Saturday, February 21, 2009

World of Warcraft: Small Leak on First Ulduar Boss

There are some information leaked from an supposedly Blizzard Custom Supporter.

Phase 1:

  • This phase is very AoE heavily and also seems to include exploding (mechanical?) Dwarfs. Yay!
  • The boss will have 4 adds with different abilities, similar to Kael’Thas in The Eye
  • Once all adds are down, Phase 2 begins

Phase 2:

  • In Phase 2, 10 players will become mind controlled. You have to kill 5 people of your own raid to break the mind control
  • After the Mind Control is broken, the boss will enrage and releases her (it’s a she) attacks onto the raid
  • After that the boss will start to shoot fireballs to the 2 targets with the highest threat
  • After a while, she resurrects one of her adds with weakened damage but an nasty debuff which makes it immune to damage. A while after that, the second add will be resurrected
  • At 50% HP, phase 3 starts

Phase 3:

  • The roof will collapse in an attempt to destroy the raid (*waves at Magtheridon*)
  • … rest of Phase 3 and 4 are known as the leaker didn’t wanted to tell more

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Darkfall Online: NDA lifted & Darkfall live stream!

Well, topic speaks for itself. The NDA was lifted today as we can read in the official forums. Also the release date and the price of the game was confirmed/published. It seems it will cost 42 EUR for digital download. This is quite disappointing as the developers promised months ago that the game will be free to try and have no “initial” costs bound to it, so everyone could try it out.

Seems this was once again the typical PR-lies. Sad that Aventurine has to us such lame methods for their PR and lie to their fans. Another point is the lame try to make the price look better by excluding the VAT. 11.77 EUR/Month + VAT makes it 14 EUR, making it the most expensive MMO at the moment, significantly higher than the competition.

Read the full official statement at the official Darkfall Online Forums.

If you want to have a first class look at Darkfall Online, also make sure to check out the life stream at

Go to the Darkfall Online Stream

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Darkfall Online: Developer Response on Guard Towers

Latest news from the Darkfall Online Beta Forums. The developer posted a statement in response to the newly added towers to protect the newbie areas of Darkfall Online.

Hi everyone,

I want to address some of your concerns real quick:


  • We recently added one guard tower to each faction quest hub. There are only three faction quest hubs in each racial territory, so they have little impact on gameplay, other than offering some protection for players who just started playing the game
  • There are no additional guard towers planned
  • We know that at least one tower was wrongly placed close to a chaos stone, and it will be removed shortly
  • As far as rogue/alignment mechanics go, we are looking at various improvements to the system. Keep in mind that at release you can only have ONE character, so the majority of the playerbase may play the game differently than they do in beta
  • We are currently testing functionality that will give city owners more control over when they can be challenged

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

World of Warcraft: Recharge Items with limited charges for free

We all know it, we have some nice fun item, but it only has x-charges left. Did you ever wanted to have the charges back? With this little exploit, you can finally do it!

Important: This exploit only works on items who have charges (and are not soulbound).

There is a little list on items which works (other items not listed here may work to, if they fulfill the conditions mentioned above):

All you need to do is follow the steps below

  1. Before you start, buy Red Ribboned Wrapping Paper (in fact, any Wrapping Paper would work). All major City General Goods vendors sell it
  2. Use all but one (or 2) charges of your limited charge item
  3. Use the Red Ribboned Wrapping Paper on your item with 1 or 2 charges left
  4. Now go through a portal, Hearthstone back to your saved Inn or log out and log in again or enter an instance (everything that will cause the loading screen should work)
  5. Open the wrapped gift. Taaadaaa! Your item has now full charges again

Important: You MUST consume at least one charge before you wrap in the item, otherwise it won’t work. That’s why you should keep at least 2 charges left! Optimally you will always carry at least 2-3 Wrapping Papers with you, so you can wrap it in as soon as it reach one or two charges and log out or change instance!

Confirmed to work in 3.0.8!

World of Warcraft: Increase Hunter DPS by 15% with Lock and Load exploit

Currently there seems to be a bug with Lock and Load talent which allows you to use/trigger Lock and Load more often than just every 30 seconds.

Lock and Load - Rank 3

You have a 100% chance when you trap a target and a 10% chance when you deal periodic damage with your Serpent Sting to cause your next 2 Arcane Shot or Explosive Shot spells to trigger no cooldown, cost no mana and consume no ammo.  30 second cooldown.

Usually Lock and Load has an internal cooldown of 30 seconds, so statistically an Serpent Sting would trigger this proc every 10 ticks or 30 seconds. However, the traps will trigger it to 100%.

The 30 second timer usually prevents a hunter to use the trap method to trigger the proc (i.e. walk to the boss, drop a drop and run back), because usually the Serpent Sting will have triggered the proc already, preventing you from getting the next one.

