Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brand New: 7 day Darkfall Trial

Aventurine introduced a brand new trial feature, which allows you to test Darkfall without any financial risk if you don’t like it!

Quickly go out and try it out as long as it lasts. Click on the link and enjoy the trial.

If you’re a true MMO gamer, who played back in times of Ultima Online, Dark Ages of Camelot or Meridian 59, you will love Darkfall, as it Darkfall goes back to the roots of MMOs unlike modern mass produced low quality MMOs like World of Warcraft, Warhammer or Aion.

And as a starter Bonus: If you decide to buy the full game (with 1 or 6 months included), I will offer you in-game start help by both answering your questions, giving your game tips and give you some equipment (weapons and armors), gold and and two mounts which to have a quick and easy start!

After purchasing the game (For Trials accounts created by the link above I can only offer you email support to answer your questions), send me a email at

with the email address you registered with and the date/time, so I can verify that you really registered and not tried to scam me off.

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