Friday, December 12, 2008

Warhammer Online: Mourkain Temple Scenario - Summary

Official Summary

Find the Mourkain artifact and seize it for your realm. Killing the enemy while carrying the Mourkain Artifact will yield more points, but slaying the artifact bearer also yields increased rewards. Carrying the Artifact will inflict damage to the carrier over time.

(Source: Mourkain Temple loading screen)

Official Details

From the Warhammer Herald:

"Hold the ball and you'll get points over time, as well as points for killing other players - more points than you would normally! If you're killed while holding the ball, the other team will get double your normal kill value... and of course you drop the Murder Ball! As with all Murder Ball Scenarios, you will take damage for as long as you're carrying the artifact... power has its price!

Both Realms start this map on opposite sides of the Mourkain temple ruins. At the center of the temple lies the Mourkain
Artifact. The swampy terrain and temple provide an impressive backdrop for this Scenario. Players who are swarthy and use their sprint ability wisely will make it to the Artifact first, and gain the upper hand. Teams that stick together and protect the Artifact carrier will find this Scenario easy to win. In a way, Mourkain is reflective of our open field combat in the Marshes of Madness, but with the added satisfaction of chasing down a specific target. Teams that flank and use the whole terrain will be able to shake free the Mourkain Artifact from their opponents grasp. Use the swampy terrain and vines to break line of sight, and always be on the move in this Scenario. Staying still will net you a quick death, and possible loss of the powerful Mourkain Artifact!"

Where and How to Join

Mourkain Temple is located in the Marshes of Madness, which is part of the Dwarf vs. Greenskin pairing.

You can queue for the scenario from any Tier 2 zone by clicking the icon that is located at approximately 11 o'clock on your mini-map. This opens the scenario queue interface. You can then pick scenarios to join solo or as a group. You can also join all available scenarios with a single click if you choose. Note that when you use the Join All button the scenario code slightly biases you towards the scenario(s) located in the same pairing as the zone you are physically located in.


While you can queue for this scenario from any Tier 2 zone in the game, you can pick up quests for the scenario in the Marshes of Madness and Barak Varr warcamps. These quests can be completely an unlimited number of times, and they will net you a few thousand experience and a good amount of silver each time you turn them in.

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