Saturday, February 21, 2009

World of Warcraft: Small Leak on First Ulduar Boss

There are some information leaked from an supposedly Blizzard Custom Supporter.

Phase 1:

  • This phase is very AoE heavily and also seems to include exploding (mechanical?) Dwarfs. Yay!
  • The boss will have 4 adds with different abilities, similar to Kael’Thas in The Eye
  • Once all adds are down, Phase 2 begins

Phase 2:

  • In Phase 2, 10 players will become mind controlled. You have to kill 5 people of your own raid to break the mind control
  • After the Mind Control is broken, the boss will enrage and releases her (it’s a she) attacks onto the raid
  • After that the boss will start to shoot fireballs to the 2 targets with the highest threat
  • After a while, she resurrects one of her adds with weakened damage but an nasty debuff which makes it immune to damage. A while after that, the second add will be resurrected
  • At 50% HP, phase 3 starts

Phase 3:

  • The roof will collapse in an attempt to destroy the raid (*waves at Magtheridon*)
  • … rest of Phase 3 and 4 are known as the leaker didn’t wanted to tell more

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