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Wintergrasp Siege Weapon Exploit – World of Warcraft

Actually there is a little Wintergrasp exploit, which can be abused (current state: This exploit still works on PTR and will probably not be fixed with World of Warcraft 3.1 Content Patch featuring Ulduar), to make it easier/faster to win. Especially useful if you’re outnumbered by enemies or want to make the Within Our Grasp Achievement.

The bugged siege vehicle is Wintergrasp Demolisher! Many people already know it or think it’s common knowledge, but I’ve seen so many people who didn’t know it, so i decided to post it here so they get aware of it too!

The bug is simple: The Wintergrasp Demolisher has the “ability” to go through the small holes which are designed for the players to go through in the inner walls. There are two ways to exploit this bug.

As attacker in Wintergrasp

Dugi's Ultimate World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King PvP and LevelingGuide As attacker you can abuse this exploit to get quickly to the artifact room win the siege.

  • The prerequisites: Tell everyone in your Wintergrasp raid to take the Wintergrasp Demolisher instead of the other two siege engines!
  • Next go and destroy the outer wall (of course!)
  • Once they are broken, everyone moves with their Wintergrasp Demolisher through the small hole in the inner wall
  • Everyone who is not in or on the Wintergrasp Demolisher, will bind the enemy
  • Go straight for the artifact room, destroy the door with the catapults (They have great range and can fire while moving)
  • Once the gate is broke, use the artifact
  • Win and hopefully get Within Our Grasp!

As defender in Wintergrasp

Dugi's Ultimate World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King PvP and LevelingGuide But you can abuse this also when you’re on the defending side of Wintergrasp, however it’s benefit is much lower than if you do it while in offense.

The trick on the defending side is, to move the Wintergrasp Demolisher to one of the towers. This allows you even when the tower was destroyed to shoot down at the enemies. And in the right position, they can’t fight back to you (no line of sight and you can shoot in an arc)

Main disadvantage is that the min-angle is quite high and you can’t directly attack enemies close to the tower, so it requires a bit experimenting with the positions where to place the catapult to be most effective.

On the other side: The really big advantage is that you can also shoot inside the outer yard of the Wintergrasp Keep! (which is otherwise only possible with the two Turret Guns on the inner walls which are usually destroyed very quickly).

Dugi's Ultimate World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King PvP and LevelingGuide

Have fun exploiting!

How to win Wintergrasp Tactic Guide – World of Warcraft

Do you find yourself tempted by the rewards offered by Wintergrasp but always appear to be part of the loosing side? Then read this tactical guide on how to successfully win control of Wintergrasp Keep, from retaining it’s power to breaching it as an attacking force.


Dugi's Ultimate World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King PvP and LevelingGuide

To combat the problem of uneven teams, the Tenacity buff has been introduced. This will be placed on players if their team has a considerably low amount of members, and is done to even up the numerical difference. One Tenacity buff contains the following:


  • Health increased by 18%.
  • Healing taken increased by 18%.
  • Health regeneration increased by 18%.
  • Damage dealt increased by 14%.

The higher the difference in teams is, the more stacks of this buff a player will receive. It also effects the vehicles they use, which means it is possible to win a Wintergrasp battle with fewer than 10 people.

Offensive Strategy

Dugi's Ultimate World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King PvP and LevelingGuide

If you find yourself in the offensive team, then your main priority is to gain control of at least one of the contested Goblin Workshops. Depending on how many of the opposing team are at the Workshop, you may or may not kill enough to receive a high enough rank to create vehicles. If you are unfortunate and have not made enough kills to reach at least Corporal, then you should quickly enter combat with enough NPCs/players to reach the required rank.

Once you are able to create vehicles, it is always recommended that you make at least two. This is especially important in the early stages of the battle when a lot of your fellow teammates will be unable to make their own vehicles. To do this, simply create one and park it outside the Workshop, then run inside to create your own. Since players can operate vehicles no matter what Rank they are, players who are still Recruit will be able to use the vehicle you just created.

