Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Darkfall Online: IRC Interview with Brannoc

A few days ago there was an IRC interview with the Aventurine Community Manager Brannoc during one of the shutdowns where a patch was applied.

Many concerns are address/answered here, such as the why the forums where take down while the patch was applied, macroing, payment and preorder questions. Not all of the Questions/Answers are really “serious”, but still some give interesting information.

<Keta>I left my luggage in the forums. And now I have nothing to wear.

<@Brannoc> I shut the forums down because all they were doing was crashing and preventing us from getting information out
<@Brannoc> so...there's the love!

<Junkoe> hey brannoc am I alone in that my account is not inactive but I was playing before servers went down?

<@Brannoc> no Junkoe
<@Brannoc> if this were all a big scam I'd be saying "haha suckers" and drinking

<nox_> are you drinking at a bar?

<@Brannoc> I should be

<Sceleris> can you understand alot of the frustration?

<@Brannoc> of course I can Sceleris, I wanted to be playing by now too
<@Brannoc> no one is more disappointed than we are
<@Brannoc> playing would be a LOT more fun than keeping the forums and irc channel shutdown to keep you guys from crashing them
<@Brannoc> we Must have a way to communicate with people, we couldn't keep the forums online, so, I took the forums down

<RixuS> Brannoc, did they ever diagnose the issue of accounts that *were* active, but suddenly *stopped*?

<@Brannoc> that's on the list, RixuS

<Etherwar> maybe put up the forums but disable new posts?

<@Brannoc> still uses a lot of resources, Etherwar
<@Brannoc> far more than this method

<[AOD]glockjs> Any news on the Credit Card issue?

<@Brannoc> which one, Glockjs?
<@Brannoc> there' at least 3

<Ssly|-W-> brannoc, know anything about the progress of creating more servers to handle the demand?

<@Brannoc> I don't, Ssly|-W-

<ShockWave> Brannoc i repeat do you know when the remaining ppl who preordered are getting in?

<@Brannoc> there is no ETA at this time
<@Brannoc> no ETA for new orders either, but that will come after the patch and after the pre-orders are all fixed

<bunghole> Brannoc,it's not really fair that I can't play and I paid... and others are playing

<@Brannoc> I agree it's not fair at all, bunghole
<@Brannoc> but we didn't do it on purpose

<Squatch> Brannoc are you getting a promotion after all this work?

<@Brannoc> what do you think Squatch

<ShockWave> atleast good you finaly take the time to talk to us Brannoc

<@Brannoc> I've been trying to do that all day, ShockWave

<[Yew]Greg> do your fucking job

<@Brannoc> I don't think you can be anymore informed than you are greg, I'd say your statement is mostly loaded with fail

<[AOD]glockjs> Brannoc, Is there a prob with debit cards with a CC logo that is known?

<@Brannoc> not that I've heard, glockjs

<wired> what is the time estimate for the servers coming back up?

<@Brannoc> I've heard a vague ETA, but if we release an ETA and miss it THEN how pissed will you be?

<wired> more vague than "servers will be up in the evening" like release day?

<@Brannoc> approx eta? 1-4 hours +/- 3

<[WSX]Chrismon> Brannoc are you aware of all the clans that got their citys via exploits?

<@Brannoc> I don't think ALL the clans got their cities by exploits, Chrismon, but we'll review that, last I saw not a single one had exploited
<@Brannoc> I really am highly doubtful of any major exploits taking place, maybe some pathing issues or guard tower issues
<@Brannoc> but I was playing earlier and didn't see any guilds with big cities fucking with bugs

<[WSX]Stig_Arius> Hey Brannoc - are they considering a wipe/reset - anything like that? Can you say whether it has even been brought up as an idea?

<@Brannoc> I don't know, Stig

<[Yew]Greg> Well here’s a little helpful piece of advise if you ladies plan on keeping any sort of player base. Even in the shittiest circumstances, at least tell us to just "fuck off we're working on it". That's all most of us want to know.

