Friday, March 27, 2009

World of Warcraft: Cheat Collection

Easy Weapon Skill

This works for classes with pets. When doing the quest A Dire Situation you will get a powder to use on wolves. The powder shrinks the wolves and makes them non agro. The trick to this is to have a pet fighting the wolf while you are throwing the dust. The wolf will go non agro and you can work your weapon skill easily.

Despawn Guardian of Icecrown

These are the adds that Kel'thuzad spawns in Naxxramas. To despawn them, just get agro and pull them onto KT's throne. If they go through the middle they will despawn.

Removing Stealth

Just sacrifice your ghoul and it will take stealthers out of stealth.

2 Mounts/No Mount Flying

This may only work with the DK flying mount. Go to Storm Peaks(K3) to buy a certificate to fly to Northrend. Now, get the loaned wind rider reins from Max right by where you get the certificate. Use the loaned wind rider reins and then mount your flying mount. You will now be on two mounts. Now, if you right click on the reins both mounts will leave and you will be flying.

How To Get Through Wintergrasp Doors

You can use demolishers to get through the holes in the gates.

Double Paladin Aura

Use an aura. Get on as a passenger in a mount. Change your aura. Get off and you will now have two auras.

Honey Brew

Aromatic Honey Brew gives you a chance to get Honey Touched as a buff. This will get you chased by bees causing you to run around feared. If you stand by a door (Old Ironforge for example), you can run through it will this buff is on.

Rogue Self Cast

This come from the official forums, so it will probably be fixed soon. You will cast ToTT on your crashin trashin racer but you get the damage buff.

#showtooltip Tricks of the Trade
/cast vanish
/use Crashin' Thrashin' Racer Controller
/cast [target=Crashin' Thrashin' Racer] Tricks of the Trade

Water Walk Boat

When you miss the boat, you can cast water walk and stand in front of it. This will push you into the next zone.

DK Kill Your Own Faction

You have to be blood spec to do this. Just invite someone of your own faction to a group. Ask if you can duel them to check your damage, or just find someone with 1 percent health and invite them. Once they are at 1 percent, cast hysteria.

Vile Like Fire exploit

When doing the Vile like fire daily, you can shoot at the same building over and over. can complete quest in less than 30 seconds

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