Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sword Master review


For now, PvE is very easy. I can take on 2-3 mobs one after another without a period of rest at all. However, when you just finished killing your first mob and you suddenly have two on you, then it gets very difficult. I may live, I may die, it’s all up to how well I do (dice rolls mainly). I’ve tanked PQs as well, without too much of a problem. I feel that my DPS is pretty good considering my spec. It can kill stuff easily, but not as quick as my 2h SM counterparts, like it should be. Overall, even if PvE is boring, it’s still easy to do and enjoyable when RvR gets frustrating.

The Good

  • Good spot in DPS
  • Mechanic makes me use almost all my moves (aside from a few off-spec openers)
  • Easy to take and hold aggro
  • Bosses in PQ's are easily tanked, even with many other people beating on the mob
  • Casting mobs are easily dealt with

The Bad

  • Attacking two mobs at once can be dicey, most of the time I run away (unless it’s clear that I can win)


Completely different story. The 1-2-3 mechanic of the SM seems to hinder it some, as I may need a snare RIGHT NOW instead of having to wait a few seconds to cycle through my moves. Aside from that little quirk, the mechanic is actually quite nice.

While my DPS is lower (especially against other tanks), I feel that the debuffs I can do really hinder an opponent that chooses to ignore me. Plus, I can take a good amount of punishment unsupported before I go down. With a healer, I’ve taken on 4-6 Destruction and not died. Most of the time it was just one healer helping my out. In small scale engagements the SM does fairly well, but larger scale battles (roughly 10 or so) the SM really feels useless. I find that I use my rank 1 morale ability, demolishing strike, as my main form of DPS, rather then a supplement. Why? Because all the damage I can do can be undone in less then a second (I saw a Zealot heal itself from about 10-15% health to FULL in one cast). Sometimes I really feel like giving up because whatever I do can simply be brushed aside and ignored. All my debuffs, while great against one target, are HORRIBLE when facing multiple opponents, since your stance resets upon switching targets.

The Good

  • Small scale battles (about 5 or so on each side) are good, I feel useful
  • I can wreck havoc with my interrupts against a single caster
  • Throw is a great ability, great for stopping runners! All classes should have something akin to this in my opinion…

The Bad

  • The 1-2-3 Mechanic works against the SM in large scale battles, as the SM often has to switch targets
  • No way to break out of snares and/or roots
  • Goes down fairly quickly without healing support
  • Heavily relies on demolishing strike for DPS, all other forms negated by healing
  • Going against a healer is a joke, can’t kill it and they just wear you down.