Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Darkfall Online: Developer Response on Guard Towers

Latest news from the Darkfall Online Beta Forums. The developer posted a statement in response to the newly added towers to protect the newbie areas of Darkfall Online.

Hi everyone,

I want to address some of your concerns real quick:


  • We recently added one guard tower to each faction quest hub. There are only three faction quest hubs in each racial territory, so they have little impact on gameplay, other than offering some protection for players who just started playing the game
  • There are no additional guard towers planned
  • We know that at least one tower was wrongly placed close to a chaos stone, and it will be removed shortly
  • As far as rogue/alignment mechanics go, we are looking at various improvements to the system. Keep in mind that at release you can only have ONE character, so the majority of the playerbase may play the game differently than they do in beta
  • We are currently testing functionality that will give city owners more control over when they can be challenged

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