Saturday, December 13, 2008

Warhammer Online: Mourkain Temple Scenario - Fun Strategies

Fun Strategies

Perhaps there are people who enjoy the ultra repetitive turtling strategy. I certainly do not, and from everything I have read in the Warhammer Online blogosphere it would appear most people dislike it. But fear not, there are actually some FUN winning strategies as well.

Hold the Temple, Crush Your Enemies

While it is still important to back up a little after claiming the artifact, it is not necessary that you flee all the way back to your respawn point. Simply backing up to the entrance of the temple on your side of the map is good enough to let your realm mates crush the enemy in front of you. This is especially true if your team has a lot of tanks and melee DPS. The structure of the temple provides excellent line of sight obstructions to duck behind when ranged DPS gets too heavy.

If you can keep the fight on the
opponent's side of the temple you do not even have to worry as much about passing off the artifact. You can simply recap it from its original location if your carrier accidentally dies with it. This is not ideal (it is much better to have someone nearby), but it is good to have this backup option. If you think you can safely control the artifact spawn location, this could open up the opportunity to let a ranged DPS hold the artifact and unleash high point death from afar. When he or she falls, you simply recap it.

Passing off the Artifact

The carrier of the artifact is subject to a continual DoT that cannot be dispelled. The DoT hits for more and more damage the longer the carrier has the artifact. Eventually it will get so large that it cannot be healed through. Once the artifact starts doing more than 1000 damage per tick, the carrier should inform his or her team how big the DoT is. When it starts to become unmanageable, the carrier should try to convince another team member (preferably a tank) to withdraw from battle and come stand next to him or her. At a lull in the fighting (if possible), healers should stop healing the carrier so the DoT can kill him and the designated new carrier can quickly pick it up.

When the artifact is dropped, there are only a few seconds to click on it before it returns to the original spawn point. The range for clicking on the artifact is actually very long. It can be grabbed from quite some distance away. So try to make sure there is a line of sight obstruction between the dying carrier and any potential enemies.

Know the Score and the Time

The score and the time can dictate changes in tactics. If you are losing a close game, but have the artifact, it might be a good idea to have your carrier go ahead and devote full effort to fighting. This is the equivalent to "pulling the goalie" in hockey. Kills by the artifact carrier are worth more points, and those points could be enough to pull ahead in the last minute of a scenario, or it might get you to 500 just before the other team.

If you are losing and do not have the artifact, you might as well forget the carrier in the last minute or so of the scenario and just try to get a few kills. Earning a little more experience and renown is a good thing.

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