The key to a successful onslaught is to keep on the pressure, and in a particular area. If you are only attacking their walls with one vehicle at a time, or attacking from all different angles, then the offensive team will simply shoot your vehicles down and wait for the next batch. This is why it is important to group up and attack together. Also, while attacking you will notice the guns on the side of the towers doing huge amounts of damage to your vehicles. These will need to be shot down as fast as possible, either with ranged DPS or vehicle guns.

Collecting RP-GG’s (Rocket-Propelled Goblin Grenade) from Goblin Workshops can also help a player. Once clicked, they can detect vehicles that are nearby and can be useful. In the heat of battle these can be severally overlooked.

Defensive Strategy

Dugi's Ultimate World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King PvP and LevelingGuide

Much the same as the offensive team, you and your teammates will need to make vehicles, and fast! However, since the defensive team’s Workshops are contained within the Keep, there is not such a high need for battling for control over the two contested Workshops. Also, it might take a few minutes for the attackers to start making vehicles, so this time should be used for maximum effect. There is no excuse for not being able to make vehicles once the onslaught has began.

Also, as mentioned above, the guns that are spread all over the keep are to be used. They only require one player for each gun, and they are capable of doing huge amounts of damage when used correctly. Their damage is AoE based, so an accurate shot on a moving vehicle is not needed, but will help.

If it looks like the attackers are breaking through the Keep walls a little too fast, then it would be recommended to go on the attack. Join forces with a few others and attack their towers. This will not only reduce the power buffs the attackers have placed upon them, but if all three are destroyed then 10 minutes will be knocked off the time of the battle. In a battle only lasting 30 minutes, being able to knock off a third of the allocated time will place a huge amount of pressure on the offensive team, and will often result in a win for the defense.

However, if the Keep is unfortunately breached, there is still hope. Much like Arathi Basin, players have to click and channel this for a few seconds in order to capture the Keep. This means that breaking their attempt with damage is vitally important. Consider fears and AoEs if this does happen.


One of the main reasons why so many people choose to battle in Wintergrasp is because of the Dailies on offer. There are a wide range of quests, from simply winning the battle, to killing a certain amount of players and vehicles. They can be either picked up from within the Keep itself (if you are defending) or at the starting camp if you are attacking. Often players will share quests, so don’t worry if you think you may be missing a few.

These quests offer gold and Stone Keeper Shards, which can be exchanged for PVP gear or even a mammoth if you

are willing to collect 300. Simply winning the battle also gives rewards, with players being given Wintergrasp Mark of Honors. One is given for being a Recruit, 2 for being a Corporal, and 3 marks are given for being a First Lieutenant. These can also be exchanged for PVP gear, so you and your team can continually win Wintergrasp Battles!

Dugi's Ultimate World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King PvP and LevelingGuide

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Wintergrasp PvP Zone Guide – World of Warcraft

What is Wintergrasp?

Located in the center of Northrend, Wintergrasp is World of Warcraft’s first and only designated PVP area. Its mobs offer up an array of crystallized elements, which makes it an ideal place for players looking to farm some much-needed gold. However, once every 2.5 hours, for approximately 30 minutes, Wintergrasp transforms into an arena of bloodshed. Its mobs go into hiding and the Siege Vehicles come out to play! But how does a successful team win control of Wintergrasp? Read on…

The Idea Behind Wintergrasp

Dugi's Ultimate World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King PvP and Leveling Guide

Like most PVP events in World of Warcraft, Wintergrasp requires one faction to attack and the other to defend. The role

of each team is decided based on the events of the last Wintergrasp battle, which means if Alliance won the previous battle then Horde would be attacking with Alliance protecting. The role of the offense and the defense do not, however, change with each battle. This means that in the above example Alliance’s role would be to prevent Horde from entering the Keep, a giant castle like building with two layers of wall protecting it. It is then the job of the offensive team (in this case the Horde) to break into the keep by demolishing the surrounding walls. If the Keep is breached then the attackers win, but if this is not achieved before the 30-minute stopwatch runs then the defensive team wins.

