Sunday, April 12, 2009

Quick Mana Regeneration as Hunter – World of Warcraft Exploit

This comes very hand if you need to fill up your mana very quickly by using the Aspect of the Viper. As everyone knows, every second you’re using the Aspect of the Viper, you’re losing DPS!

Losing DPS is bad! So our task is to reduce the amount of time we’re in Aspect of the Viper to an absolute minimum.

That’s where this little exploit comes in. However, it will only work in AoE fights. Here’s how it works:

  • Wait until your group/raid pulls a good amount of mobs (i.e. Noth adds in Naxxramas)
  • Turn your Aspect of the Viper on
  • Throw a Saronite Bomb into the mob group
  • See your Mana fill up

Basically the more mobs you hit with it, the faster you get full. Can be very useful in raid, or battlegrounds (especially Wintergrasp, when you’re defending and there is a bunch of Horde/Allies outside the keep)

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