Friday, June 5, 2009

Warcraft Formula June Update

Already 1 month past since last update! Geez times flies by so fast… but on the bright side: There is a new update to Warcraft Formula

The updates this month include:

  1. Latest WoW News: Including 3.2 tidbits, rumors and details on all upcoming stuff this summer.
  2. Achievements guide for “Glory of the Hero”: Learn the easiest way to get this Achievement and one of the fastest mounts in-game: A Rusted Proto-Drake with incredible 310% flying speed (instead of 280% on normal flying mounts)
  3. PvP and Raiding Strategies: New team updates for Arena Season 6, together with latest strategies on the newest Vault of Archavon raiding boss Emalon for Tier 8 and Season 6 epic gear.
  4. Emalon the Stormwatcher: No Ulduar strategies this time (however last issue dealt with it already). Instead there are some good Emalon and the Vault of Archavon strategies and tips & tricks.
  5. and much more…

If you’re already member, check out the Warcraft Formula Member area and download the latest issue. If not, you can sign up and be updated. 

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