Thursday, February 19, 2009

Darkfall Online: NDA lifted & Darkfall live stream!

Well, topic speaks for itself. The NDA was lifted today as we can read in the official forums. Also the release date and the price of the game was confirmed/published. It seems it will cost 42 EUR for digital download. This is quite disappointing as the developers promised months ago that the game will be free to try and have no “initial” costs bound to it, so everyone could try it out.

Seems this was once again the typical PR-lies. Sad that Aventurine has to us such lame methods for their PR and lie to their fans. Another point is the lame try to make the price look better by excluding the VAT. 11.77 EUR/Month + VAT makes it 14 EUR, making it the most expensive MMO at the moment, significantly higher than the competition.

Read the full official statement at the official Darkfall Online Forums.

If you want to have a first class look at Darkfall Online, also make sure to check out the life stream at

Go to the Darkfall Online Stream


cheezychunk said...
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Anonymous said...

Wouldn't give them too hard a time on the charging, remmeber, they are a startup and capital is probably unexpectedly thin for them right now due to the state of the economy.

dongge said...
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