Wednesday, March 4, 2009

World of Warcraft: Alagon hard-more speculations confirmed

Looks like the speculations about Algalon hard more were right.

The sound files from the MPQs in the last PTR build confirms all of the guesses about the hard modes and the Algalon encounter. Check them out for yourselves as many of them are funny to listen to.

The summary:

  • Algalon does in fact require the 4 Watcher sigils to access.
    Freya’s hard mode involves keeping the 3 Elders up
  • Hodir’s hard mode is to kill him before breaking the first cache. The design of the fight is to utilize the NPC adds for this goal
  • Thorim’s hard mode is to get to him fast enough (while controlling the adds in both the “pit” and the tunnel) that ‘Sif’ (a false image of his dead wife) does not despawn before you reach him. So, timed event here too
  • Mimiron’s hard mode is to kill him before the Corridors of Ingenuity explode in 10 minutes

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