Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Aion Classes: The Sorcerer/Sorceress

The Sorcerer/Sorceress is a master over the elements of the world of Aion. They are a evolution of the Mage archetype and a wide arsenal of spells that will allow them bind and damage their enemies.

The Sorceress can freeze, shatter and burn down their foes.  They the top range damage dealers, but their opponents attacks make it hard for them to get a cast through. They depend on a very high Concentration skill in order to cast their spells without interruptions, so Concentration is an one very important stat for the Sorceress. The Sorceress uses Orbs and Magical Tomes as weapons, which increases their spell casting stats as well as other attributes. Orbs can also be used as melee weapons in most cases. However Tomes can’t. 

Aion Sorceress receives some passive abilities which will buff their Concentration, Mana Regeneration, Mana Capacity, and Magical Damage. Unlike in games like World of Warcraft, these buffs scale up with the level of the character and don’t have to be upgraded at trainers every few levels, which keeps the spells much more balanced than World of Warcraft. Most of their spell are various forms of elemental damage and various binding/stunning spells. The Sorceress can cast damage spells such as Fire Arrow, Chains of Ice or Deep Ocean to damage her enemies or Cripple to slow them down. She also has a many instant cast, damage over time (also known as DoT’s) spells like Erosion and Mist of Soul.  She can manage her mana better, she can cast the Holy Command spell instantly to regenerate 75% of her total available mana points.

In Aion you don’t have the ability to create custom builds. All the skills and stats are leveled automatically once your character gains a level up. With Stigmas you can add some custom skills and attributes to your Sorceress, but the information on Sorceress stigmas currently available is very limited. However, there will probably be Stigmas that increase the damage of some of the Sorceress’ spells, as well as Stigmas to reduce the casting cool downs on her spells.


The Sorceress is a very powerful character that nukes her enemies with powerful spells from long range. Their damage is extremely high and but their defenses are very low. The sorceress is mainly a group character, as she’s very weak on her own and depends on the protection of the group to utilize her full potential.

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