Wintergrasp Vehicles

Dugi's Ultimate World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King PvP and Leveling Guide

Vehicles are extremely important to the success of a team, especially to the team who is attempting to breach the Keep. Only the weapons attached to the vehicles can penetrate the Keep's walls, therefore it is vital to the offense team that vehicles are produced fast so they can start their onslaught as soon as possible. This can be done at one of the many Goblin Workshops as long as it is under the control of their faction (which is explained in greater detail later on in this article). The three vehicles that players can currently produce are the Wintergrasp Catapult, the Wintergrasp Siege Engine and the Wintergrasp Demolisher. Catapults are the fastest moving vehicles and are great for attacking players of the opposing team due to their AoE effects. Siege Engines can cause huge amounts of damage to structures with their ram and can also hold 2 passengers, who will be protected from harm while the vehicle is still working. Demolishers can do good amounts of damage to

buildings (not quite as much as Siege Engines however), but can do so from a range by hurling burning boulders. Each vehicle has their advantages and a judgment call is required from players when choosing to build and maneuver a vehicle.


However, to encourage participation with all members, barriers have been put in place that decide the type of vehicle that can be made. These are called Ranks, and as a player progresses in the battle he or she will climb the ranks. These Ranks are shown as buffs and are described, in detail, bellow:

  • Recruit – Player who has made 0-4 kills – Cannot create vehicles
  • Corporal – Player who has made 5-9 kills – Wintergrasp Catapult
  • First Lieutenant – Player has made 10+ kills – Can create all vehicles

Note that, according to Blizzard, ‘kills’ include NPCs and defensive cannons. Ranks are also important when it

comes to the distribution of rewards at the end of a battle (see next Article in this series). In short, the more a player kills, the better the rewards.

Towers and Goblin Workshops

Dugi's Ultimate World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King PvP and Leveling Guide

There are six Goblin Workshops in total (where vehicles can be made) and seven towers. This means that each team has two Workshops each, and the remaining two are there to be contested over. The attacker’s two Workshops are located at the southern edges of the map, and the defenders are held within the Keep itself. All four of these Workshops can be destroyed by the opposing team but, for obvious reasons, cannot be taken control of. This means that gaining control of the remaining two contested Workshops is vital in winning Wintergrasp, especially for the attacking team since their own Workshops are so far away from the Keep itself. Much like gaining a base in Eye of the Storm, the team who has the majority of players in the surrounding area will win control of the Workshop.

Towers are also equally important if a team wishes to win a Wintergrasp battle. A 5% extra damage buff is given to every player on the attacking team for every tower of theirs that is still standing. This means that if the attackers have all 3 towers standing then they will have a 15% increased damage buff throughout the battle. However, to combat

this, the defensive team is encouraged to go on the offensive and destroy the attacker’s towers in an attempt to ride them of their buff. If all three towers are destroyed then the game is shorted by 10 minutes, meaning the attackers will have very little time to breach the Keep.

Dugi's Ultimate World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King PvP and Leveling Guide

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Arena PvP Tactic Guide – World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is constantly evolving, and one of the most recent changes to PVP is the introduction of Arenas. However, since the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, arenas have undergone their own evolution!

Ruins of Lordaeron

Dugi's Ultimate World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King PvP and LevelingGuide

Unlike battlegrounds, the emphasis with Arenas is to simply kill the other team. However, there are many different techniques within individual Arenas that can make this objective a lot easier. Within the Ruins of Lordaeron, teams begin on opposite sides of the arena.

Many 'failing' teams decide to wait inside the starting area, but this tactic simply delays your own team's death. The key is to be offensive, and to use LoS (Line-of-Sight) to your advantage. The main object within this area that is capable of doing this is the Coffin, which is situated in the center of the area. Climbing on top of this will ensure no LoS breaks when attacking, however it also leaves you vulnerable to attacks from all angles. This is not recommend unless you find yourself in the rare circumstance of being up against a whole team of melee DPS.

The Graveyard, which is off to the side of the Arena, also offers breaks for LoS. There are three large tombstones which, when positioned behind, you cannot be attacked. These are great for healers who can stand behind them and move to the side when a heal is needed. Ruins of Lordaeron is known as one of the least LoS intense arenas out there, so finding these weak spots is vital to the success of a team.

The Circle of Blood

The most important aspect of this Arena is the bridge. It creates many opportunities to avoid taking damage, and ideal places to do serious DPS without interruption.