What’s the exploit part now?

The exploit part just comes in now. Frost Trap isn’t effected by the internal 30 seconds cooldown on Lock and Load. So you can have a double proc (after getting one from Serpent Sting). With good timing and a bit luck, this would allow you to have 2x Lock and Load every 30 seconds (or 6x free Explosive Shots, with 1.5 seconds Global Cooldown + reapplying Serpent Sting and Aimed Shot, it’s 12 seconds max dps and 18 seconds normal dps)

This trick will reduce the need for low efficient Steady Shot.

The optimal rotation after a Serpent Sting proc would be:

  1. 00.00: cast Aimed Shot
  2. 01.50: cast Explosive Shot
  3. 03.00: cast Explosive Shot
  4. 04.50: reapply Serpent Sting
  5. 06.00: cast Explosive Shot and run to towards the boss
  6. 07.50: lay down Frost Trap
  7. 09.00: use Deterrence to get quickly on distance
  8. 10.50: use Aimed Shot
  9. 12.00: cast Explosive Shot
  10. 13.50: cast Explosive Shot
  11. 15.00: reapply Serpent Sting
  12. 16.50: cast Explosive Shot
  13. 18.00: cast Steady Shot
  14. 19.50: cast Steady Shot
  15. 20:50: cast Aimed Shot
  16. 22.00: cast Explosive Shot
  17. 23.50: cast Steady Shot
  18. 25.00: cast Steady Shot
  19. 26.50: cast Explosive Shot
  20. 28.00: cast Steady Shot
  21. 29.50: cast Steady Shot
  22. 31.00: reapply Serpent Sting


And continue Steady Shot/Explosive Shot until you get an Lock and Load proc and repeat the above rotation. Done properly (and good timings required), this can increase your dps by approximate 15%

Darkfall Online: Answers to most asked Darkfall questions

Sovlenski compiled a FAQ according to the current Darkfall Online Closed Beta answering some of the most asked questions there.

Read up and enojy


Are there any working doors?

No, they are pre-set on/off

Can guilds name their cities when they claim a stone, or do all the spots have a pre-set names?

Preset names.

By what metric is that black dot bigger than Kalimdor? Travel time? In-game size measurements?

Both travel time and size. Movement speed is a lot faster in WoW, the world in DF is more dynamic as the mountain you can actually travel up.


Regarding hamlets... can you build guard towers and farms there?


What features does a clan offer the player?

A clan offers a contract of safe people to role with, a way to gank people with no penalty except risk by going to war and probably a city to chill at.

Can ranks/titles be given? (military ranks?), and what practical functionality do they offer?

Yes, but the ranks are generic. Ranks offer what access you have in the bank as well as a bureaucratic structure.

How is clan property dealt with? for example, the ownership and/or control of a city, a farm / bank or a certain piece of land (if that's possible)
Who keeps control over buildings like clan houses and banks?
How is a clan bank taken care of, who gets access to items and gold?

The owner ship of the clan city is whoever claim that city with a clan shard. Who ever is the major of the city is the boss. Clan bank is manipulated by the clan leader, (ranks).

I assume 'kingdoms' can be formed, what does a clan need to do to receive the status of 'Kingdom'?
How does a clan/kingdom claim control/ownership over land?
How does a clan/kingdom conquer land from other clans/kingdoms?

Kingdom is merely owning land. On the political map the area your clan controls is indicated with a green box. A clan claims a city/hamlet with a clan shard. A clan starts a siege by using a clanshard inside the enemies territory and 2 hours later their city becomes vulnerable.


Has anyone had the chance to operate a ship? And if so how was it?

So very expensive to get to this stage, but yes and it was just faster travel on the water. Lol it was a raft...

Can the elf and dark elf see better at night?



How much does your skill level affect your damage output?

Minorly, but it adds up and can give a major advantage.

Are spells influenced by the kind of staff you're using? Or are spells always the same as long as you are holding any staff (even the noob staff)?

Staves affect speed of casting and damage. Read the description of the staff.

Can you enlighten us with descriptions or general information about what each of the stats in game actually DO for you? What effect does each of the stats have on gameplay?

  • Strength: Increase damage dealt with melee weapons, and moderately affects maximum health
  • Vitality: Grants a considerable bonus to maximum Health and a moderate bonus to stamina. A high Vitality may also slightly reduce to effects of poison and bleeding
  • Dexterity: Increase archery damage, and may reduce damage taken from area effects
  • Quickness: Slightly increases melee and archery speed, and may reduce damage taken from such attacks. Grants a moderate bonus to maximum Stamina
  • Intelligence: Increase the power of spells, and greatly affects maximum Mana. Improves resistance against mental attacks
  • Wisdom: Grants a bonus to all crafting and harvesting skills. Also, it moderately affects maximum Mana, and grants a slight resistance bonus to curses

Magic takes time to reach it's target as it's flying.The question is if it differs per magic type; for example a "Ball Lightning"(Since it's cheapest.) versus a Corrosive Blast.


