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World of Warcraft: Thorim (Ulduar) Strategy Guide

Background Story

Thorim protects Ulduar and the pacts between the races of frost from his throne within Temple of Storms, high above the Storm Peaks of Northrend.

thorim guide

After betraying the Pantheon Loken -Thorim’s brother- tricked him into betraying the frost giants by murdering his wife Sif and blaming it on the frost giant king. Thorim stroked out his allies and settled into a long stupor.

Years later, after discovering the truth, with the aid of players serving the Sons of Hodir, he recovered his shattered armor and weapon, and fought against his brother Loken. But it was a trapset by Loken to lure Thorim away from the Temple of Storms, where close to his dark masters power. Thorim and his proto-drake, Veranus, were captured and taken to “new dwellings”. Their fate thereafter is unknown.

His story is fleshed out in a long and expansive quest chain that eventually culminates in The Reckoning, where Thorim and Loken meet face to face, and Whatever it Takes!, where players enter the Halls of Lightning to destroy Loken and take his lying tongue.

It was announced on Feb 17, 2009 that Thorim is to be a raid encounter in the upcoming Ulduar dungeon. Once Thorim is defeated he is saved from the corruption and ports out to likely aid the players against Yogg-Saron later.


His name, title, and location are references to the Norse god Thor. Thorim’s hammer (Krolmir) is based on Thor’s hammer (Mjolnir) and Thor’s wife is also named Sif.

Trash Mobs

The fight takes place in The Clash of Thunder, an arena overwatched by Thorim himself. As you enter the arena you will see a Jormungar Behemoth (~1.2M HP) fighting a captured alliance/horde (opposing faction) team composed of 1 tank, 1 healer, and 3 damage dealers. Killing them is fairly easy, just make sure you take care of the AoE healing from the healer while fighting the NPC and try to avoid the large poison breath while fighting the Jormungar.

Jormungar Behemoth

Lieutenants and Soldiers

Once the NPCs and the Jormungar are dead, a lot of constructs (melee, casters, and healers) will jump into the arena from the stands and you will have to handle them with only one part of your raid while Thorim throws Stormhammers at them. He will also randomly activates the lightning orbs surrouding the arena, they will deal strong AoE damage to anyone near as soon as they are activated: run away from them!

Additionally, some mob (possibly Thorim or the Dark Rune Evoker, currently unknown) will cast Rune Detonation on players, necessitating the raid to spread out.

The 2nd part of the raid will have to go through the hallway to the left of the Arena and fight its way to Thorim. This hallways is also full of constructs and will also have you deal with two mini bosses (about 5M HP each), you only have 5 minutes to reach Thorim before he goes berserk and kills your raid.

As the raid makes its way through the gate and into the corridors preceding Thorim, some condition (rumour has it that it’s triggered by 0 people remaining in the room before the gate) causes a Lightning Orb to spawn and cast Lightning Destruction

Adds that are past the gate:

  • Ancient Rune Giant: Stomp + melee.
  • Runic Colossus: Uses Runic Barrier, Smash, and has a charge attack.

Thorim is originally on the balcony above the raid and can use all of the following:

  • Stormhammer - Thorim uses this attack semifrequently throughout the fight. Stormhammer procs Deafening Thunder which is further encouragement to stay spread out at the beginning of the fight and on the “worm side.”
  • Touch of Dominion - Thorim gets this at the beginning of the fight (possibly to illustrate that he’s lost his mind and the raid needs to “save” him)
  • Sheath of Lightning - Thorim gets this at the beginning of the fight so that the raid can’t DPS him on the balcony from their starting position.
  • A spell that Thorim uses to enrage the adds if the raid doesn’t make it to him in time (3 minutes?): Berserk Empowers allies with the full might of Thorim- Damage done increased by 500%, Attack and cast speed increased by 200%, Health increased by 300%.

SPECULATION: After clearing the robot adds in the hallway after the gate, the raid may be able to move upstairs to Thorim and pull him, presumably causing Sheath of Lightning to drop. Thorim’s abilities at this point are currently unknown to us. Method did down Thorim on the 27 February PTR and screenshots indicate that they were fighting him in the room adjacent to the balcony that he starts on, lending credence to this theory.

A strategy?

Here’s another perspective on a strategy. This came to us from the awesome Bibi, administrator of everyone’s favorite news site, MMO-Champion:

The fight take place in a kind of arena overwatched by Thorim himself. There is a hallway on the left leading to the Thorim area. In this arena, a Jormungar Behemoth is fighting with an captured alliance team (1 tank, 1 healer and 3 damage dealers).

The fight has three phase.

Phase 1

First you enter the arena and fight against the alliance team.

It’s really easy to manage, the healer have an big AoE heal and the Behemoth have large breath of poison.

Phase 2

Then, the real fight begins: a lot of constructs jump into the arena from the sidelines. There are three different kind of constructs: healer, melee, and caster. (ed note: dwarves?)

During this period, Thorim throws his Stormhammer at the raid, and the arena is surounded by lightning orb which does strong damage when Thorim activate them.

Part of your raid goes into the hallway and fights two more constructs and two minibosses. If you don’t reah Thorim within 5 minutes, he goes berserk.

Phase 3

When the hallway group reaches Thorim, he jumps into the arena and phase 3 begins.

He has rougthly 11M hitpoints and swing at 8k (at the beginning) on a well geared tank.

It’s a dps race, because he hits the tank with Unbalancing Strike, reducing their defense each time. Also, he gain a Lightning Charge every 15 sec giving him 20% dmg and haste each.


Well, to quote Kabhannah in Inner Sanctum on Silvermoon-EU:

Thorim might be ‘interesting’, but he’s also tuned to Shade of Akama challenge level. Tweak the numbers a bit and it could be good fun though.

Hard Mode

Unknown at this time, though we believe one exists due to the presence of an achievement icon for Thorim.

Thorim’s Sigil

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