Friday, January 30, 2009

Darkfall Online: Preview on City Building

  • 2000g For Clan
  • 1000g Buy Clan Shard and councilor in racial capital.
  • Run to city grid. Double click shard in your bag while within the city limits(as seen in your system info window)
  • 5000g Purchase Construction Skill
  • Grants Two Recipes:
    • Building Module
      50 stone
      20 wood
    • Repair Shard
      5 stone
      2 quartz

The lowest tier structures require 10 modules, these include the Clan Bank, Clan Workbench and Clan General Store.

That means you need 2500g, 500 stone and 200 wood (2 wood = 5 timber so 500 timber).

BUT if the devs have not changed it, the base success rate on construction skill is 60% Which means you're going to need a lot wood/stone than the minimum to make a building. Why only wood and stone? because each failure only destroys part of your wood/stone, it does not affect your gold stock pile.

Keep in mind also that the building modules weigh 100 units. Being encumbered slows your mount's speed to a walk as well.

Once the resources are acquired, gold farm, and sufficient explicative have been said over the ridiculous failure rate get the modules to your city.

Go up to the clan stone with the modules in your bag and hit "G"

Select Build City

This opens the building menu, with various types of buildings. Once you build one building it will unlock more options. Select a building, and the camera will move to where that building would be created.

NOTE: To be 1000% clear, you don't layout your cities in anyway. The locations of every building is preselected. No one should ask another Q about this!

For your first building select clan bank, hit build and viola! Clan Bank.

Besides build there is also the option to "upgrade", farming with the handful of us we never got to the point where we needed upgrade anything.


Clan Bank

  • Clan Workbench (allows construction in the city and creation of ships and warhulks)
  • Clan General Store (spawns a merchant NPC in your city. He puts a dot on ppl's mini-maps and offers nothing extra. Clans have no control over his prices or profits)
  • Houses (I saw three varieties, presumably increases your population cap)
  • Clan Keep (never built one)
  • Oven (likely same as in NPC town, unlocked via General Store)

The tool tips used to be programmer gibberish so I can't tell you how many modules they take. I see in the latest notes they finally addressed the bug reports on it though.

I've probably skipped a point or two, but that's the general gist of it.

This is with a little over 6 people.

3 days to get 2 buildings up.
3 days for about 8 hours a day.

Not too bad.

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