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Aion Guide: Cleric PvP Guide

This is a list of how-to-fight different classes for the version 1.2. There are articles for each of the classes. As of right now (June 30, 2009) there are guides for Templar, Gladiator, Sorcerer, and Cleric, others are still in process.

This guide explains how to fight against other classes using tips for General situations.


Some of the terms will be explained before the actual guide, so remember them as they will be referred quite often in the guide. 

  • PC means members of Opposing Factions (Elyos, Asmodians, Balaur)
  • Also, Snare I am referring to is this skill available for Sorcs, Spiritmasters, and Clerics: Restraint I - Skills - Aion
  • Greater CC Pots are these: Greater Healing Potion - Items - Aion
  • LoDS: Lightning of Divine Slash
    VoD: Voice of Destruction
    FoR: Flash of Recovery

Important Note: AionArmory's Database is from 1.0 so skills from it has lower damage/heal values on skills than the 1.2's actual values (Korean Powerbook values are much higher)

PvP Chat Tab Radar

Make sure you drag it out to an easily visible location.
This radar will let you know if any opposing faction members are within just outside of your visible range.

Third, Aions Healing Class, Cleric

It's a shame that there aren't many high damage skills in their skill line.

However, they can keep their HP high using Priest-exclusive heals and repeatedly use chains to slowly eat away their opponent's HP, guaranteeing victory.

If they can predict their opponent's attack pattern, and with careful timing and attack chains, pushing in Festering Wound I - Skills - Aion will make this class unstoppable.

PvP for Clerics

Cleric's PvP style = Survival of the fittest!

Though they don’t possess skills that do burst damage, their skills are not weak. They have repeatedly usable skills and DOTs as well as heals. If they push the battle into long-term, no one can stop Clerics.

Clerics can show that burst heals are sometimes more scarier than burst damage!

Tips from Player ? 다레니안, Server Tiamat, Lvl 50, Elyos

Clerics PvP is about slowly burning the opponent to death!
Because they do not possess burst damage, you have to use

and etc to slowly kill the opponent.
Once the fight starts, you have to stay away from using skills that require cast time of 2 seconds or so. Maybe use them when they are snared? Unless Divine Spark I - Skills - Aion triggers? but if that actually triggers in PvP, how about wearing robe armor?

Lets have a look at this skill, shall we?

Yes, you did read Voice of Destruction I - Skills - Aion right. Correct values: Instantly inflicts 753 magical fire damage on a target within a 25m radius of you and up to 12 enemies within a 20m radius of the target, inflicts additional 655 damage on them every 3 sec for 57 sec, and decreases the recovery effect the targets receive by 50%. Requires 4000 DP and has a 60 Minute recharge.

Total damage possible: [753+655(57/3)]x12= 158,376 + 50% recovery reduction for 57 seconds on all targets.

However, it is curable with a Greater CC Pot, so use it after you've forced the enemy into using it.

Tips from Player ? 킴벌리, Server Zikel, Lvl 50, Asmodian

Clerics ground battles tend to be putting the battle into long-term damage battle, using continuous DOT damage. While the Smite III - Skills - Aion chain is powerful, its cast time gives room for the other classes to spike you, which may lead to death. Keep using DOTs like Summon: Holy Servant I - Skills - Aion and Chastisement I - Skills - Aion, and if you are 42 or higher, you can use the instant cast chain that starts Lightning of Chastisement I - Skills - Aion. In all, just get hit as least as possible while using instant cast damage/heal spells and you will win.

PvP Keyboard Setting

Setting the most used skills to keys that can be pressed easily is basic! This is something that Clerics must look into as well.

The key skills like

should be placed in keys that can be reached easily.

Also, after you have put out and configured a separate chat tab to monitor your enemy's skill usage, put it on a place on your monitor that's easily visible. Using systems that can detect enemy presence is very important as well.

Tips from Player ? 새벽이, Server 발데르, Lvl 47, Elyos

You can decide the keys on your own. Once you start entering the Abyss frequently, you'll change it all. One thing to do is configuring your Combat tab to display enemy attack, critical, skill use, and enemy effects and etc, then put it on somewhere easily observable. Knowing what the enemy does by reading this tab is VERY IMPORTANT!!!

