Sunday, May 10, 2009

Arena Spawn in Enemies Preparation Room Exploit – World of Warcraft

Today I was surfing around when i accidently found a site with a nice Arena exploit which allows you to port randomly outside of the preparation mode, with some luck even in your enemies preparation room and own him before he can get his buffs up.

What you have to do is

  • Set your Hearthstone in Dalaran in the inn in the center (this means: NOT in your factions Inn!)
  • Signup for any Arena type
  • Repeat it until you’re in the Ogrimmar Arena
  • Next disable the chat bubbles in the Elevator (do it BEFORE it starts moving)
  • When the elevator goes up, exit the game (ESC->Exit or Alt+F4 should work fine)
  • Log in again

This triggers a kind of bug. If you now use instance teleports or mage portals you will be randomly teleported inside. It seems that it heavily depends on where your Hearthstone is placed. So with a bit experimenting it’s maybe possible to teleport to other places too which will give you an edge of an advantage int he arena to win.

Proof video:

However, since I don’t play arena, I can’t confirm it but maybe someone else can?

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