Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Aion Classes: The Mage

The Mage is one of the four base archetypes in NCSoft’s Aion.  Beginning at Level 10, the mage can choose between Sorcerer or Spiritmaster career. The mage is the main damage class in Aion, similar to their role in other online role playing games (Online RPGs). On the backside, they are also extremely vulnerable. And when I say extreme vulnerable, i mean REALLY extreme! The Mages can control the elements and require high evasion skills to survive their enemies who may attack them. Typically, mages only wear cloth armor such as robes and have a great arsenal of spells.

The major advantages of playing a mage is their extreme high damage output. A Mage can win battles in seconds, or lose them in seconds if engaged in Melee. On the other side, if the fight lasts for longer they changes to survive are likely next to zero. But they have a handful of stun or bind abilities to help the Mage to survive/escape. Unlike other classes, the mages don’t depend to much on armor – most of your damage comes from spells anyways. Their mana regeneration is quite slow and you have often to make some breaks in the beginning of the game. Their auto attack is quite slow, so you’ll be in trouble if the mages mana runs low.

The first 10 levels

Up to level 10, a Mage gets all their spells from a trainer. Some of these spells include Fire Bolt, Ice Bolt and Restrain. Restrain will stop an enemy from attacking or following players for 20 seconds, which gives the Mage some time to run away if the battle isn't in their favor. In the first 5 Levels, Mages will have very few number of spells, but this changes quickly in the levels beyond Level 5. The mage will also receive the Concentrate passive ability at 5th Level, which will make a major difference in his ability to cast spells while being attacked.




The mages in Aion are an extremely powerful class, in the hands of a capable and intelligent player, otherwise you’ll see them die pretty often. Mastering the Class and all it’s abilities is very important. Mastering that, it’s definitely an interesting class and there are some interesting twists to the traditional caster class once a character ascends and can pick one of the two subclasses.

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