Friday, January 30, 2009

Darkfall Online: Leaked Beta Patchnotes Build 78

And again news from the Darkfall Beta front.

New Patch

We have fixed most of the problems people had with the patching process. You should all get decent patching speeds now.

A new patch has been released.
We've reset the patch system and done some optimization on the dataset. The complete dataset has been reduced to around 8 GB in this patch instead of 20 GB as it was before.

We've gone up several build numbers since the last patch, and the characters have been wiped.

Fixes and Upgrades in this patch includes

  • A new lobby has been activated
  • GUI has been reworked and completely reskinned
  • Sprint hack from earlier builds have been fixed
  • Vendors always place a marker on the minimap now
  • Invisible items on hotbar has been fixed
  • Camera modes have been updated. You can use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out
  • City building mode camera has been fixed, so it never gets stuck
  • Warhulk movement have been enhanced (You can use F12 to toggle camera modes when driving a warhulk)
  • Mount controls has been tweaked.
  • Mount movement bug where you, in some cases, would get stuck close to other players or NPCs have been fixed
  • Rivers have been updated. If you go swim in a river, it will now
    carry you downstream.
  • Swimming has been tweaked
  • All attributes has been enabled
  • Base attributes increasing will now display a signal to you
  • Resource nodes have been tweaked
  • Resource nodes that are empty will now display a proper message
  • Clan Window and Journal window has been fixed. If a bug is
    encountered there it will not freeze the game
  • If you get damaged just before you teleport, the damage effect will no longer say on your camera
  • Progress bars will not potentially be hidden behind other windows anymore
  • Extremely rare player trading problem have been fixed
  • NPC animations have been updated
  • Many, many more chests have been added. These need specific keys to access them. You can usually find this on monsters nearby.
  • Many toolboxes, weapon racks etc. have been enabled for you to loot around the world.
  • Crafting window improvements
  • Rune stones(Recall stones) have been enabled. Anyone can use a rune stone, but to bind a location into it, you need to be trained in that skill.
  • A bug where you could not buy greater magic have been fixed
  • You can now configure if you want hit sounds or not (A hit sound is a sound that is played when you do damage to something). It's option can be found in audio options
  • You now start with one starter (conscript) weapon and you can change this, for a price, at a vendor
  • You can now buy more slots for starter weapons at a vendor. (Maximum is 3)
  • Directional attacks for all melee weapons have been added. You can slice vertically or horizontally. The default key for toggling this is 'T'.
  • Animations for seize and knock back skills for melee weapons have been fixed
  • Some problematic gank animations for Mirdain have been fixed
  • Update and new features for the Clan Window
  • Update and new features for the Player Journal
  • Update to the high score lists.
  • Many more quests added
  • High score quests have been enabled
  • Time limit highscore quests have been enabled
  • Massive AI update: Many more monsters have been added
  • AI behaviour has been severely improved
  • More wildlife monsters (tigers, bears, lions etc) have been enabled
  • Underwater monsters have been enabled
  • Dungeon monsters have been enabled
  • Monsters will now visibly taunt you (if you deserve it)
  • Some monsters packs will be roaming: If you meet some monsters at a specific location, that doesn't mean that they will be there the next time you pass.
  • Monsters will now sometimes send personal taunts to you
  • Environment system have been fully enabled: Ambience and weather will now change in both time and as you move around areas. One Darkfall Day is now approximate 5 human hours
  • In game help has been enabled. Press the help button on the main menu to get to the help pages.
  • Rest skill will now raise with use and as you get better you will
    regenerate faster
  • Bindstone recall spawn timer has been fixed and you can now also cancel the skill by moving
  • Updates to armor graphics
  • Environment in Character Creator has been fixed
  • Default binding of 'i' to invert mouse has been fixed
  • More player skills have been added.
  • Clan cities belonging to you own clan will now display on your
    world- and minimap.
  • You can choose what markers to display on your world and minimap by going to Options->GUI Options
  • Initiating a clan conquest against a city will now display
    countdown timers on all the participants.
  • Initiating a clan conquest will now display the challenged city
    and the challengers cities on the world- and minimap.
  • Stats from all conquest will now be properly saved
  • The city building process now displays the cost (in building
    modules) of creating a city building.
  • A challenged city that has been taken over will now properly kick the people who are bound there
  • City local bonuses will now properly be removed when the building is disabled, and re enabled when the building is enabled again.
  • City local and global bonuses (get these by building a unique
    wonder) will now be enabled correctly again after a server restart
  • Built Clan city cannons are now usable after a server restart
  • Dwarven and Mirdain Clan Cannons now functional in all cities
  • You now have to have the building modules in your back pack when building a city. You can no longer have them in the Clan Vault (so people can kill you and steal it when you are building a city)
  • Entire world has been fixed to remove gaps in the world
  • Updates to the world

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