Saturday, January 31, 2009

Darkfall Online: Leaked Beta Patchnotes Build 110


New Patch

A new patch has been released.

Fixes and updates in this patch includes:

  • Fixes for Clan and Journal window. People running in 24bit or 16bit desktop mode should now see the Clan and Journal windows correctly.
  • Fixes for client crashes that happened around monsters
  • Fixes for crash when dropping an item onto the same kind of item in the hotbar
  • Updates to the AI.
  • Updates to the AI taunting you
  • More monsters enabled *1)
  • Updates to dungeons.
  • More loot boxes enabled in the world
  • Updates to arrow crafting. You need less resources and get more arrows.
  • Updates to crafting recipes for low level gear. The cost for crafting this has been reduced.
  • Fishing and Herb gathering stamina has increased.
  • Lesser and Greater magic has been tweaked.
  • Harvesting in general has been tweaked
  • Archery has been tweaked
  • Dupe bug has been fixed *2)
  • Fixes to misc rare client crashes
  • Monster that have been missing animations have been fixed
  • Player characters who played the wrong animations have been fixed
  • Updates to the world

Notes for the patch notes:

  • Monsters: *1) We are profiling and tweaking monsters on the live beta servers while you are playing. This might result in whole areas lacking monsters, as we bring them down to analyze data collected..
  • Dupe bug: *2) We have fixed the dupe bug that was discovered. We have also reset the resource count for certain characters.

We are still conducting stress testing and data mining on the live servers, so this might result in us taking down the servers to collect logs AND areas lacking monsters.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

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