When the gates open, it is advised that you and your teammates move together up the ramp. The chances of the other team doing this too are high, and this means you should be able to view your opponents without fear of taking damage.

Once the battle is in full swing, casters and long-ranged DPS should jump over to the platforms on either side of the bridge. This simply places them out of range from melee. If you are, however, uncomfortable with jumping them then walking along the rope is also possible. This tactic is not without its risks however, and a fall could lead to the destruction of your team, especially if you are the healer. Practicing the jump in skirmishes is advised.

Another good tactic is using the multiple breaks in LoS. If your team decides that jumping from the bridge is the best tactic, this does not mean that the whole team needs to. If, for example, in a 2v2 battle, your team mate jumps from the bridge and both your opponents jump with him, then there is little fear of you being attacked by them. Predicting how an Arena will turn out is almost impossible, but adjusting to circumstances is not.

The Ring of Trials

This Arena is the most simplistic of the five, with the terrain being flat and four non-moveable pillars. The tactics involved within this Arena are also fairly simple.

Unlike other Arenas, staying within the starting area is not an option. Not only will you be exposed to the other team (due to the flat terrain), you will also be an easy target for stealth players. Therefore, the most popular tactic for The Ring of Trials is to hide behind the nearest pillar, which should be decided before the battle begins between your teammates.

Simply wait for the other team to approach you and hope that this either splits them or makes them easier for your team to attack them. However, if this tactic does not suit your team build (i.e. a team of stealth players, or a high DPS team) then the best option is to attack the other team fast. With little LoS, the other team does not stand a chance of avoiding a beating from a high DPS team. Healers should, as normal, use LoS to their advantage within this arena.

Dalaran Sewers

This is one of the two new Arenas that were introduced with the latest expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. Blizzard has wised-up to the 'cheap' tactics some teams used to use. In the past, the easiest way to force your opponents into offensive mode was to wait in the starting booths. However, this particular Arena punishes that tactic, and if your team waits in there too long then you will be shunted out. Avoid this, since it scatters your team and plays you into the hands of the other team.

Another unique aspect of this Arena is the center. There is a podium that can be accessed via stairs, but choosing to climb them can result in lost time. The rewards are high, however, with melee being forced to also climb the stairs to get close to you, by which time you could have easily jumped down. However, many players simply choose to avoid the middle due to the waterfall. This drops 'every so often' (according to Blizzard) and knocks back anyone in its way. The waterfall prevents casting and can lose the battle for teams unlucky enough to be affected by it.

Some swear by kiting their enemies onto the center stage, and allowing the water to hit them. This takes a lot of practice, and a certain amount of luck. A more simplistic tactic would be to go on the defensive and conceal your team (or at least casters) behind the crates on either side of the Arena. Using the crates along with the LoS created by the waterfall can result in players being cut of from the rest of their team. Burst DPS will see these fall, and will almost instantly win the match!

The Ring of Valor

This is probably the most exciting new Arena, with many unique aspects. The starting areas, for example, have clearly been designed to encourage a fast-paced battle. You and your team will raise up from the ground right next to the other team. You will be able to attack them instantly, and if you time it right you can kill at least one teammate before they have even had a chance to check their surroundings.

Quick decisions and even quicker reactions are needed to survive this first intimate meeting. After this, both teams will most likely slow down. Negotiating the fire walls is the next on most teams' priority list. These inflict damage and can often leave a player separated from the rest of their team. In most situations, players will not run through the fire, so use this to your team's advantage with burst DPS.

Casters should (if possible) position themselves on top of the rising platforms, just next to the starting area. This means they are out of reach from melee, but can still DPS/Heal. This only lasts a few seconds, but can be extremely vital if used against a melee-intense team since, unlike Dalaran Sewers, there are no stairs.

If your team finds themselves on the outskirts on the Arena, then just like The Ring of Trials, use the pillars to your advantage. Simply running around these can allow for mana/health to regain, and gives time

for other teammates to come to your aid. Playing this Arena correctly takes a lot of practice, and luck does, unfortunately, play a huge part in this particular battle. Make sure your whole team knows of the benefits to this Arena's environment, and how each class can use them for their personal gain.


