Wednesday, February 11, 2009

World of Warcraft: Love Is In The Air Achievement Guide

It's Valentine Day and the Valentine event is back, this time with a few achievements to earn.

Update: For some of the civilian I've added an list on bottom of the page, as it can be quite hard to find civilians, especially if the area is overcrowded. If you find another civilians, please post in the comments and I'll add them as soon as possible.

The Summary

Update: For most of the achievements, you'll need items which you get from Gift/Pledge of Adoration. This can be obtained from any NPCs who have a Amorous debuff. Amorous can only be seen if you have either Perfume or Cologne buff which you can get from Perfume Bottle and Cologne Bottle respectively. Additionally with Perfume you can only give Love Tokens to male NPCs, while with Cologne you can only give Love Tokens to female NPCs.

Additionally, you will get Gift of Adoration/Friendship from civilians only (scroll down to the bottom for a list of civilians), while you will get Pledge of Adoration/Friendship only from City Guards. When you first give a gift to them you will either get a Gift of Adoration or a Pledge of Adoration and will receive an Adored debuff. While having this debuff, you can't receive any Gift/Pledge of Adoration anymore. However, you can still give gifts to the NPCs and get Gift/Pledge of Friendship, which will contain the items necessary for Gift Giving (Alliance) or Giving Gift (Horde) Quest. 2 of the items necessary will always drop from Pledge of Friendship (Guards) and 1 only from Gift of Friendship (Civilians)

The Heartmender

This one is quite easy and self explaining. Simply use 20x "Unbestowed Friendship Bracelets" on people with Broken Heart debuffs. Best to be done with a friend, who so you can cure each other.

Hint: To make it easier (if you're alone), just collect enough rings and wait at a good spawn point (For example in front of Darnassus Bank and wait until someone gets it and quickly heal him). Update: Also the Unbestowed Friendship Bracelets can only be used on people with Heartbroken debuff. You get this debuff only by giving Love Token to the NPCs who have a hearth above their head. If they refuse it, you will get the Heartbroken debuff. It's chance is quite low, compared to last year's event.


This one takes more time, but isn't too hard too. Use 10x Silver Shafted Arrow on 10 players (only works on players with no current critter/vanity pets). You can get the Silver Shafted Arrows by doing the Gift Giving (Alliance) or Giving Gift (Horde) Quest. This is a repeatable quest. They can also be obtained from Gift of Adoration/Pledge of Adoration with a quite high chance (15-30%, but can only be done once per hour)

Note: Only Civilians will drop the special items like Handmade Woodcraft (Darnassus), Dwarven Homebrew (Ironforge), Homemade Bread (Stormwind), Freshly Baked Pie (Ogrimmar), Freshly Picked Flowers (Thunder Bluff), Romantic Poem (Undercity)

Update: Seems there is a bug which allows you to get credit for this achievement without using any of the Silver Shafted Arrows. All you need to do is, to use the Silver Shafted Arrow and as soon as the cast bar appears move forward. The cast animation will be canceled but you will get the credit for this achievement. Nice tip if you don't have much time to get the Gift of Adoration every hour!

Flirt With Disaster

This one is an easy one too, if you got a Handful of Rose Petals, or Bouquet of Red Roses.


  • Go to Ironforge
  • Buy some Strong Alcohol
  • Drink as much of it until you get the System message "You are completely smashed" (or something like this)
  • Then go find Sraaz. He's running inside the inner circle of Ironforge (click on the link above to see it on WoWHead)
  • Once you found him, use your Handful of Rose Petals, Bouquet of Ebon Roses and then do a /kiss Sraaz emote.


  • Go to Undercity
  • Buy some Strong Alcohol
  • Drink as much of it until you get the System message "You are completely smashed" (or something like this)
  • Then go find Jeremiah Payson. He's the Cockroach vendor in Undercity (67, 44 - at the stairs where the bank is)
  • Once you found him, use your Handful of Rose Petals, Bouquet of Ebon Roses and then do a /kiss Jeremiah Payson emote.

Congratulation, you're done with this achievement too.


You'll need a Romantic Picnic Basket, which can be a quite rare drop from Gift of Adoration/Pledge of Adoration. But in order to do this achievement, you can use this basket from another player. Only requirement: At least 2 players needs to use it, in order for the achievement to be credited.

Nearest and Dearest

In every Capital City there is an NPC giving out a quest, which sends you to another NPC (on Alliance side, they will send you to an NPC in Stormwind) which starts a Quest chain starting with Dangerous Love (Alliance) or Dangerous Love (Horde). The Quest chain is quite easy so not necessary to explain it with the exception of the last step, which will send you to Ravenholdt to Apothecary Staffron Lerent, which is located behind Ravenholdt (there is a small path on the right side of the Ravenholdt building which leads behind it to a small sea and an undead with a cauldron)

The Rocket's Pink Glare

Shoot off 10x Love Rockets in 20 seconds. As with Shafted!, they can be obtained either by doing Gift Giving (Alliance) or Giving Gift (Horde) or from Gift/Pledge of Adoration with a quite high chance.

