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Darkfall starter kit - Promotional limited time offer

To promote Darkfall, which is a great PvP game for all old school PvP lovers who loved PvP in Ultima Online, Meridian 59, Shadowbane or Lineage II I'd like to promote Darkfall by offering a unique starter kit if you purchase the game using one of the links below.

Limited time offer only!

This offer is only limited for

But first, you may ask yourself: What is Darkfall? Darkfall is a very unique MMO (massively multiplayer online game). At least it became very unique nowadays as it unlike many recently released MMOs (in the past 4-5 years) doesn't follow the WoW formula of a game every 8 year old can play, instead it offers a great number of complexity not seen in MMOs since early 2004 when Lineage II was released.

One important thing is, that Darkfall is dedicated to the mature (18-30) audience of MMO players who prefer comlpexity over simplification. In Darkfall you have no predestinated goal like beating an powerfull PvE encounter or having to farm (boring task of repeatingly doing the same over and over again to gain points to buy items or skills for) points for a rank or items or some skill.

Another important difference is that Agon, the world in Darkfall, is dynamic. In games like World of Warcraft, the world is static. A certain zone always belong to a certain race or faction and never changes. Or you only have one zone which changes control between 2 predeterminated factions (i.e. between Chaos and Order in Warhammer, or Alliance and Horde in World of Warcraft) but other than the coloring and very little buffs, it doesn't matter who owns the zone.

Darkfall is very different in this, as it allows one or more Clans to stuck together and forge an alliance and this way every clan or alliance can make their own kingdom. It makes it possible not only to claim cities and hamlets (villages) but also to build and expand it. With the exception of Ultima Online and Shadowbane it was never possible to build your own cities in an MMO and challange other kingdoms. This opens possibilities never available in the mainstream MMOs. A world were clans fight for resources of Agon, a world were alliances are forged and kingdoms rise up but also fall apart.

Since the cities are player owned, this creates a dynamic world. Every server, will be completely different, has it's own story and tales to tell.

One of the last unique elements Darkfall has to ofer is the classless system. Only two MMOs before used such a system: Meridian 59 and Ultima Online. The uniqueness of this system is, that you're not bound or forced into a certain role. If you played a Rogue in World of Warcraft, you were forced into the role of a damage dealer and only to that.

In Darkfall, there are no classes. Everyone starts same and everyone has access to every skill ingame (with exception of a very few racial limited once which are rather weak and play no role in PvP balance). If you want to become caster, you simply start using magical skills and spells and your skill in this magic school increases. If you ever become tired of fighting with daggers, no problem. Simply start using a 2-handed sword, bow or magic. You don't have to delete your character and start a new one and leveling him up again and gather new equipment.

This also allows you to create very unique characters which perfectly fit you playstyle. In World of Warcraft you're limited to the bounds set by the developers. If you like to play a hunter, you're limited to doing damage. You can't support, heal your group mates or throw a fireball at the enemy.
In Darkfall you can. Of course there a some simple limitations, like that your casts are likely to fail if you wear heavy armor to add a more realistical attempt into the game (in heavy armor it's harder to concentrate on a spell hence the changes are very high that the spell will fail and you have to cast it again).

This way you can make the perfect character for yourself. Ever wanted to have a melee fighter which can strengthen up his group with buffs? It's possible. Ever wanted to have a battlemage (mage with some melee capabilities and light/medium armor)? It's possible. Everything is possible.

The best of all, this completely eliminates every PvP unbalance other games have. You got tired that World of Warcraft's Warlocks Deathcoil is to overpowered in PvP? That a Deathknight deals to much magical damage while wearing plate? Or that Retribution Paladins are overpowered because they can Heal, have invulnerability, wear plate and deal shit loads of damage but your class can only do damage and nothing else? This won't happen in Darkfall. Never ever! Because every class has access to same skills. If you think a certain skill is to powerful and your enemy only wins cause he used it, simply get this skill yourself! It's completely fair. Forever.

Limited time offer only!

This offer is only limited for

Summary of advantages of Darkfall in contrast to other modern MMOs:

  • Open world, no instancing. Forges the immersion of one persistent world

  • Player politics: The shape of the world is goverened by players and player politics. Players create their own kingdoms and fight against others.

  • Easy aquireable items: No need to do 6 months of raiding to get good items to gether for PvP. Everything in Darkfall is craftable and easy to do/gather so.

  • No classes: Everyone has access to same skills. PvP balance is preserved.

  • No number crunching: Since there are no stats on items, there is no need for calculating stats and optimium values. Instead you can focus on your real life skill in handling your char correctly in PvP (tactics, strategy etc)

  • Personal skill and group coordination more important than items

Got interested? Then join Darkfall now! Waitwaitwait!!!

Limited time offer only!

This offer is only limited for

Not before you hear the advantages you can get by using the link below to sign-up!

Too promote Darkfall and best possibly help out new players, I'm offering a starter kit for everyone who signs up by using the link below.

What you get is:

  • In-game or mail support for all of your questions you may have

  • An exclusive invitation to one of the most active clan in Darkfall

  • one of each racial mounts + the armored mount (7 mounts in total approx. value: 8.000g)

  • 30.000g (equivalent of 30 EUR if bought buy gold selling companies or equivalent value in resources:

    • 1.666 Wood (18g each)

    • 1.250 Iron (24g each)

    • 15.000 Mandrake/Bones (2g each, used for Buffs and Air Magic School primary)

    • 7.500 Nacre/Sulfur (4g each, used for Fire/Water Magic School primary)

    • 100 Full Bone Armor Sets (best light armor ingame, perfect for primary casters)

    • 25 Fullplate Sets (best heavy armor ingame, perfect for primary melee characters)

    • up to 200 Rank 40 (Rank 80 being best ingame) weapons (medium level weapons, perfect for starters)

    • ...or any mix of the above (total value should be around 30.000g)

Limited time offer only!

This offer is only limited for

What do you have to do, to claim the bonus?

  • Sign-up using the link below

  • Purchase the game

    Either one will do

    • Darkfall +1 month of free play time for (49.98 USD)/42.00 EUR(+VAT)

    • Darkfall +3 month of free play time for (59.99 USD)/49.99 EUR(+VAT)

    • 7-day Trial do NOT qualify you for the starter kit bonus!

  • Send me a mail with

    • The plan you've purchased (i.e. 1, 3 or 6 months)

    • The exact time you've purchsaed it!
      This is very important that the time is as accurate as possible!! It's vital for the determination of the purchase.

      Don't forget to add the timezone you live in (i.e. UTC, or GMT+1, PST, etc.)

    • The eMail address you used to register the account.

    • The Server you're playing on (currently there is one server per region, so EU-1 for european players and NA-1 for the US)

    • The way you want your bonus kit to be delivered in (i.e. 30k gold or as iron or wood or as reagents.

    to the following eMail address:

Limited time offer only!

This offer is only limited for

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