 3.0.8 patch (key ingredient for enchanting), there is a easy way to get a lots of em quite cheap. All you need is a character which can both, Blacksmithing and Enchanting.

As Blacksmith use the recipe called Legplates of Conquest and craft this item. It costs you 3 Saronite Bars and 2 Crystalized Earth. On most servers Saronite costs around 40-50g per stack and Eternal Earth ~6g (can be split in 10 Crystalized Earth).

The total costs are somewhere around 8 gold and will always give a Dream Shard when disenchanted. The actual price of Dream Shard is ~12-15g and probably will get much higher after 3.0.8.

You can also sell the Leggings to the vendor for 9.61 gold which gives you a little profit too.

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