Tuesday, January 27, 2009

World of Warcraft: Discover All Alchemy Discoveries Exploit

Currently there is an exploit with Discoveries in Alchemy, which allows incredibly increases your chances to discover new recipes.

How-to guide for this exploit:

  1. Prepare enough materials for you specialization (enough to create at least 20-40 Potions or Elixirs depending on your specialization), but don't craft them yet!!
  2. Buy enough Vials for the craft (buy as many vials as necessary to craft all of the Potions/Elixirs in one batch)
  3. Still don't craft them yet! Instead, use Transmute (Only Eternal Transmute and Titansteel Transmute will work!)
  4. Now be careful! Immediately after the transmutation cast was finished, start crafting of all your Potions/Elixirs (Important: You have to use "Create All" Button to craft of off them in one batch and immediately start crafting after the transmutation was done)

By following this guide, you should be able to discover 5-12 new discoveries within the crafting attempt. It's important that the batch is big enough (at least 20 items to be crafted, better 40)


Froznic said...

This doesn't always work and it's been around for about 3-4 weeks now. I've discovered all of the xmute recipes but that's the only ones that it will discover that i've noticed. The only one I've seen it proc on 90% of the time is shadow to life (eternal)... just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

"You have learned how to create a new item: Transmute: Eternal Life to Shadow."
I got this while transmuting the titanium bar, but nothing else while making 40+ pots (potmaster)

Odessa Silverberg said...

Well, you have to be quick. Maybe it's no good to try it in Dalaran, as it always lags there.

But there are several people confirming this as working with 3.0.8 on wowhead.com. Will test it tomorrow with a friend