Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Darkfall Online: Developer talking about first weeks impressions

Tasos, one of the Darkfall Online developers, posted on the official forums about the current state of the game servers, answered a few questions regarded macroing and released a few information about the release of more CD Keys.

Latest: 10.25 GMT
We have brought down the servers for scheduled maintenance and patching. We apologize for the abrupt take-down. New ETA is 3 hours, we'll try to be up as soon as possible.

The game has been up consistently without much incident. We are monitoring the situation and keeping track of any issues players have to report.

We will bring down the servers for a patch in a few hours. Estimated downtime will be up to 2 hours for this. The patch contains optimizations of the server and client and various fixes to issues we’ve noticed in the game.

To address an issue reported by players: We generally frown on unattended macroing and if you use macros you do so at your own risk, but it should be mentioned that spamming spells and any macroing WITHIN the protective radius of the guard towers in the starting areas will result in a kick, and repeated offenses could result in a ban.

Support structures will also be available within the next couple of days to improve our responsiveness to your reported issues.

About Darkfall availability, we will give advanced notice for when more copies will be available. We need to run a few tests first to make sure things have improved and we will let you know when we officially make more copies of the game available. Availability is throttled because we need to make sure that the server population is having as good an experience as possible before we introduce more people and more servers. We hoped to be further along but have been held back by the account management system. We’ve made several optimizations since, and we’re working on a permanent solution as soon as possible.

Communication is still at a bare minimum, but this will improve steadily as things smooth out in the next few days and weeks. The forum downtime in the first 36 hours happened because of extreme load, making the forum unusable. We had to bring it down in order to be able to post status reports, and decided to keep it down until we were done fighting through our initial setbacks.

We’ll keep you posted on any developments.

Thank you
The Darkfall Team

Source: Darkfall Forums

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