Saturday, February 14, 2009

World of Warcraft: Tenebron no whelps exploit

There is a little nasty exploit to prevent the whelps from Tenebron from spawning. All you need to do is


  • Wait until Tenebron spawns
  • Have one Disciple Priest run in the portal
  • Wait for 1-2 seconds
  • Cast Divine Hymn
  • Then zone out (use the portal inside)
  • The Eggs will be disoriented and won’t spawn when Tenebron calls them!

It saves you from having to use additional tank and risk of him dying as well as increasing the dps time (DD’s don’t have to kill the dragon adds and can dps on Tenebron)

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Anonymous said...

All priests can cast divine hymn so it doesn't have to be a disciple priest.