Hint: You have to wait until you have at least 10 of them, before that it's useless to try. Once you got 10 Love Rockets, pull them in the action bar for example in the first slot and go to a city which doesn't lag too much (like Darnassus or Thunder Mountain, you don't want to fail because of lag!) and click that button and then click with the left mouse button in the world. This way you can fire them rather quickly and with 1.5 second cooldown, it takes 15 seconds without lag

Nation of Adoration

This is probably the most confusing achievement available. In order to get a Gift of Adoration (and not Pledge of Adoration) you have to give a Gift to an civilian(!). Only works when you don't have the Adored debuff, so it can only be done once per hour.

Fistful of Love

Use 10x Handful of Rose Petals or Bouquet of Red Roses on

  • Gnome Warlock
  • Night Elf Priest
  • Tauren Druid
  • Undead Warrior
  • Draenei Paladin
  • Human Death Knight
  • Orc Shaman
  • Troll Rogue
  • Blood Elf Mage
  • Dwarf Hunter

Sweet Tooth

Well one of the bit harder ones, as it's somewhat based on luck. However, Box of Chocolates which is random drop from Gift of Adoration Boxes. You need each one of them:

Be Mine!

Probably the hardest and most luck depended achievement. They are random created by Bag of Candies, which is random item from Gift of Adoration, which makes it very limiting and luck depended.

Only tip I can give you: Camp and get a new Gift of Adoration as soon as your Adore debuff runs out and pray to the cruel Blizzard gods.

My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose

Either get a Bouquet of Ebon Roses or Bouquet of Red Roses.

Bouquet of Ebon Roses drops from:

While Bouquet of Red Roses used to drop from

However, it seems the Bouquet of Red Roses doesn't drop anymore in Wrath of the Lich King.

If anyone can confirm (or deny) it's drop rate, place drop a comment.

Update: Seems there is still a chance for Bouquet of Red Roses to drop from the Northrend bosses who also drop the Bouquet of Ebon Roses

I Pitied The Fool

Again one of the easiest one. You only need 5x Love Fool, which as most of the stuff, is either a reward from Gift Giving (Alliance) or Giving Gift (Horde) or a random item from Gift of Adornment. Just visit the places below and use the Love Fool and do an /pity Love Fool Emote.

Tip: You can do this with a few friends together. Only one of you need 5x Love Fool (or 5 together). Saves a bit time and can be done without even gathering having the Love Fool (when someone of your friends got some)

Perma-Peddle (link)

This one is quite rare, as it can be a rare item from Gift of Adoration and you need to be lucky to get him. How ever, he's not an requirement for the meta-achievement anymore.

To get credit for this you either need the item Truesilver Shafted Arrow or the pet Peddlefeet (if you learned it before the achievement system was introduced)

Lovely Luck Is On Your Side (link)

This is another optional achievement, which awards you a Lovley Black Dress. It's very rare and if you want impress your girl friend (assuming she's playing too) and using Red Ribboned Wrapping Paper and give it to her. Girls like this, believe me! And it looks damn sexy!

Note: You will only get credited, if you get it from a Gift/Pledge of Adoration! If you trade it or buy it from auction house, you won't get credit for it!


Locations of the civilians

If you find some which are missing, make sure to drop a comment and I'll add it at soon as possible.





  • Shan'ti (female) - Fruit Vendor
  • Garyl (female) - Tabard Vendor
  • Felika (female) - Trade Supplies


  • The Apothecarium is the place where you can find them (would appreciate it if someone could get the names of the NPCs with gender)

Thunder Bluff

  • Chepi (female) - Reagents Vendor

If you did all the achievements you should receive Fool For Love and the title "The Love Fool". Congratulation, you've done it!

Update 1: Added Horde version of Flirt With Disaster

Update 2: Added Locations of Civilians, as they are quite rare. Most of the civilians won't have fixed positions so posting the coordinates is quite useless. Instead, a WoWHead Link will be provided, where you can see the route of this NPCs

Update 3: Added some clarifications on how the mechanics on getting Gift/Pledge of Adoration/Friendship


Anonymous said...

Bouquet of Red Roses does drop in Utgarde Keep from Prince Keleseth, though he also drops Bouquet of Ebon Roses, it's like 50/50 between those two.

Odessa Silverberg said...

Thanks for the infomation. Today i've done a few runs with friends and it looked like only the Ebon one droped

Anonymous said...

Under the Horde instuctions for "Flirt With Disaster" you need to change Ironforge to Undercity :)

Anonymous said...

Shylenai (female) - Own Trainer
Minor typo Should read Owl Trainer

Anonymous said...

Arnold Leland (Fishing Trainer)
Caretaker Folsom (Quest Guy between Park and Mage Quarter)

Anonymous said...

Orphan Matron Nightingale (female)

Odessa Silverberg said...

Thanks! Added all three to the list

Anonymous said...

You cannot get the Love Fools from the Gift Giving quests. They only come from the Pledges or Gifts of Adoration.

Anonymous said...

How do you actually "use" the Unbestowed Friendship Bracelets?

Odessa Silverberg said...

You can only use the Unbestowed Friendship Bracelets on people who have the "Heartbroken" debuff. They get it sometimes by giving Love Token to the NPCs

Anonymous said...

Blizzard has issued a warning to not talk to any guards in Stormwind Harbor. Other guards in SW City are fine.

Anonymous said...

Garyl (male) - Tabard Vendor

Garyl is FEMALE not Male.

world of warcraft gold said...

Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

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