Is there a poison skill in the game? How do poisons work? Is there only one kind of poison? How much damage does any known poisons do? Can you make poisons?

Magical dots are the closest thing to poisons. You cannot coat your weapon in dragons blood, sorry.

If you are grouped and on a kill quest do you get credit if a group member kills a mob you are after?

Last hit

When/if you get a chance, I wouldn't mind hearing about mounts and/or mounted combat. Is it fun? Is it even in? Can you fight with any weapon mounted. (I'm pretty sure not a bow however.) Is it like regular combat?

I will verify then answer this in 20 minutes

When someones on the ground and you go to gank them what if you dont use any kind of weapons besides a wand. do you just smack them in the head with the wand? or does your hand burst into flames and you shove it in their chest or something?

You have to have a melee weapon out.

I have heard of many in game using 2 handers, but little mention of knives/daggers. I understand knives are faster, do less dmg with less range, and appear dual wielding, but are they not a viable weapon class?

Verifying check in 10-20 minutes

Will I be at a major disadvantage for not eating in the game?

Yes, stats go up very slowly stacking food 3 times makes everything go faster as well as never ending sprint


How do crafted gear compare to gear dropped from mobs across the board (i.e. low level crafted vs low level dropped, mid level vs mid level, high vs high)?

Crafted gear is better than mob drops and merchant bought items

Just wonder if there's any way to make a fire or something out in the field so you can cook and not have to run back to a town all the time

Nope, you have to be at an oven in any of the cities. But you can send up a magical smoke column.

Darkfall Online: 2 New Videos (Update)

The next two videos shows a boat and mounted combat (woohooo!!)

Small boat:

The mounted combat looks very cool and exciting!

Mirdain Mount:

Monday, February 16, 2009

Darkfall Online: Mounts in Darkfall Online

If you’re eager to see how mounts looks like in Darkfall Online, check out this movies now

Reptile/Wyrm-like Mount

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Darkfall Online: New City Raid Video

The latest Darkfall Online Leak shows a city raid. Lean back and enjoy!

Darkfall Online: Leaked Beta Patchnotes Build 123

New Patch



  • New loading screen
  • Mahirim male and female armor and clothing graphics have been updated
  • Chat system is being fixed and enhanced
    • You can drag tabs out of the window and they will form new windows
    • You can drag tabs in between windows
    • All problems relating to focus on the chat window has been resolved
    • Closed windows stay closed until you use the main menu chat button to bring up all the chat windows. (If there is a specific chat tab that you don't want to see, then drag it to a new window and close it)
    • You will be given all the tools necessary to configure the chat system to your exact liking in a later patch
  • Some quest fixes
  • Several spells have been tweaked with regards to magnitude, duration, casting-time, lower reagent requirements and blocking timers:
    • Disintegrate in Earth Magic has been tweaked
    • Earthquake in Earth Magic has been tweaked
    • Gravity in Earth Magic has been tweaked
    • Impale in Earth Magic has been tweaked
    • Ironskin in Earth Magic has been tweaked
    • Meteor Strike in Earth Magic has been tweaked
    • Pungent Mist in Earth Magic has been tweaked
    • Stamina Leech in Earth Magic has been tweaked
    • Stone Skin in Earth Magic has been tweaked
    • Tarnish in Earth Magic has been tweaked
    • Dragonbreath in Fire Magic has been tweaked
    • Explosion in Fire Magic has been tweaked
    • Fire Shield in Fire Magic has been tweaked
    • Fire Ward in Fire Magic has been tweaked
    • Fireball in Fire Magic has been tweaked
    • Firebolt in Fire Magic has been tweaked
    • Haste in Fire Magic has been tweaked
    • Impetus in Fire Magic has been tweaked
    • Inferno in Fire Magic has been tweaked
    • Magma Storm in Fire Magic has been tweaked
    • Rapid Shot in Fire Magic has been tweaked
    • Smoke Signal in Fire Magic has been tweaked
    • Volcano in Fire Magic has been tweaked
    • Wall of Fire in Fire Magic has been tweaked
    • Weakening Blaze in Fire Magic has been tweaked
    • Adept in Spell Chanting has been tweaked
    • Bless Other in Spell Chanting has been tweaked
    • Blessing in Spell Chanting has been tweaked
    • Healing Chant in Spell Chanting has been tweaked
    • Infliction Shield in Spell Chanting has been tweaked