Sunday, March 1, 2009

World of Warcraft: Denyin' the Scion Achievement Guide

Denyin' the Scion/Heroic: Denyin' the Scion is quite an easy achievement, but still maybe one or two still need a few tips for it.

The good thing is, you get this achievement immediately and not after Malygos was killed, so basically you could spend a few hours wiping in phase 2, so everyone in your guild gets it.

So simply get to the phase 2 and cycle your raid members until everyone gets it. The people who already got it beat down the mobs until they have ~10% and stop damage. No DoTs should be used, so that an DoT tick could trigger the last hit. Then leave it and beat on another Scion and only one guy staying at the almost dead target beating it down to get the achievement.

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