Friday, June 5, 2009

Warcraft Formula June Update

Already 1 month past since last update! Geez times flies by so fast… but on the bright side: There is a new update to Warcraft Formula

The updates this month include:

  1. Latest WoW News: Including 3.2 tidbits, rumors and details on all upcoming stuff this summer.
  2. Achievements guide for “Glory of the Hero”: Learn the easiest way to get this Achievement and one of the fastest mounts in-game: A Rusted Proto-Drake with incredible 310% flying speed (instead of 280% on normal flying mounts)
  3. PvP and Raiding Strategies: New team updates for Arena Season 6, together with latest strategies on the newest Vault of Archavon raiding boss Emalon for Tier 8 and Season 6 epic gear.
  4. Emalon the Stormwatcher: No Ulduar strategies this time (however last issue dealt with it already). Instead there are some good Emalon and the Vault of Archavon strategies and tips & tricks.
  5. and much more…

If you’re already member, check out the Warcraft Formula Member area and download the latest issue. If not, you can sign up and be updated. 

Monday, June 1, 2009

XP/Goldgrinding/Botting Spot in Howling Fjord – World of Warcraft

In Howling Fjord there is a place with instant respawn. You can find it near the horde starting zone in Howling Fjord. The name of the NPCs is North Fleet Salvager. The trick is, the money instantly respawns when you kill it. This makes it an ideal spot for grinding XP (you get ~800 XP unrested and 1600 XP rested). Also nice for some gold grinding (even though there are better ways to make money, but it’s also good for the gold-looting achievement).

Probably the most important point of this spot is, that it’s ideal for AFK-Botting and farming gold/XP for you over night.

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