Gears and Other Preparations


Many suggested that Magical Resistance helps the most.

However, this is only when you are equipped with Abyss Gear, and have filled every slot with Magical Resistance, only then you will see real results.

So many also suggested that if getting this is hard for you, getting HP or Magical Boosting Power bonus depending on your stats would do as well.


Many suggested the following Stigmas. You can get mass heals or anti recovery debuff from this setup.  


Many suggested the 1%-2% damage stones. This is because Clerics have high Magical Boosting Power, and can expect powerful blasts upon trigger.


Not much difference from other classes. Flight scroll, flight pot, hp pot and etc basic materials are a must!

Tips from Player ? 카슈엔, Server 챈가룽, Lvl 50, Asmodian

I am using Magical Boosting power rather than the popular Magical Resistance manastones. I currently have 1950-ish Magical Boosting Power.
I pack the usual basic prep, flight scroll and CC pots and etc. Prep requiring Abyss point for me is Abyss HP Pot and Lesser Wind remedy (because you only need to fill the gap while your non-AP wind remedy is recharging, don?t feel the need for upper grade Abyss Wind Remedy).
I use the following stigmas:
(he listed the stigmas on the above)
If you aren't lvl 50, drop the Prayer of Quickness.

Tips from Player ? 혜빈, Server 아스펠, Lvl 50, Elyos

Manastone Id like to suggest HP and Magical Boosting power. Magical Resistance does indeed give big effects, but it gives you low hp and if not intended for party pvp that allows low magical boosting power, I don't think it?ll see good results.
IMO Healers need to have high HP against the Asmodians. If you have the Guardian Abyss set, then its good to have Magical Resistance stones. But Guardian Abyss set has low magical resistance, so you should rethink how it should go.
GodStone 1% or 2% damage stones would do.
Stigmas If you love pvp as Cleric, then Flash of Recovery, Flash, and Festering Wound are a must.

Cleric vs Templar

By the looks of skills on both classes, the fight would drag into a long-term battle.

Since they possess diverse anti-snare skills, snare shutdown wont be a big help.

And once Templar's Armor of Interception kicks in, you cant lay your hands unto him/her, so you need to dodge his attacks during its duration. You must run around while keeping your health high.

Once Armor of Interception goes down, put up your snare, then watch him use a CC pot. Only then should you unload your big damage skills.

Tips from Player ? 황금호랑이, Server Nezakan, Lvl 50, Elyos

When you are fighting platemail wearing bastards, on 1 on 1 keeping distance is keeping life! People do Flash then snare then LoDS, but this way you aren't using your snare's cooltime properly. If your Thunderbolt III - Skills - Aion is recharged, Use the Smite? Thunderbolt - Discharge combo. If not, keep your distance and unload LoDS. If you think its about time that his Stunning Strike is recharged, turn on your Blessed Shield I - Skills - Aion.
You must not be hasty! In, out, in, out, you must play such style. If he is running to nearby Tower or Artifact, then you call ur snare.
If it's a good geared Templar, then you go into long-term. We have Splendor of Flight I - Skills - Aion, and using remedies and other skills, we can stay in flight indefinitely. Templars or Gladiators cannot stay in flight longer than us. This applies to fighting against other classes long-term as well.

Tips from Player ? 혜빈, Server Asphel, Lvl 50, Elyos

You must watch out for the magic Armor of Interception, which increases magical resistance by 800. When this happens, just run around while its in effect. Once it ends, call down Snare, Festering Wound, and Flash. If the Templar ate a Greater CC Pot, Eat a Perer Jelly and call down the

Cleric vs Gladiator

Gladiators, who have less anti-snare skills, give an easier time to Clerics.

Keeping your distance and slowly draining his HP is key.

Since their melee attacks are stronger than Templars, you must avoid a CQB with them.

And since their Aerial Thrust is melee-type, it is very dangerous to Clerics who has mainly Magical Resistance Manastones. Most of the time, when Gladiators close in they start with Aerial Thrust, so watch it!

