Tuesday, February 17, 2009

World of Warcraft: Recharge Items with limited charges for free

We all know it, we have some nice fun item, but it only has x-charges left. Did you ever wanted to have the charges back? With this little exploit, you can finally do it!

Important: This exploit only works on items who have charges (and are not soulbound).

There is a little list on items which works (other items not listed here may work to, if they fulfill the conditions mentioned above):

All you need to do is follow the steps below

  1. Before you start, buy Red Ribboned Wrapping Paper (in fact, any Wrapping Paper would work). All major City General Goods vendors sell it
  2. Use all but one (or 2) charges of your limited charge item
  3. Use the Red Ribboned Wrapping Paper on your item with 1 or 2 charges left
  4. Now go through a portal, Hearthstone back to your saved Inn or log out and log in again or enter an instance (everything that will cause the loading screen should work)
  5. Open the wrapped gift. Taaadaaa! Your item has now full charges again

Important: You MUST consume at least one charge before you wrap in the item, otherwise it won’t work. That’s why you should keep at least 2 charges left! Optimally you will always carry at least 2-3 Wrapping Papers with you, so you can wrap it in as soon as it reach one or two charges and log out or change instance!

Confirmed to work in 3.0.8!

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