<@Brannoc> I'd be happy to tell you to go fuck yourselves! But a lot of people say that's bad PR
<@Brannoc> so...I'm trying not to

<Smoopidhead> how about you guys let people play until you get everything worked out(How ever long it takes), wipe the server. and allow for 30 days play from that date?

<@Brannoc> that'd be a shitty use of resources, Smoopidhead

<Deharakk> Brannoc: I suppose the devs never considered a system of ordering that just queued us to receive orders upon release?

<@Brannoc> I don't know, Deharakk

<Tenzy> Brannoc, do you have a preferred Darkfall race?

<@Brannoc> ork.

<[Lash]> yo b - are u gonna put ur update macro back on for #darkfall

<@Brannoc> nah, leaving the macro off while I'm awake and at the PC, Lash

<Kompressor> Is macroing a bannable offence?

<@Brannoc> not my place to state the official stance on macro'ing
<@Brannoc> but that's common sense, not an official stance
<@Brannoc> I'd say a common sense answer would be that...if you're not macro'ing to exploit the system or for commercial gain...you'll be left alone

<Xace> Brannoc, will we get a list of the fixes in the patch

<@Brannoc> should, Xace

<Keta> Bottom line is what can they do about macroing? Or how can they prove it?

<@Brannoc> exactly, Keta
<@Brannoc> macro'ing skill gain isn't very effective generally

<Keta> Bots are another story.

<@Brannoc> bots wouldn't be that hard to make
<@Brannoc> but they would be hard to keep alive and effective

<Dragon456> Brannoc, is 4-legged running still coming?

<@Brannoc> I don't know Dragon456

<[MC]Butch_T> What about non charged people

<@Brannoc> non-charged people are still on the to do list

<Zaffa> @Brannoc Do you know if prepaid credit cards are accepted for orders?

<@Brannoc> I honestly don't know, zaffa

<[100]Julius> Brannoc any news on the dead zones? This has caused many people to lose their characters permanently meaning they had to create a new character. I have guildies that have had to remake characters over 3 times!

<@Brannoc> should be fixed by the patch, Julius...I think

<Keta> Brannoc: Give people instructions on how to use REST.

<@Brannoc> what's hard about rest, Keta?
<@Brannoc> put it on your bar, use it

<nikki|-W> Brannoc, using ping plotter I consistently ping the DF server around 180ish. While I'm in game my ping ranges from 240-300.. and sometimes spikes. my fps is consistently above 100. What's up with that?

<@Brannoc> your megahurtz must be haxed, nikki!

<Ssly|-W-> brannoc, do you know if the over-filled chaos stone bug is also being worked on in the current patch?

<@Brannoc> I don' know ssly

<Ket> Problem is Brannoc, we are paying customers now, your companies failure to keep the server going is a poor mark on you part

<@Brannoc> I never said it wasn't ket
<@Brannoc> but I have said we're doing the absolute best we can with all the resources we have

<[MC]Butch_T> What is the dev sleep schedule like, brannoc

<@Brannoc> Tasos sleeps 1-3 hours every 16 hours
<@Brannoc> Ricki is about the same
<@Brannoc> so like I said, the team is working as hard as they possibly can to make this work

<T> Brannoc: how much do YOU sleep?

<@Brannoc> about 3 hours a night T

<Vlash> sucks to have paid for the game and not being able to play it

<@Brannoc> I agree vlash
<@Brannoc> Darkfall has been a bigger dream for the developers than for the fans
<@Brannoc> they're giving everything they can because it's their dream, not because they want to "omgmakemoney!" off it...making money is just a nice side effect

<Ket> Yes, thing is, now you all need to take care of the customers if you wish to keep your dream alive

<@Brannoc> we're doing the best we can Ket
<@Brannoc> no patch that has to be done on release day is "easy"

<wired> technically release day was yesterday.

<Mudkipslolwu> Brannoc can i get you to comment on the nude photos that have recently surfaced including both you and tasos?

<@Brannoc> my p*nis is bigger, Mudkipslolwu

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