Tips from Player ? 다레니안, Server Tiamat, Lvl 50, Elyos

Dual Wield Gladiators hurt. In the past, Gladiators had ZERO chance of winning. Using Flash, Snare, and LoDS, its best to keep your distance. The key PvP skill of Gladiators, Ankle Snare I - Items - Aion, can easily removed by Dispel I - Skills - Aion.

Tips from Player ? 카슈엔, Server 챈가룽, Lvl 50, Asmodian

Since Gladiators have low Magical Resistance, they easily get Snared/Blinded. But many times you get knocked down and get owned. So keep maximum distance and use Restraint on recharge. The normal attack pattern is: Flash > Restraint > Smite > Thunderbolt > LoDS > Chastisement II - Skills - Aion. But if the Gladiator is the type that runs whenever they see Clerics, use Chastisement I - Skills - Aion > then LoDS > Chastisement.

Cleric vs Ranger

Not only are they long range attackers, but they also possess the ability to discharge explosive burst damage for a short time. So it will always be dangerous to fight them.

But if you survive that burst, the damage that comes afterwards is weak. Then you can win the battle.

Use major heals to survive the burst, and resist their silence and sleep while counter attacking.

If you got the DP Jelly, then unload VoD at counter attack.

Tips from Player ? 새벽이 님, Server 발데르, Lvl 47, Elyos

Since both of you and the opponent are long range attackers, you don't use attack spells that require casting time like Smite. Keep healing to keep your health high, and using only instant cast spells would win the battle for you. When you are silenced, use the CC pot or Root (new item, random gather when gathering upper level herbs).
Tip 1 ? If you get hit with Silence Arrow, drink CC Pot or Root.
Tip 2 ? The attack that comes right after Sleep arrow from the Ranger hurts, so use Pot or Instant heal then.

Tips from Player ? 카슈엔, Server 챈가룽, Lvl 50, Asmodian

Since there are good gears nowadays, there are many rangers with very high attack stats. However, Ranger's primary weakness is their low damage period right after their burst. And also, because of that you need to worry about your HP. Its best to swap out a piece of gear or two when fighting them. I think 7500 HP would be enough to survive their blast. Its best to survive their burst before counter attacking. Since many times you can die when counter attacking, use FoR and HP Pots to survive their burst, then counter with instant cast attack spells.

Cleric vs Assassin

Though Cleric has many heals, Assassin's burst damage is still scary.

You can easily get 1-chained, so you'll need a bit of luck.

You need to overcome his spike damage with Blessed Shield, then use shutdown and DOT skills to counter.

Because of their Scout nature, its impossible to get a first attack in a fair battle. But you must use the combat chat tab to know when they are in hiding.

Tips from Player ? 니조심해라, Server 챈가룽, Lvl 50, Elyos

You don?t get a lot of room once you get Ambushed. Even if you have FoR, you wont survive. What should you do then? Instead of using FoR, use Blessed Shield. Even tho it?s a scrub protection, if you want to live, turn it on. Then you should FoR, after which you should be at full HP. After that, you need to get some distance. Then theres the Assassin's evasion skills?
Use Chastisement and Snare. Whether Snare gets through or not doesn't matter, just cast it out. Then use Condemnation IV - Skills - Aion, useful against Assassins since it has a ASPD debuff. Then use Flash (blind), then Assassin would run. When he is, you must not use Smite. Use Instant Cast skills to catch him. When the DOTs come off, use them again or they will Hide. When they are low hp, snare them then Smite to finish. If you encounter one with high Magical Resistance, use some helpful food and some magical tools to help out.

Tips from Player ? 혜빈, Server Asphel, Lvl 50, Elyos

When the assassin uses evasion skill(s), use Chastisement and LoDS, and if he's not mainly magical resistance, they should work. Use Blind + Snare, then Smite chain then get closer and use the Condemnation chain (why you get close is when sins get blinded they run, so to get some casting opportunity). You can also use Festering Wound to block his recovery. After that, the usual method to PvP, insta cast only survival battle.
If your snare got released right away, eat that Perer Jelly and unload the

Cleric vs Sorcerer

If your char is on Magical Resistance set, then this fight should be easier.
However, if you go easy you'll get owned by their burst damage.

