Friday, December 12, 2008

Warhammer Online: Mourkain Temple Scenario - Beginning and Basic Information

Scenario Basics

Type: Murderball

Duration: 15 minutes

Winning Condition: First team to 500 points, or highest points at the end of duration.

Tier: 2

Player Ranks: 8 through 21

Number of Players: 12 per realm


  1. Killing a player: 5 points
  2. Killing a player while holding the artifact: 10 points
  3. Killing the artifact carrier: 10 points
  4. Holding the artifact: approximately 3 points every 5-10 seconds

Once it Begins

Unfortunately, the first 30 seconds of Mourkain Temple are extremely important. You need someone to grab the artifact as quickly as possible so your team can start racking up points. If there are any level 20+ players on your team, they can mount up and get to the temple fast. Alternatively, White Lions and Marauders have multiple sprint-type abilities that can get there about as fast as a mount. 

You grab it by clicking on it and watching a 2 second timer. If there are multiple people there, you better hope you clicked first. Once you grab it, you definitely want to back up a bit towards your spawn location so your team can catch up. There is usually quite a battle right away as the team that failed to grab it tries to kill the carrier. The team with the artifact generally tries to retreat with it (sadly, back to their spawn area usually).

If you have any AoE roots or snares, use them here whether your team grabbed the artifact or not. Slowing the other team's retreat or chase are both good things. This is also a good time to AoE the enemy if you can, as most of your foes will be frantically trying to pummel the brightly glowing carrier into dust.

If you are the carrier, work hard to break line of sight at every opportunity. Enemies will be nuking you and dropping DoTs and CC on you as rapidly as possible. Help your healers by giving them time to let HoTs tick and dispel DoTs or CC abilities.

If you pull back only a short distance, you might be able to get a few quick kills on whatever overly ambitious melees charge forward. This helps your team get some quick points.

If your team fails to get the artifact, then it is off to the races. Most of your team will charge forward and try to get a quick kill on the carrier. Usually this fails. Most of the time the carrier is able to get safely behind his own lines.

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