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Darkfall Online: Answers to most asked Darkfall questions

Sovlenski compiled a FAQ according to the current Darkfall Online Closed Beta answering some of the most asked questions there.

Read up and enojy


Are there any working doors?

No, they are pre-set on/off

Can guilds name their cities when they claim a stone, or do all the spots have a pre-set names?

Preset names.

By what metric is that black dot bigger than Kalimdor? Travel time? In-game size measurements?

Both travel time and size. Movement speed is a lot faster in WoW, the world in DF is more dynamic as the mountain you can actually travel up.


Regarding hamlets... can you build guard towers and farms there?


What features does a clan offer the player?

A clan offers a contract of safe people to role with, a way to gank people with no penalty except risk by going to war and probably a city to chill at.

Can ranks/titles be given? (military ranks?), and what practical functionality do they offer?

Yes, but the ranks are generic. Ranks offer what access you have in the bank as well as a bureaucratic structure.

How is clan property dealt with? for example, the ownership and/or control of a city, a farm / bank or a certain piece of land (if that's possible)
Who keeps control over buildings like clan houses and banks?
How is a clan bank taken care of, who gets access to items and gold?

The owner ship of the clan city is whoever claim that city with a clan shard. Who ever is the major of the city is the boss. Clan bank is manipulated by the clan leader, (ranks).

I assume 'kingdoms' can be formed, what does a clan need to do to receive the status of 'Kingdom'?
How does a clan/kingdom claim control/ownership over land?
How does a clan/kingdom conquer land from other clans/kingdoms?

Kingdom is merely owning land. On the political map the area your clan controls is indicated with a green box. A clan claims a city/hamlet with a clan shard. A clan starts a siege by using a clanshard inside the enemies territory and 2 hours later their city becomes vulnerable.


Has anyone had the chance to operate a ship? And if so how was it?

So very expensive to get to this stage, but yes and it was just faster travel on the water. Lol it was a raft...

Can the elf and dark elf see better at night?



How much does your skill level affect your damage output?

Minorly, but it adds up and can give a major advantage.

Are spells influenced by the kind of staff you're using? Or are spells always the same as long as you are holding any staff (even the noob staff)?

Staves affect speed of casting and damage. Read the description of the staff.

Can you enlighten us with descriptions or general information about what each of the stats in game actually DO for you? What effect does each of the stats have on gameplay?

  • Strength: Increase damage dealt with melee weapons, and moderately affects maximum health
  • Vitality: Grants a considerable bonus to maximum Health and a moderate bonus to stamina. A high Vitality may also slightly reduce to effects of poison and bleeding
  • Dexterity: Increase archery damage, and may reduce damage taken from area effects
  • Quickness: Slightly increases melee and archery speed, and may reduce damage taken from such attacks. Grants a moderate bonus to maximum Stamina
  • Intelligence: Increase the power of spells, and greatly affects maximum Mana. Improves resistance against mental attacks
  • Wisdom: Grants a bonus to all crafting and harvesting skills. Also, it moderately affects maximum Mana, and grants a slight resistance bonus to curses

Magic takes time to reach it's target as it's flying.The question is if it differs per magic type; for example a "Ball Lightning"(Since it's cheapest.) versus a Corrosive Blast.


Is there a poison skill in the game? How do poisons work? Is there only one kind of poison? How much damage does any known poisons do? Can you make poisons?

Magical dots are the closest thing to poisons. You cannot coat your weapon in dragons blood, sorry.

If you are grouped and on a kill quest do you get credit if a group member kills a mob you are after?

Last hit

When/if you get a chance, I wouldn't mind hearing about mounts and/or mounted combat. Is it fun? Is it even in? Can you fight with any weapon mounted. (I'm pretty sure not a bow however.) Is it like regular combat?

I will verify then answer this in 20 minutes

When someones on the ground and you go to gank them what if you dont use any kind of weapons besides a wand. do you just smack them in the head with the wand? or does your hand burst into flames and you shove it in their chest or something?

You have to have a melee weapon out.

I have heard of many in game using 2 handers, but little mention of knives/daggers. I understand knives are faster, do less dmg with less range, and appear dual wielding, but are they not a viable weapon class?

Verifying check in 10-20 minutes

Will I be at a major disadvantage for not eating in the game?

Yes, stats go up very slowly stacking food 3 times makes everything go faster as well as never ending sprint


How do crafted gear compare to gear dropped from mobs across the board (i.e. low level crafted vs low level dropped, mid level vs mid level, high vs high)?

Crafted gear is better than mob drops and merchant bought items

Just wonder if there's any way to make a fire or something out in the field so you can cook and not have to run back to a town all the time

Nope, you have to be at an oven in any of the cities. But you can send up a magical smoke column.

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