You?ll be able to win if you stay out of their 25m range during their cast, then go back in the 25m range to cast your own instant cast for the win.

Tips from Player ? 다레니안, Server Tiamat, Lvl 50, Elyos

If you have a Magical Resistance set, then its VERY easy. If you have HP set, then I guess you can heal and run. Do you have Magical Boosting set? then you'll die in one chain >.>
But if it?s a fair battle, you should hit and run out of their range.

Tips from Player ? 카슈엔, Server ,챈가룽 Lvl 50, Asmodian

Since it's the hardest class to take, if you get casted with Curse: Tree I - Skills - Aion, then chances of winning goes below 10%. Because of that, you need to use Blessed Shield and Major Shock Absorption scroll at start. Use the instant cast stun skills Chastisement and the LoDS chain, then unload your Smite chain. After that, hit and run out of range waiting for stuns to recharge. But sometimes during your Smite chain, you can get fired back upon with strong burst damage. Especially the Volcanic Eruption I - Skills - Aion, which does damage after 4 sec and it'll be followed by a Stun chain. This combo usually ends in the attack Soul Freeze I - Skills - Aion, which silences you. When this happens, don't panic and drink HP pot and CC pot, and use FoR. The most important thing to remember is keeping your distance during battle.

Cleric vs Spiritmaster

This class possess control disruption and powerful debuffs, and as such they can become real pain in the *** to fight.

The Flight disruption skill that disables wings during flight is a powerful skill that's dangerous to even Clerics.

Like dealing with Sorcerers, you must keep your 25m distance and use hit and run instant cast tactic.

Tips from Player ? 황금호랑이, Server Nezakan, Lvl 50, Elyos

Upper layer-sitting Spiritmasters tend to have high Magical Accuracy. They are a lil harder to deal than Sorcs -.- But we are CLERICS!
If he/she found you first, remove ALL your buffs (you can do this by right clicking your effective buffs).
Spiritmasters do not possess burst damage. Its important to keep Dispelling their DOTs.
Also, its best not to panic when you get hit with the flight disruption spell that everyone fears. Eat the Abyss flight remedy, and use Splendor of Flight I - Skills - Aion. Also note that a good max flight time is 2:30min-ish.

Cleric vs Chanter

A very annoying opponent, as they possess many stun and recovery skills.

The battle would most likely drag into long-term considering they of are the same Priest school, and in close quarter battle they would get the upper hand.

Get as much distance as possible, and lower their HP then use Festering Wound. Don't even think about winning it in short time.

Tips from Player ? 새벽이, Server 발데르, Lvl 47, Elyos

It was really scary >.> During the castle siege, almost endless stuns.
Little room to make do with. When you get it, use HP Pot or instant heal. If you get either Festering Wound or Flash on him, then you can win it through the usual slow-death-by-fire method.
Tip 1 ? Force him to use a CC pot by putting in either Flash or Festering Wound, then cast the other.
Tip 2 ? If you see their missile-skill, Sage's Wisdom I - Skills - Aion coming, then do the same thing you do against Throw Dagger (Assassin, same sort of skill usable in flight): Turn on the Blessed Shield or use Flash then get hit, then it won't be much of a threat.

Cleric vs Cleric

Tips from Player ? 다레니안, Server Tiamat, Lvl 50, Elyos

You fight all day. While I made lvl 50, I only had two occasions to do a Cleric vs Cleric.
If it's a 1:1, don't even bother? But if you do have to fight, it will depend on whose Divine Spark I - Skills - Aion triggers, and Festering Wound effect as well.

Tips from Player ? 새벽이, Server 발데르, Lvl 47, Elyos

I think it's a zombie battle? However meets their faction member wins 99% imo XD
It would depend on the usage of Festering Wound and Sage's Wisdom I - Skills - Aion to make that difference.
Tip 1 ? the instant cast skill Festering Wound?s usage will determine the victor.
Tip 2 ? The winner will be the Discharge triggering often or meeting another faction member. >.> Lets pray!

Cleric PvP Movie

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