Thursday, July 30, 2009

Aion: Easy Abyss Point Cheat/Exploit

This exploit works for any level 10-20 character. All you need is a Spiritmaster from one faction (i.e. Asmos or Elyos) and a any other character from the other faction. Both should be at least level 10 or higher.

Now you have to meet each other. The Spiritmaster has to summon up his pet and the other character hit’s the pet. The pet won’t fight back.


Depending on the Spiritmaster’s pet level, the other player will gain 20-200 Abyss Points (AP).

The bug here is, that killing the pet will yield Abyss Points even even it’s killed on your enemies ground (read: PvE Zone)

This ways you can easily farm Abyss Points.

Here a few additional tips to making grinding easier

  • Get some teleport scrolls and use your AP as soon as you got it.
  • Both factions have many hills. Use them to hide yourself while exploiting this bug so people don’t see you exploiting it
  • Do it during late night or morning hours, when not many people are online who could caught you exploiting

Happy exploiting

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