Wednesday, February 25, 2009

World of Warcraft: 21k XP + 6g from Repeatable Quest

A few days ago i found a very easy way on how to level your character from Level 74+. There is a quest, which can be repeated infinitely and each time it gives 21.000 XP + 6 gold. This exploit works for Horde and Alliance.

All you need is level 74 or more and not have done the “Infiltrating Voltarus” Quest.


Update: The quest will either be Reunited or Dark Horizon depending on if you have done Cleansing Drak'Tharon or not.

Just follow the steps below:

For each repeating of this Quest, you will get 21.000 XP + 5.90g. This way you can level up your character and not having to “waste” quests. Once you hit Level 80, you have a few 100 Quests you could do and get insane amount of money because the XP you usually get for the quest will be converted in money! This can be up to 2-3k Gold per Quest zone, making it a piece of cake to get 16k gold for the mammoth or some to push up your professions to 450!

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