Friday, January 30, 2009

Darkfall Online: Leaked Beta Patchnotes Build 109

New Patch

A new patch has been released.


Fixes and updates in this patch includes:


  • Players in gank mode (helpless on the ground) now display their full info to people mousing over them
  • Removed 'm' as a hotkey to toggle mouse smoothing
    'p' Now open/closes paperdoll (You can of course remap the key)
  • 'm' open/closes world map
  • 'b' open/closes backpack
  • Misc. client crashes have been fixed
  • /gui_persist_save will save your current GUI setup (Note: this will not include your key bindings. This will be included in a later patch)
  • Using a bow now drains a bit of stamina
    A Conscript bow has been added to the conscript (starter) weapons
  • Icons for clan city races have been updated
  • Monster loot have been updated
  • Magic ward has been updated
  • Magic shield has been updated
  • Quests have been updated
  • More quests have been added
  • Parts of the world have been update
  • Dungeons have been updated
  • More monsters have been added
  • Monster AI have been updated
  • Riding skills have been enabled
  • Several skills have been updated
  • More weather types have been enabled
  • Objects in the world have been updated

Some of what we are doing now:

We are stress testing the AI nodes on the live server, so if you see monsters suddenly disappearing or reappearing in front of you, that is to be expected.
By this stress testing, whole areas of monsters might appear or disappear as the system sees the need to collect logs and data.

We are also sampling your data to collect logs on stress points in the system.
This means that we have to boot you out when certain 'check points' in the system are signaling. This is to collect the logs and do a full dump of everything, so we have all the data available.

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