Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Trial of the Crusader: Faction Champions Boss Strategy Guide

Possible Enemies

  • Death Knight Tyrius Duskblade Gorgrim Shadowcleave
  • Druid Kavina Grovesong Birna Stormhoof
  • Druid Melador Valestrider Erin misthoof
  • Hunter Alyssia Moonstalker Ruh'kah
  • Mage Noozle Whizzlestick Ginselle Blightslinger
  • Paladin Baelnor Lightbearer Liandra Suncaller
  • Paladin Velanaa Malithas Brightblade
  • Priest Anthar Forgemender Caiphus the Stern
  • Priest Brienna Nightfell Vivienne Blackwhisper
  • Rogue Irieth Shadowstep Maz'dinah
  • Shaman Shaamul Thrakgar
  • Shaman Shaabad Broln Stouthorn
  • Warlock Serissa Grimdabbler Harkzog
  • Warrior Shocuul Narrhok Steelbreaker


  • Resilience Will Fix It (10 player)
    Kill the enemy heroes within 60 seconds of each other in 10-player mode.
  • Resilience Will Fix It (25 player)
    Kill the enemy heroes within 60 seconds of each other in 25-player mode.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

K, so we just did this in 10 man.

Best strat is to take the rogue away from the group, CC the piss out of everybody else (healers especially).

Burn the rogue, burn the warlock, burn the priest, burn the shaman, burn the paladin, burn the boomkin.

They are tauntable, but they drop threat pretty quickly and they, of course, become taunt immune after 3 taunts.

The CC is crazy - it is based off of pvp durations and has DR! Very tricky to get it all right.

Keep lock outta the group, he hellfires.

We had a lock fearing, a mage sheeping, a rogue sapping, blinding, and interrupting, a dk interrupting (and he gripped the rouge to us as the pull), the druid used entangling roots, etc.

Use lots of CC, burn that rogue down, burn that lock, and u should be good. Remember to get the BoP off of the rogue/lock and keep those healers locked down. Remember the CC is pvp timers and the DR is a bitch.

GL Guys.