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Darkfall Online: More Impressions of the current beta test

And another Darkfall Online Beta leak impression:



I am Addled who posted the initial review on the blog with the two screenshots at night time.

By now, I have been able to explore more, make a few more characters, see capital cities, try out new weapons, and experience some more PvP.

I will begin by breaking it down.

What I enjoy:


It takes skill. It is definitely similar to Oblivion. Melee, at this point however, is simplistic, and I am sure that with some tweaking to animations and fluidity it will be just fine.

The Environment. Graphically and geographically, it is very pleasing and life-like. It would be impossible to find a complaint here.

The UI

There are many different windows in the menu. It is great to just right click and have all your windows go away temporarily. The Journal is really intuitive: forecast map is great, as are your quest log and personal statistics. The Clan window is very neat and organized also, and each clan having their own little page is interesting.

The skill progression

It is challenging. It takes a very long time to level up skills, but not so long that it is impossible. Currently, after about 5 hours total playing on one character with casting, I am only around skill level 17 or so with lesser magic (and I constantly use it), and around 5/6 with great axes. Specifically, I am only around 20 with Mana Missle, and I couldn't possibly use that spell anymore than I do. However, I do feel my damage improving with it, and it fizzles much less, so it was worth every minute of it.


OK, this may be generic, but it is true. I truly enjoy the PvP in this game and the intensity of it is reminiscent of good old PvP games like SWG Pre-CU. Seeing an enemy or a rogue character gives me great excitement, especially if they are about to attack me or kill someone else, as there's always the concern for getting or losing more loot. The "Risk" factor really plays a big role here. I have only seen a few enemy faction members at this point however, and most of my PvP has been against friendly rogue players.

Resource gathering

It really can't be done any other way. Macroing resources is better than having to go around and tediously look for little nodes. It is convenient to be done this way, whether it is intended or not.


What I feel needs some improvement


But not all of them. Spell casting animations are fine, as are gathering ones. Melee could use some help, as could all just use a little more fluidity.


Where are they? I've come across a few settlements, mostly empty, sometimes with maybe 2 or 3 mobs. These were extremely rare though, and often had enemies too easy (goblins or zombies), or just too hard (dragons). I do believe they are adding these mobs in eventually. It just cannot naturally be this barren.

My Verdict:: There is a very small chance this game will be delayed. However, I personally believe it will not. I will definitely be pre-ordering this game and enjoying every minute of it. I feel the current state of the game is probably 85%-90% complete. Once mobs are added and I can have more time to test these other features like city building and crafting, I will see what other aspects of the game that are not on the server yet or that I have not yet experienced.

I am having a great time in beta. PvP is great! As for PvE, I cannot make a verdict on that yet having only killed a few goblins and skeletons. I have done some quests, most of them are simple and that's all I could ask for.

This is a great game with much potential. It feels like PvP reborn, the way it is supposed to be. If you enjoy PvE and are not much of a PvPer, this may not be your game, unless you are a crafter. If you do enjoy PvP though, this is YOUR game.

I will update this when I see new animations or mobs are more numerous.


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