Saturday, February 28, 2009

World of Warcraft: Thorim & Hodir Ulduar Bosses

A few brand new leaks from the current beta testing of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King 3.1 Content Patch are featuring two bosses from the new raiding instance Ulduar.


First is the raid boss Thorim. You fight him in the Clash of Thunder. Clash of Thunder is an arena overwatched by Thorim. When you enter the arena, you’ll see a Jormungar Behemoth, who has approximate 1.200.000 HP fighting against some captured Alliance or Horde players, depending on which faction you play (it will always be the opposite faction). There are 5 NPCs: 1 tank, 1 healer and 3 damage dealers.

They are quite easy to kill, if you take care of the AoE healing and avoid the poison breathes from the Jormungar.

Once the Jormunger is dead, many constructs will enter the arena (it’s a mix of melee, caster and healer constructs). You will have to a small group dedicated to kill this adds, while Thorim throws Stormhammers on them. He randomly activate some lightning orbs which are spread around the arena. Once activated, they will trigger an powerful AoE damaging effect to anyone near it. So run, as soon as they are activated!

The other half of the raids has to go through the hallway on the left side of the arena and fight Thorim himself. There are also many constructs and you’d need to handle two mini bosses (approximate 5 million HP each). If you don’t reach Thorim within 5 min, he will enrage and your raid will wipe.

When you reach and pull him, he will jump into the arena and the final phase of the fight begins. He will have around 11 million HP and will hit an good equipped tank for 8.000 damage. He also has two abilities:

  • Unbalancing Strike, which reduces the defense by 200 for 15 seconds (or 100 for 6 seconds on normal mode)
  • Lightning Charge, which he will cast every 15 seconds and which is similar to Grull’s effect. It will stack and he will continuously deal more damage.


  • HP - 35,699,200 (Heroic Mode)
  • Normal melee attacks for 25k damage on a well-geared warrior
  • 8 Adds trapped in blocks of ice are around him, you can break the blocks (40,000 HP) to have them help you. They will randomly drop Toasty Fires throughout the fight
  • His aura called Biting Cold is using the same mechanics as Intense Cold during the fight against Keristrasza, it stacks up and damage increase over time. Moving will reset the stack. (This is also affected by the Toasty Fire, see below)
  • Hodir casts "Flash Freeze" (9 seconds cast time), a spell that freezes the entire raid in blocks of ice
  • He will randomly spawn Icicles, they will create patch of ices on the ground as they drop. Standing on the ice when Hodir casts Flash Freeze prevents from being encased in a block of ice
  • You can also prevent Biting Cold and Freeze by staying next to a Toasty Fire in the room, however it will be removed by Flash Freeze. Warms nearby friendly creatures, preventing the effects of Freeze and Biting Cold, and increasing Spirit by 4.  Toasty fire can be extinguished by falling ice or powerful frost magic
  • After Flash Freeze, Hodir will gain "Frozen Blows" and deal 70% reduced physical damage but each attack deals 40,000 additional frost damage

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