Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Darkfall Online: A Beta Leakers PvP Experience Report

There is another report from a guy who has written down his today's PvP experience into a short report to show you how a usual day could looks like in Darkfall Online:

It started of by me getting griefed by two people after I had just thought a mob, which led to me using one of the guys to sort of shield me off from the other guys magic/attacks and I took one of them down and then went on to the next, I took him down to half his HP but then died.

So I went back there, found a really cool hinding place behind a castle wall and started launching mana missles at one guy, little did I know that the guy I was launching missiles at had another 2 guys with him...bad move for me.

It took them a couple of mins to find me but when they did they were throwing everything at me...arrows..missiles, so I started to run jumping over the wall under the water around the corner and behind a rock which led to me loosing them...phew.

A bit later I came across an area which had some skellies, zombies and a little way up some Mercian brawlers which had some nice armor (well it was better than being naked) and also a decent sword.

I killed them for an hour or so and finally got a lvl 25 skill in lesser magic..Eldritch missile here I come!

I thought I'd call it a day and head back to Heart of Eanna to place my new items in my vault....or so I thought, just as I start putting my cash in I start getting whacked on from behind.

I thought to myself..ah the Guard Tower will have him, down to half health...mmm why do I not hear the awful zapping sound fron the guard tower? So then I started to panic.

So I started grabbing all my banded mail and chucking it in the safe, then my cash followed by the weapon (down to 1/4 health now) off came the boots.....then...I died ; ;

Thankfully I didn't lose much other than my viking looking hat 

So I respawn and what do I see the same guy parading his new hat around outside the vault.

I'm not going to stand for that I thought to myself so I started whacking on him...zap...zap...zap...dead. WTF?!?!?

So after all that I had quite the night and to top it off Eldritch missile looks crappy.

Here's a screenie of the area I was fighting the Mercians, the zombies and skellies were through the little arch way.

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