Monday, December 29, 2008

Guide Map to WINTERGRASP (Open-world PvP)

Wintergrasp makes up a large portion of the region between Sholazar Basin, the Borean Tundra, the Dragonblight, and the Icecrown Glacier. Wintergrasp is the first open-world PvP region for World of Warcraft. The main focus of the battle will be siege
weapon warfare and promises exciting action between the Alliance and the Horde.
The Alliance and the Horde fight for the control of a valuable mining resource. One faction will have to defend the keep while the other assaults it. Towers and siege workshops can be controlled and used for victory.

If the attacking faction successfully captures the keep, they will defend it during the next scheduled siege. Siege weapons are needed to destroy the walls and capture the keep. There will be daily quests and rewards in the area and can truly be a new experience for PvP and PvE players alike.


Points of Interest


Familiarize yourself with the zone and all the structures. Some building are capturable, others are destructible, and others can be captured or destroyed.

Offensive Outline


Here are a few tips when playing Wintergrasp offense. The main idea is to hit the keep hard with siege vehicles.

Defensive Outline


If your faction is defending Wintergrasp, remember that the best defense is a good offense. Destroy enemy workshops and man the cannons.

Daily Quest Zones


Aside from quests directly related to the battle, there is a daily collection quest that requires players to get drops from other players and elementals.

Elemental Farming Zones


Speaking of elementals, Wintergrasp is the best place in Northrend to farm for elements. Players controlling the zone can ’see’ greater elementals that drop 1-3 crystallized elements 100% of the time.

Wintergrasp Ranger


One of the more difficult Achievements in Wintergrasp is to slay 10 enemy players in several areas in the zone. Here’s a map to generally show where each area is. The hard part then is actually finding players to kill.

As you participate in Wintergrasp PvP, you gain ranks in the form of a buff. After defeating more enemies, you go up in rank and these grant you the abilities to use siege weapons and give you bonus honor and more. The ranks start with your first killing blow as Recruit, and then go on to Private, Corporal, and First Lieutenant as the highest.

Siege Weapons:
Siege weapons can be obtained from siege factories in order to capture or defend the keep. Players need to attain higher ranks to access the more powerful vehicles.
Vehicle Name Seats Rank Requirement

Siege Weapons


There are a number of tools you can use to win the battle, from rocket launchers to full-on tanks.

Future Weapons


Flying machines and goblin shredders were announced at the Worldwide Invitational but have yet to make it to the live realms. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, hoping to see more mayhem!

Stone Keeper’s Shards
Players are awarded Stone Keeper’s Shards when you complete the daily tasks in Wintergrasp.
These are used to buy heirloom items and enchants for PvP use.

  • • Arcanum of Dominance – 29 spell power and 20 resilience (Head, 40 shards)
  • • Arcanum of Triumph – 40 attack power and 20 resilience (Shoulder, 30 shards)
  • • Inscription of Dominance – 23 spell power and 15 resilience
  • • Inscription of Triumph – 30 attack power and 15 resilience


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Excellent guide thanks a lot, I've been in the BG twice now, and spent most of it trying to work out what the hell was going on. Now it is all clear.

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