Strand of the Ancients Guide – World of Warcraft PvP Guide

What is Strand of the Ancients?

With the release of Wrath of the Lich King, Blizzard introduced new Player Versus Player content. Along with the new designated PVP content, a new 'subplot' battleground was incorporated into the endless World of Warcraft story line. To keep game play fresh, vehicles (known formally as Siege Vehicles) have been introduced. The concept between Strand of the Ancients is to knock down a series of walls with your vehicle, and to finally reach the Relic. Each team will have 10 minutes to do this, and the fasted faction to capture the Relic will be branded the winner. If no team captures the Relic in time, the game will be deemed a draw.

Tactics for Offensive Team

Dugi's Ultimate World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King PvP and Leveling Guide

Alliance, for unimportant reasons, always attempts to breach the Relic first. This means that Horde spawns in the city itself and Alliance makes their dramatic entrance on two boats. This unique starting position proposes problems for buffs, sharing food and any other pre-game advantages (such as health stones) due to players only being able to access half their team. Therefore, when both boats dock, it is vital that they rejoin forces. A player will soon discover that even though not a huge amount of PVP takes place within this battleground, sticking together as a team is important. The first wall that is to be breached has two gates. Only one needs to be knocked down (blue or green), so your team should pick one and assault it with available vehicles.

Despite the defense, this tactic will ensure the first wall is breached in good time. If the first gate (or any gates for that matter) don't seem to be falling, then it would be recommended to pick up a seaforium charge. These as explosives that players can carry which, if detonated at the correct spot, will do great damage to the gate. These are vital in times when vehicles are in short supply.

Graveyards are also important to the success of the attacking team. Capturing the correct ones at the right time can result in resurrecting teammates being placed in battle faster, and also ensures that there is a sufficient amount of Workshops creating vehicles. The correct tactic for capturing Graveyards is to take control of the Eastern and Western ones as soon as possible. This lengthens the time it takes for the defensive team to get back into position and shortens your own time. The Southern Graveyard is to also be captured, but not until your team reaches the Relic door.

Tactics for Defensive Team

Dugi's Ultimate World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King PvP and Leveling Guide 

Defensive turrets are important when it comes to fending off the onslaught of vehicles. There are two at either side of each gate, which can be accessed from the back stairs leading to them. If shooting a moving vehicle, it is recommend that the shooter aims a little ahead of the vehicle, to account for movement time. If aimed correctly, these can do a huge amount of damage and can destroy vehicles before they get uncomfortably close to the gate.

Equally important is the ability to fall back in time. It will be rare to be up against a team who does not break through a single gate. Therefore, it is vital that when a gate is broken you and you teammates fall back onto the next gate. If you arrive there before the Offensive team, then you stand a much better chance of fighting them off. This ability also needs to work when the yellow gate has been broken. This means that the Relic is next on their attack list, so there is no point in protecting anything else.

As mentioned above, capturing Graveyards is important to the Offensive team. Preventing them from capturing the Graveyards can slow down an onslaught. However, this will by no means prevent the onslaught, so only take time out from the main battle when you see fit.

The last step in ensuring that the Relic is kept intact is to disable any seaforium charges placed at gates. They take 10 seconds to detonate, however if you are able to defuse them in time, you will be saving 25% of your walls health. Just because there are no vehicles around, it does not mean that the Offensive team cannot breach the Relic!

Due to the introduction of Siege Vehicles, player on player combat has been reduced significantly within this fantastic battleground. However, teamwork and perseverance are still required, whether you are battling to protect or fighting to capture. Attacking teams should always be moving together, with players both on the ground and also operating vehicles. Unlike Wintergrasp, the Defensive team does not have the ability to create vehicles, so the Offensive team's main priority is to knock down walls. Similarly, the Defensive team will also need to work together, both attacking vehicles and defusing charges. A whole team working together can easily take down an onslaught of 4 or 5 vehicles at once. However, to do this teamwork is required, and only when players are not working as a team does the Offensive team capture the Relic.

Dugi's Ultimate World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King PvP and Leveling Guide