Sunday, July 12, 2009

Warcraft Formula: July Blueprint/Issue – World of Warcraft

I was quite busy last week, so I missed to post about the new Warcraft Formula July Issue! Sorry for that.

But it seems like I’m not the only one busy. Brad and T Dub are also busy tearing through the PTR to unlock new content from 3.2 and their newest issue of Warcraft Formula shows the benefits.

So, what’s new in the July issue? Read on.

  • Latest News about the latest World of Warcraft 3.2 Patch
  • Details on the newest changes on the PvP. This time with some detailed strategies for Arena Season 6
  • Gold Making Tips: Fishing Tips and how to make easy money with it. If you like fishing, check it out.
  • And much more, like strategies.


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